Ask any avid mountain bike enthusiast, and they’ll all tell you the same thing: comfort is key when riding a mountain bike. When we think of some of the most important features on a bike, we often think of how many gears it has, or just how good the suspension is when riding; we never stop to think about the seat and whether or not it is comfortable to sit on.

Finding the best mountain bike seat is essential in maintaining the same level of quality throughout your time on the bike itself. You might not realize it at first, but those who sit on firm/uncomfortable mountain bike seats are more likely to get off sooner than they would on a more comfortable one. This is a straight-up fact, one that has brought many cycles to an impromptu finish; find the right seat for you and your performance will increase.

In this article, we hope to educate those who are in dire need of teaching when it comes to finding the best mountain bike seats available right now. This might appear to be somewhat of a simple task that you could accomplish on your own, but you’d be surprised to learn just how many seats there are out there! We’ve done the work so that you don’t have to, now, let’s get into it!

We should point out that the list you see below is in no particular order, this means that each bike seat should be reviewed on its own features/appearance, rather than you simply skipping to the final spot and missing out on what could be the best mountain bike seat for you. A lot of hard work went into this list, so we’re happy to bring this to you finally. If you’re still with questions at the end, check out our buyers guide section for more info.

You can also get padded bike shorts to add comfort.

View The Best Mountain Bike Seat Below

1. Schwinn Quilted Wide Cruiser Saddle

Schwinn Quilted Wide Cruiser Saddle

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We are kicking off our list here with style, Schwinn’s quilted wide cruiser road bike saddle is the perfect hybrid — not only is this one of the more comfortable seats we have right now, but it is also a very stylish one! We’ve included this bike saddle in our list as we believe that style is somewhat of an important requirement for all mountain bike owners out there.

The coil springs underneath this seat provide excellent support under you as you cycle. We should also point out that this seat is waterproof which means you can ride it in every condition without worry!

+ Comfortable
+ Stylish
+ Quilted
+ Shock absorbing springs
+ Water resistant

Why We Liked It – In terms of style, we’d have to say this might be one of the best going right now!

2. Bikeroo Most Comfortable Bike Seat for Men

Bikeroo Most Comfortable Bike Seat for Men

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Bikeroo comes in at our second spot here with their men’s comfortable bike seat. This seat has been engineered to provide excellent support when out and about on your mountain bike. The hollow core and deep center cutout provides excellent support when you ride, allowing you to travel great distances without fail.

You know this bike seat is legit since it’s been tested by more than 10,000 cycle lovers. Reviews on Amazon are relatively positive also. We tried this seat out and loved every second of our experience sitting on it, check it out for yourself if you don’t believe us!

+ Comfortable
+ Tried and tested
+ Hollow core
+ Padded seat
+ Durable

Why We Liked It – There isn’t a lot of bike seats out there that come with this level of quality/durability, Bikeroo has done a fantastic job.

3. Zacro Gel Bike Seat Cover

Zacro Gel Bike Seat Cover

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Zacro is known throughout the cycling world as one of the more consistent companies going right now, and with good reason. This gel bike seat is one that has been engineered to use in a variety of different conditions; come rain or shine, this seat will be there for you and you alone. Zacro promises that you can explore new grounds on this bike thanks to the endless levels of comfort felt.

This might be one of the most comfortable bike seats we came across to install, perfect for those that just want to lock and ride! This seat is built to last which will no doubt see you through many years of use without fail!

+ Comfortable
+ Durable
+ Quick install
+ Waterproof
+ Responsive

Why We Liked It – We’ve owned a Zacro mountain bike seat for a while now, it only felt right that we spread the word and include one of their seats in our list here.

4. Absorbing Aolander Bicycle Saddle with DUAL SHOCK

Absorbing Aolander Bicycle Saddle with DUAL SHOCK

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Manufacturer Absorbing are doing things that other companies could only dream of! Their bike saddle with dual shock is one that’s built to withstand a lot of punishment/pressure, thus making it one of the more shock absorbent seats in our list here. The memory foam found within the seat does a great job in maintaining the quality here also.

