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First of all, it’s important to put emphasis on the fact that the Crazy Cart from Razor has already won a Toy of the Year award! That’s no small achievement and is a testament to how beloved this fun toy has been in and around neighborhoods.

The Razor Crazy Cart patented drift system allows you to drive and drift and rear off angles. This feature gives the driver a fun, thrilling experienced that comes with easy gliding powered riding toys that are great fun to ride. If you needed ride on outdoor toys to get your child away from video games, Razor with their Crazy Cart shift outdoor toys is on hand to help! See the Razor Dune Buggy as an alternative.

Why you should consider the Razor Crazy Kart for your child

Razor Crazy Cart Shift

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Key Features

Make each of these products sound like the best product ever. As if you are a kid again reading this thinking, man I really want one of those now! That’s what we are aiming for with all of this copy throughout the site.

Sometimes, kids can get bored with bicycles, skateboards and scooters for outdoor play. For skateboard lovers, the Ripstick Ripster caster board by Razor is a great choice. If you are at a loss as to what to do to keep your child entertained, we might just have a great solution. The Crazy Cart Shift toy from Razor is a great source of fun for all young kids that want to be a bit more adventurous in their outside excursions. Powered riding toys are changing the game of outdoor play, read on to find out why…

The Razor Crazy Kart shift toy can be used as a fun toy to race with friends, or as a source of transport to get to school, shops or friends’ houses. Regardless of how your child will end up using this ride-on toy, it’s a fantastic new addition to any child’s outdoor play schedule. The Razor Crazy Kart is smooth, fast, safe and fun. Razor have also created an electric motorcross bike – see the Razor MX650 review here.

Rechargeable Battery & Battery Life

Razor deluxe crazy cartThe Razor Crazy Cart shifter is an ideal new source of fun for any child over 9 years old and has a battery life that lasts up to 40 minutes. This means a full 40 minutes of pure, uninterrupted outdoor play and fun! While this may seem like too little for some enthusiastic and eager kids, it’s definitely plenty of time to get dizzy with riding toys. Steering the Razor Crazy Cart shift outdoor toys can require quite some power since you will be expected to turn your whole weight within the vehicle using the steering wheel. 40 minutes of uninterrupted fun can definitely be more than enough if you don’t want to get too dizzy.

The cart itself uses a 24-volt sealed rechargeable battery that you can plug right into a wall.


As for charging, you will need to charge the Crazy Razor Cart for 12 hours after every use. People who don’t want to increase their electricity bills should take this into consideration. 12 hrs of charging is a very long time, and may not be ideal for many households, especially if the cart needs to be regularly charged after daily use. Luckily, the Razor cart can only be used during dry, warm days where there isn’t any snow, wet asphalt or rain in general.

This means that depending on where you live and what your weather conditions are, your child will only be able to use the cart during certain seasons and months. This significantly reduces the electricity costs, especially if your child doesn’t ride the cart around the house.


Before the Crazy Cart from Razor was released, they had released several other carts meant for children. During their production years, they have received a lot of praise and a lot of critiques. This is where Razor differs from many other companies- they take the critique and improve their products.

The changes that were made to make the Crazy Cart as efficient and as fun as it includes a wider rear wheel base that helps your child drive and drift spin much easier. The more stable the cart, the safer the ride, and Razor’s end goal is to make their products as safe as possible. Other improvements include an extended seat, so that children can truly fit into the cart without being scrunched up.

Improved Casters

There are also new, stabilizing casters that don’t wear out as fast as the casters that have been used in the previous 2013 model. This has been a topic that has been very debated in the review section on Amazon, and that’s why Razor decided to move forward and do something about it. The 2016 Razor Crazy Cart shift model has definitely improved their caster wheels, however, it’s highly recommended to teach your child to operate the cart properly to avoid any future damage.

Improved Razor Crazy CartAnother improvement for the Razor Go Kart is the improved steering mechanism. Now, your child will be able to steer the cart way more accurately than before, providing them with a very responsive driving experience. No matter where your child will be going, they will be able to turn, swerve and reverse with the Razor Go Kart within seconds.

With this new addition, a feature has been removed too: the accelerator cut off switch was removed. Many customers have been disappointed with this feature, since it was troublesome and hard to use. A lot of people are glad to have seen this feature removed, which makes gliding and easier much easier.

Drive and Drift System

One of the most sought-after features that has been welcomed with Razor’s Crazy Cart kids ride on toy is their new top rated drift system. The steering wheel system allows for 360-degree turns, which allows for easy turns and swerves. This means that you will be able to spin drift and turn wherever you want to go. The drifter system allows you to float around on your cart whenever you turn around a corner. How do you float on the Razor Cart? All you have to do is speed up with the variable speed option, pull the drive and drift bar and spin the wheel in the direction you want to go. The top-rated drift system is definitely the trademark of the Crazy Cart, since the system allows you to float, feeling like you’re drifting on air.


Suitable age for crazy cartThe Razor Go Kart is definitely a product meant for kids; the specifications on Razor’s website state that it’s ideal for kids 9 years and older.

However, if you have particularly tall 8 year olds that can also fit into the seat and can strap themselves in safely, there is no reason that they shouldn’t join in the fun.

Another thing to consider is children below 5 years old shouldn’t be let near the drift cart since it’s likely that they could only get injured.

The controls require a lot of coordination and the ability to distribute your balance when turning. We recommend keeping this cart far away from any kids that are under 5 years old, and only letting the older kids ride. The cart can also take up to 140lbs of weight. This means that if you have older kids (or even parents!) that fit the weight limit and the general size dimensions allowed by the cart, then they can also take it out for a ride around the neighborhood.


While the Razor Crazy Cart may seem like a daredevil fun toy just by its name alone, but this rideon toy has plenty of implemented safety features that help keep your child safe during the ride. One of the key safety features include an adjustable belt strap that will keep your child safe and buckled within the seat. With this belt, you can be rest assured that your boy or girl won’t fall out or tip out of the cart when they’re having fun.

Speaking of tipping, the cart comes with a pair of anti-tip caster wheels. The cart also has a 55-pound frame that will ensure that all tips and falls remain under control. As long as your child is within the weight-limit, the 55-pound cart should manage to keep your child well balanced during their ride.

Variable Speed

Speed of crazy cartAs for speed, your child will be able to quickly stop their ride thanks to the foot-operated acceleration variable speed as well as the drift bar that is located at the rear end of the cart. Using these two features together will give you a very smooth stop, instead of a jerky brake that makes you jolt every time you want to pause your vehicle.

The cart itself is able to go up to 12mph, which is the ideal speed for the ride to remain safe, but fun too. Thanks to the 12mph speed limit your child won’t be able to get seriously injured, but will be able to keep them entertained at the same time.



+ 40-minute battery life

+ Patented drifter system

+ Goes at 12mph

+ 90-day-warranty


– May induce motion sickness in some children

Who Is It Suitable For?

The Razor Crazy Cart electric ride on toy is ideal for kids over the age of 9 years old. Some kids younger, maybe 7 or 8 years old may also fit within the cart. This, however, is rarely recommended since younger children will not have as much balance and as much coordination as older kids do

Why We Like It

With the Razor Crazy Cart your child will be able to drift, float and swerve for 40 minutes straight, enjoying all the possibilities of a drift system. We like it thanks to its safety features and all the improvements that Razor introduced when it decided to improve its 2013 Razor Crazy Cart model.

Alternative Product

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