Carrying your belongings with you while you’re out on a run is no easy feat. You can’t have your keys, your phone, your music player, your wallet or nurse, and your water bottle all rammed into your pockets. This is only going to hold you back and get in the way.

Instead of using your pockets, or just carrying around a backpack that swings around all over the place, why not treat yourself to a hydration backpack designed to take your runs to the next level, just like the Teton Sports Trailrunner.

The Trailrunner is a lightweight, minimalist-inspired running backpack that comes with everything you need while you run, all while optimizing your performance and, most importantly, staying out of the way.

It’s also an excellent option for runners shopping on a budget who don’t want to spend a lot of money but do want the benefits to what this kind of product can provide. With storage for your belongings and your comfort in mind, let’s explore what the Teton Sports Trailrunner has to offer.

TETON Sports TrailRunner 2.0 Hydration Pack

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Key Features

Refreshed While You Run

Thanks to the built-in 2-liter Hydration tank, there’s no reason to carry around a bottle while you run; just use the straw device connected to the bag to stay refreshed and hydrated wherever you are. This frees up your hands to allow you to concentrate on being your best.

Safety Comes First

Whether you’re running around your town or city or out in the wilderness on your favorite trail, the Trailrunner ensures you can easily put safety first. Some of the features here include an orange safety whistle, reflective trims, and panels to improve visibility, and straps to make sure you’re wearing the backpack safely regarding your posture and physical wellbeing.

Designed with You in Mind

Every aspect of this backpack is designed to help you have the best experience. From the multiple adjustable straps that ensure you’re able to wear the bag comfortably in any situation to the breathable mesh back panel to ensure you’re well-ventilated while you run.

Lighter Than Air

Due to the minimalist design, this backpack is incredibly lightweight and weighs just nine ounces. Say goodbye to the original problems of carrying a backpack that weighs you down and holds you back. Say hello to the free version of you that can effortlessly travel anywhere!


A Backpack to Suit You

Want a backpack to suit your running gear, your personality, or even just one that you’re happy to wear? There are three styles of this backpack available, so you can easily find the one that best suits you!

Always Budget-Friendly

The Teton Sports Trailrunner is one of the most affordable running backpacks in the industry of this style, which means if you’re looking for a solution that doesn’t break the bank, you may not need to look further than this! There’s even a limited lifetime warranty to make sure you’re never out of pocket!

Your Belongings Secure

Whether you’re carrying your personal belongings like keys, phones, and wallets, or maybe even some power snacks for your journey, there are secure locations throughout the bag for you to put them!

Your Wellbeing First

We’re all starting to know about the dangers of plastics and what they can do to use, which is why the Teton backpack takes a safe approach but using BPA-free plastics to store the water, meaning no nasty chemicals in your drinking supplies!


Keep Things Light

While the storage available on this bag is considered small, especially when compared with other premium brands, there’s still a lot of room for essentials. While limiting, this could be seen as a way to keep things light and to keep you on your feet!

Who Is It Suitable For?

Practically anyone!

Whether you’re a casual trail or street runner looking for a backpack to keep up with you and allow you to be your best, or you’re running a special event like a marathon or Ultra-run, this is a backpack that will go above and beyond the call of duty for you!

Why We Like It

You’ll love just how all-rounder this backpack is, and how it ticks most boxes you’ll be looking for in a running accessory. With hydration features, safety features for running at night, or even when you injure yourself, and, of course, storage capabilities, what more could you need in a running backpack?

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