This seat is made of high-intensity materials, the kind that only gets better over time. On the bottom of the seat, you’ll find two shock-absorbing balls that just add to the durability of the seat outright!

+ Wear resistant
+ Memory foam
+ Durable
+ Comfortable
+ Hip support

Why We Liked It – If you find that you cycle across terrain that is somewhat bumpy then this will be the bike seat for you for all the reasons outlined above

5. Zacro Gel Bike Saddle – BS053 Dual Spring

Zacro Gel Bike Saddle - BS053 Dual Spring

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This is the second Zacro product in our list here — sort of gives you an idea on just how versatile this company truly is. We liken this product to the previous entry in our list as both utilize shock absorbing technology underneath the saddle. The gel foam found in these seat makeup makes it equally as comfortable also!

Carbon steel coil spring suspension makes this one of the more consistent mountain bike seats around right now. If you are going to traverse countless terrains on your travels, then this should be a bike seat you definitely consider for obvious reasons!

+ Dual sensitive seat
+ Carbon steel spring
+ Thicker saddle
+ Universal design
+ Easy mount

Why We Liked It – Zacro’s dual spring bike seat is a fantastic seat to have in your arsenal if you’re ever looking to be a bit more adventurous.

6. Giddy Up! Bike Seat Memory Foam

Giddy Up! Bike Seat Memory Foam

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A bike seat that comes with it all! That’s how we’d have to go about describing the next seat in our list here. Giddy Up!’s memory foam bike seat is not only incredibly comfortable, but it comes with a few features that you might not normally get from your standard mountain bike seat. You see, this bike seat comes with built-in flashing light!

The shock absorbing ball found underneath the saddle makes it one of the smoothest rides out there for many different reasons. We should also point out that this is yet another waterproof saddle, allowing you to go out in the harshest of conditions relatively unscathed.

+ Memory foam
+ Comfortable
+ Waterproof
+ Tail light
+ Durable

Why We Liked It – Not a lot of bike seats out there come with a built-in tail light! With this seat, you’ll never have to worry about losing you backlights ever again!

7. DAWAY Comfortable Men Women Bike Seat

DAWAY Comfortable Men Women Bike Seat

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If comfort is something you hold dear, then this will be the mountain bike seat for you. This unisex bike offers the most protection of any bike seat we’ve seen before! The hip support on this seat makes it a clear standout in a sea of bike seat pretenders. The PVC leather of this seat is incredibly comfortable, allowing you to cycle for as long as you desire with no issues.

This is yet another waterproof bike seat, the kind that only gets better the more you use it. We would be fools not to point out that this is yet another bike saddle with LED lights built into the back of it.

+ Comfortable
+ Waterproof
+ Breathable design
+ Wear-resistant

Why We Liked It – We found this seat to be the full package! It has everything, from its comfortable design to its bright LED.

8. RockBros Mountain Road Bike Seat

One for you retro bike lovers out there. RockBros are masters of crafting bike saddles that look like they’ve been ripped straight out of time! This streamlined design is timeless, a seat that only gets better the more you ride on it! One of the main bonuses of this seat is the fact that it is relatively light compared to some of the other seats here, allowing you to move a lot faster outright!

RockBros state that this seat can be placed on any bike and look/feel good! We personally believe them after trying this seat out for ourselves! Not only does it look good, but it can be mounted rather easily too!

+ Synthetic leather
+ Easy mount
+ Retro design
+ Comfortable
+ Durable

Why We Liked It – We can’t get enough of anything retro! This is a classic bike seat that never ages, we promise you that.

9. Bikeroo Oversized Comfort Bike Seat

Bikeroo Oversized Comfort Bike Seat

Check Price on Amazon

If you find that seats are far to thin and don’t provide enough support from under you, then this bike seat will change all that. Bikeroo isn’t known to mess around when it comes to these sorts of things. This is arguably one of the most comfortable bike seats around right now, it’s thick padding only adds to the levels of comfort!

