If you have been looking for a stylish, fast scooter to help you enjoy your everyday life just a bit more, the Razor E100 electric scooter is the perfect solution. With a 24 volt battery that is sealed lead rechargeable, 8-inch pneumatic front and back urethane wheels, a light-weight frame equaling to 120 pounds, a kick start motor that can cruise at a speed of 10mph and a super-quiet motor that is by default chain-driven.

For an electric scooter with a seat, see our review of the Razor EcoSmart electric scooter.

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Razor E100 Electric Scooter Buyers Guide

Key Features


The Razor Power Core E100 has a simple, wide deck that is equipped with a kick-start motor that features two12V lead acid rechargeable batteries. One of the best features appreciated by parents within the E100 electric scooter is definitely the kick-start motor.

The foot deck itself is about 8” wide, which means that any child up to 120lbs shouldn’t have a problem getting on and cruising. If you are looking for a larger scooter, we can recommend taking a look at the E200 and E300 electric scooter by Razor scooters which have bigger decks for riders that exceed the 120lbs mark!

Kick-Off Feature

Child having fun on E100 electric scooterThe child first needs to kick off, start riding and start cruising at a reasonable speed of 3mph before the motor activates itself. This new process saves a lot of jolting, falling off and prevents accidents in general.

Having a smooth start when you are looking to have a few hours of fun is definitely a good thing! Especially for kids that can sometimes be impatient, and want to kick off and start riding immediately.

Kids who are less balanced and coordinated will also enjoy this slow start since it allows the rider to slowly ease-in into the process.

One thing to pay attention to is the bottom part of the deck when riding. When doing sharp turns, the motor cover can end up catching on the sidewalk and as a result can get potentially damaged (this can also apply to the motor).

Chain Driven Motor

All in all, the Razor Power Core E100 is equipped with a 100w chain that is powered by a durable, steady 24 volt battery. All the Razor Models that fall under the Power Core brand also have an in-hub motor that is known for having less troubleshooting and doesn’t beg for regular maintenance like other Razor motors. Most problems that occur with the Razor E100 can result from the chain getting off track, however, while putting it back can be a bit challenging at first, it’s 100% doable.

The 24 volt battery within the Razor power core E100 electric scooter can take about 12 hours to charge initially, as the first charge needs to be longer and more boosted to get the scooter going. Charges that will come after the 12 hrs will usually amount to about 8 hrs. It has to be pointed out that parents (and in some cases diligent kids) will need to religiously monitor the charging times.

Red E100 scooterIt’s not advised to not use the high-torque motor for weeks at a time without giving the E100 battery an electric boost.

It’s also not recommended to leave the Razor power core e100 electric scooter charging via a battery charger for any longer than 8 hrs since that can easily fry the system.

Also, keeping the power-switch off when not using the scooter is absolutely essential so that the Razor power core E100 battery doesn’t die quickly.


The improvement that is exceptionally noticeable within the Razor E100 is the fact that is has a front air tire. This is different when comparing it to the front wheel of its predecessor, the E90, which had a polyurethane front wheel. The advantage of the front air tire being that it cruises and rides more smoothly than its polyurethane counterpart.

The front air tire measures about 8”, while the back wheel is a bit smaller and made of polyurethane. This difference between the two wheels means that the Razor E100 is still a bit slower than the E200. The E90 was equipped with two polyurethane wheels which made riding a bit jolty.

E100 wheels and deckThe E200 on the other hand is equipped with two air tire wheels which makes cruising extremely fast, smooth, and mostly meant for more coordinated kids.

The E100 has the best of both worlds, both a front air tire and a polyurethane rear wheel. While the Razor E100 is still able to go at the max speed and crash when you are not paying attention, it’s still more safe than the E200.


The handlebars featured on the Razor E100 are the usual average handlebars used on most Razor scooter models.

Razor E100 handlebars

The handlebars are non-adjustable, have good rubber slip-resistant grips and they even feature bumpers on the ends of the handles so that should your kids’ hands wander, they will halt and stop before falling off. This is the ideal protection against accidents since kids can be quite absent-minded when riding Razor electric scooters in particular.


The throttle of the Razor E100 that is in charge of the speed resides on the right hand side. You will need to teach your child to firmly hold the throttle in place, with the grip remaining tight and steady. It’s also important to note that the throttle doesn’t encourage varied speeds. That can only be modified by hand before getting on. not by the throttle.

Air Tires vs. Polyurethane

The air tire is better in the aspects that it’s capable of absorbing any obstacles like cracks and bumps that may occur on the road. This means that you can have a faster ride without many interruptions. The E200 that features two air tires definitely goes faster, and costs quite a bit more, and that’s why as a starting point for kids we recommend the Razor E100 more often.

It allows the child to get used to the riding, the coordination, the balance and the manual of using an electric scooter. With the E100 Razor Scooter, your child will be able to steer relatively far away from accidents and health risks as long as they are careful.


Razor power core E100 handbrakeJust like with any scooter, the E100 Razor Scooter also sports a very stylish and responsive hand operated front brake. You will find one hand operated front brake on the left hand side that will help stop the front tire. This positioning results from the fact that the throttle twist grip accelerator resides on the right hand side.

When riding, your child will need to keep a careful grip on both handlebars to be able to fully control the scooter when the scooter reaches its max speed. It’s also possible to slow down the kids scooter by slowly releasing the grip from the throttle, allowing the scooter to relax.

Weight Capacity

The Razor E100 is meant for kids, and is ideal for kids above the ages of 8 years old. Since the age recommendations are usually arbitrary, the decision of where you want to put your child on the scooter remains up to you. Some 6 and 7 year old kids are mature and can handle riding the E100 perfectly well. While some 9 or 10 year olds don’t have enough maturity, balance, responsibility or coordination to handle an electric scooter.

The scooter itself can carry up to 120lbs which is the ideal age range to allow all kids to enjoy a bit of fun on the Razor E100.

+ Support a kick-off start
+ Pneumatic front tire
+ Carries up to 120lbs
+ Ideal for kids 8+ years old
+ Retractable kickstand
+ Kick start motor
+ Hand operated front brake
+ Twist grip accelerator

– Chain driven motor can come off on occasion

Who Is The Razor Power Core E100 Suitable For?

teen on razor e100 electric scooterThe Razor E100 Electric Power Core Scooter is suitable for any child that is 8+ years old and wants to have a thrill.

Maybe your kids have gotten bored with the traditional scooters, or you are struggling to find a suitable gift for an upcoming occasion.

One thing is sure, if the child you are buying this kids scooter for has siblings, there will be fights over who will use it and when!


Why We Like The Razor E100

The E100 Razor electric scooter is the perfect starting point for any young scooter enthusiast that wants to try something new. We consider it the ideal introduction to the electric scooter world. With a 10mph speed, it also goes fast enough to give the kids the adrenaline they need, while keeping parents just at the edge of their seat when monitoring the rides!

It also has the perfect mix of features to keep the ride entertaining time and time again. No matter if you are riding for the first or tenth time, you will enjoy it just as much as at the beginning.

Alternative Product – Razor E200

Razor E200

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Our alternative has to be the E200 electric scooter by Razor thanks to its all-air-tire wheels that we have briefly discussed previously. The scooter not only goes faster than the E100 Razor Scooter (the speeds going up to at least 12mph) but it’s also is a bit more expensive.

That’s why we remain looking at your budget before investing in this one! All in all, the E200 is best recommended for teenagers, and for kids generally above the 13 years of age due to its faster and more aggressive riding capabilities.

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