The elasticated elastomer springs here have the ability to accept and recover from extreme deformations caused during extreme pressure. This is a bike seat that only gets better over time — something we’ve said about a lot of the seats here, but it’s the truth!

+ Padded
+ Oversized
+ Durable
+ Elasticated springs
+ Comfortable

Why We Liked It – As far as oversized bike seats go, this Bikeroo Oversized Comfort Bike Seat is arguably one of the very best.

10. TONBUX Most Comfortable Bicycle Seat Taillight Reflective Tape

TONBUX Most Comfortable Bicycle Seat Taillight Reflective Tape

Check Price on Amazon

The final mountain bike seat in our list here is the complete package, a mountain bike seat that is made out of a carbon steel frame and artificial PU leather for added comfort! What this seat promise is a definite upgrade from some of your more common bike seats in every which way possible!

Underneath the seat, you’ll find a dual shock absorbing ball, the kind that has been expertly designed to not only cushion you as you sit but take the most damage. Great elasticity and larger endurance make this bike seat worth checking out!

+ Ergonomic design
+ Comfortable
+ Durable
+ Dual shock technology
+ Reliable

Why We Liked It – If you are looking for a bike seat with a maximum amount of durability and comfort, then this will be the one for you.

Mountain Bike Seat Buyers Guide

So you’ve seen our list and are still with questions, welcome to the buyer’s guide, a section where we will cover what to look out for when purchasing a mountain bike seat of your own — or any bike seat for that matter. There’s quite a lot to cover, so if you find that we gloss over a subject or question then know that there are plenty of other sources out there for you to check out that goes into these topics in greater detail!

We have spent our entire lives around bikes of all kinds, we consider ourselves experts for this reason and this reason alone. When we were working on this article, multiple people were involved, all of whom brought something different to the table which definitely helped rid our list of any biases we might have had to a certain product/manufacturer. Having multiple people at our disposal also allowed us to bounce ideas off of one another to make sure we were on the same page.

Going into this article, we knew we had to hit multiple beats at the same time to appeal to the most people possible. This was quite a difficult line to toe, although we are more than happy with the final list in its current form. We tried to avoid switching out certain seats once our list was finished for obvious reasons. The process of sorting our list took around 3 months, time well spent with no wasted motions on our part!

We completely understand that we have only included 10 mountain bike seats here and aren’t ruling out the fact that there are plenty of other products out right now that might apply to you. If you are going to look for a bike seat of your own, then you should know that there are a few things you should consider to make sure you are purchasing the right mountain bike seat that works for you and you alone.

What to look out for

If you are going to look for your own mountain bike seat — or any bike seat for that matter — you should first identify where you are cycling too and the length of time it takes to get there. Those who cycle farther distances will find that they require a far sturdier bike seat to carry them till the very end. Bike seats nowadays are far more consistent than they were before, this you’ll see almost instantly as you begin your search.

Making a list of requirements should be your first cause of action. What you choose to include on your list will be entirely subjective, although most will include the words: comfortable or durable, we guarantee it. Not only will this list help you to pick the right bike seat, but it will also mean that you don’t settle for a bike seat that isn’t what you’re looking for and is just money wasted.

Once you have established your own requirements, next comes the easy part. Online sources should allow you to quickly source some of the best bike seats going right now. Sites such as Amazon are great indicators of quality thanks to the built-in user reviews section that wraps up a general consensus from previous customers. If a product has terrible reviews attached, it might be worth moving on and avoiding this seat.

Most bike seats you see all vary in terms of the comfort you have once they are mounted and then sat on as you cycle. Some are far more comfortable than others. Looking online is great and all, but it doesn’t provide an accurate idea on how comfortable they are unless you own something similar already and then pictures should suffice. Visiting a local bike store and having the seats in your hand could give you a better idea on what to expect.

When looking at the best mountain bike seats, you have two primary considerations to think about. Most bike seats are relatively comfortable; however not all seats should be considered equal. Most seats utilize thick padding unless otherwise stated. The more padding, the more comfortable the seat will be, although keep in mind it will make the seat a lot heavier than before depending on the width/length of the seat.

The suspension is yet another primary consideration one should have. The suspension will make a massive difference in the quality of your ride outright. If you are someone who has issues with their lower back/legs, then you should be looking for a bike seat that can take the punishment of your bodyweight continually bobbing up and down on the seat — especially if you like cycling somewhere that is rather bumpy.

Other features in these seats include LED lighting, something that isn’t considered necessary if you already have a backlight on your bike, but it doesn’t hurt to have extra. Although it’s nice to have some extra lights, it isn’t worth paying extra for if you are looking for a bike seat that does the basics. Look at your list and see whether or not you prioritize style over durability, this should help you make the right decision.

Are bike seats expensive?

This depends entirely on the bike seat you want to buy and the sorts of features you want to come with it. For example, if you want a seat with LED lights and extra padding, then you are probably going to pay more than you would if you wanted just a standard seat. Consult the list you’ve made at the beginning to make sure you’re buying correctly. Keep in mind that the more stylish the seat looks, the pricier it will be.

Is the shape of the seat important?

Yes, the shape of your bike seat is incredibly important as each shape fits a different kind of rider. For example, if you are someone who likes to move fast, then finding a long and thin bike seat will be ideal as it not only decreases the weight of the bike, but it also means you can generate more power from that general area. A wider seat might be fitting for those who traverse your more rocky terrain as there will be more comfort underneath you as you travel across this ground!

Which brands are the best brands for bike seats?

This is an entirely subjective question, one that comes with varying answers depending on your own personal preferences. We tend to enjoy the products from DAWAY as they tend to be a lot more durable/comfortable at the same time. You’ll find that different brands deal with different kinds of bike seats, so finding the right manufacturer for you might consist of trial and error.

Some manufacturers product more expensive seats than others, so make sure you have what you’re looking for when going to the checkout or risk wasting money. Again, your list should give you an idea on whether or not the seat you’re looking at it is the right one for you.

Amazon Recommends:

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LCYMD Comfortable Seat Cushion for Men Women with Dual Shock Absorbing...
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  • ★PERFECT BICYCLE SEAT★Our wide bike saddle is 9.7*8*3.7inch,which is...
  • ★ERGONOMIC DESIGN★Our bike seat is padded by thicken widened...
Bestseller No. 2
ROCKBROS Bike Seat Comfort Bike Saddle Mountain Bicycle Accessories...
  • ★COMFORTABLE & BREATHABLE: ROCK BROS Comfort bike seat padded with...
  • ★ DUAL SHOCK ABSORBING: In order to achieve better shockproof...
  • ★ WATERPROOF & ANTI-SLIP: The surface PU material is effectively...
Bestseller No. 3
Wittkop Bike Seat [Trekking] for Men & Women, Waterproof Bike Saddle...
  • HIGH-QUALITY MEMORY FOAM - The special foam layer of the saddle clings...
  • INNOVATIVE 5-ZONE-CONCEPT - The unisex bike seat is partitioned into five...
  • ENHANCED AIRFLOW SYSTEM - The internal braces of the Wittkop saddle for...

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The best garden scooter is one that allows you to keep fulfilling your passion without the pain and muscle strain. Creating and maintaining a beautiful garden can be a wildly fulfilling pastime.

However, gardens require frequent maintenance that can often put a strain on the body. This makes gardening largely an impossibility for individuals with joint or muscle pain. A rolling garden cart with a seat is a way to get around this issue. It gives you somewhere to rest and a place to store all your tools. Finding a garden scooter that works for you means getting back to the things you love.

View The Best Garden Scooter Below

Determining which scooter suits your needs can be a long process. This is why we’ve outlined some of the very best garden scooters from 2018 that we think you’ll enjoy.

1. Best Choice Products Mobile Rolling Garden Work Seat

Best Choice Products Mobile Rolling Garden Work Seat

Check Price on Amazon

Whether rolling on grass, pavement, or dirt, this garden seat with wheels retains full mobility. It utilizes solid steel axles in its four 10” wheels for smooth steering even on a rough, uneven terrain. With a 300lb weight capacity, this rolling garden scooter can also be adjusted easily for a height that best suits you.

The sturdy, tractor-style seat is perfect for long days in the garden, and it is designed ergonomically for continued comfort and minimized muscle strain. The scooter uses a weather-resistant finish for prevention of wear and tear on the seat and wheels, and it comes equipped with a convenient utility basket for tools and supplies.

+ All terrain wheels

+ A 300lb weight capacity

+ Weather-resistant finish

+ Ergonomically contoured seat

+ Adjustable height

Why We Liked It – This model is designed to be one of the best for gardening on an uneven or rough terrain. Its solid steel axles and large, 10” wheels promise a smooth ride anywhere.

2. Suncast GDS200D Garden Scooter

Suncast GDS200D Garden Scooter

Check Price on Amazon

With 8.5 gallons of storage space, the Suncast garden scooter is one of the best on the market right now in terms of transporting tools and supplies while gardening. The device itself is lightweight, weighing less than 9 pounds. In addition to the large internal storage space, it also includes a removable basket for organizing tools and accessories.

The lid of the scooter snaps shut tightly, so the supplies left inside remain protected from the elements in the plastic encasement. The scooter is also already constructed, meaning no difficult set-up is required, and with a large pull strap, this model can easily be moved.

+ 8.5 gallons of storage space

+ Lightweight and easy to transport

+ Resin wheels

+ Removable accessories basket

+ 2 drink holders

Why We Liked It – The removable cushion for sitting or for kneeling and the dual functionality of the Suncast garden scooter seat and storage speak to the versatility of this scooter.

3. Pure Garden Garden Cart Rolling Scooter

Pure Garden Garden Cart Rolling Scooter

Check Price on Amazon

The under-seat tool tray and shelf mean plenty of room for tools and supplies. You won’t have to lug around a heavy tool bag or keep running back to the garage for something you forgot.

Contrary to the usual rubber wheels on a rolling scooter, this model utilizes plastic to defend against pops and punctures. It is incredibly durable with a stainless steel structure that prevents rust and water damage from varying climate conditions. The beautiful thing about this scooter is that it isn’t just great for gardening – it is also great for painting, car repair, and even cleaning low surfaces.

+ Weather-resistant structure

+ 200lb weight limit

+ Lightweight

+ Plastic wheels for durability

+ Under-seat tool tray AND shelf

Why We Liked It – The plentiful tool space and durable wheels mean that this product can remain functional over the years without costly repairs or even costlier replacement.

4. Sunnydaze Rolling Shop Cart with 360 Degree Swivel

Sunnydaze Rolling Shop Cart with 360 Degree Swivel

Check Price on Amazon

Not all gardeners are the same, and for this reason, your tools and devices shouldn’t be either. This is why this device offers an adjustable height feature that allows you to pick a height between 16.5” and 22” that works best for you.

The 18” tool tray and 360-degree swivel motion are designed for convenience. You can store all of your tools for easy access, and swivel to the position that helps you to reach everything you need. The solid steel axles and heavy-duty pneumatic wheels allow for smooth and comfortable rolling and swiveling.

+ 300lb weight capacity

+ Adjustable height

+ 360-degree swivel motion

+ Solid steel axles

+ Under-seat plastic tray

Why We Liked It – The customizable features of this device, including the adjustable height range and 360-degree swivel motion, make it a comfortable and convenient choice for gardeners.

5. Gardener’s Supply Company Deluxe Tractor Scoot

Gardener’s Supply Company Deluxe Tractor Scoot

Check Price on Amazon

This sturdy vehicle has one of the higher weight capacities on the market at 400lbs. It is also able to carry impressive amounts of tools and supplies, including a 5-gallon pail or a 3.5-gallon tubtrug in its convenient bucket basket. This basket is specially designed for buckets or pails and can hold up to 40lbs without bending or breaking.

In addition to the bucket basket, it also holds a storage tray for tools and can be adjusted to the height of your choosing between 16” and 19”. With pneumatic tires, this scooter rolls smoothly and effortlessly over most terrain.

+ 400lb weight capacity

+ Height-adjustable seat

+ Bucket basket holds 40lbs

+ Easy assembly

+ Swiveling capabilities

Why We Liked It – The convenient bucket basket and storage tray makes this the ideal scooter for carrying water, fertilizer, or other heavy items that may be required while gardening.

6. Goplus Garden Cart Rolling Work Seat

Goplus Garden Cart Rolling Work Seat

Check Price on Amazon

Safety and security are huge priorities when it comes to designing a garden scooter for usage outside, which is why the four 10” rubber wheels on this vehicle are designed and constructed with a surface pattern for friction. They help avoid the possibility of slipping as the scooter rolls through the garden.

This work seat can be easily dissembled for storage purposes, and it can even be used as a storage cart rather than a seat. In order to prevent both rusting and corrosion as a result of outdoor conditions, this scooter is powder-coated to stand up to the elements.

+ 330lb weight capacity

+ Slip-protection patterned wheels

+ Under-seat tray and back basket

+ Height adjustable

+ Easy assembly

Why We Liked It – The non-slip wheels and rust prevention make this a safe and durable scooter for long-term, continued usage. Its height-adjustable seat makes it usable for people of all heights.

7. Sunnydaze Garden Cart Rolling Scooter

Sunnydaze Garden Cart Rolling Scooter

Check Price on Amazon

This product combines ample storage space with increased mobility and customizability to create a wonderful scooter for long-term use. The device has both a utility basket and a plastic tray for storage of tools and supplies. It also utilizes an extendable handle that can be adjusted along with the height of the seat for maximum comfort and mobility.

This model can be steered while seated and has a 360-degree range of motion for its swivel, meaning that you can easily access the garden at all points of direction. Weighing only 30lbs, this scooter is also lightweight and easy to transport.

+ Extendable handle

+ Height adjustable

+ 225lb weight capacity

+ 360-degree swivel motion

+ Plastic tray for storage

Why We Liked It – This model combines all the features we love in a scooter without compromising on quality. Its adjustable seat and handle, multiple storage locations, and 360-degree swivel make it a favorite.

8. Peach Tree Garden Cart Rolling Work Seat

Peach Tree Garden Cart Rolling Work Seat

Check Price on Amazon

Comfort and convenience were certainly the priorities of the designers of this product. It comes with both a utility basket and a tray so that no tool or supply gets left behind. The seat is height adjustable for maximum convenience and ergonomically contoured for maximum comfort. The comfortable seat means you can spend hours in the garden without straining your knees or back.

The device can be easily assembled in a short period of time. This product comes in multiple colors so that you can even match its design with the flowers in your garden!

+ Comes in a variety of colors

+ 300lb weight capacity

+ 360-degree swivel motion

+ Ergonomically contoured seat

+ Basket and tray for storage

Why We Liked It – This cart is the peak of luxury when it comes to gardening. You can work long hours in this ergonomic seat and still feel fresh, without aches and pains.


Garden Scooter Buyers Guide

Wheeled garden seats can be incredibly useful and comfortable, but knowing which features to prioritize when choosing one to purchase can be difficult. Before you buy, be sure to know the ins and outs of what to look for.


The best way to ensure that your garden seat on wheels is able to stand up to the elements is to purchase one with a weather-resistant finish. A powder-coated steel frame is your best bet when it comes to water and rust resistance. With this finish, you can easily store your product outdoors and still utilize it frequently without accumulating wear and tear.

The durability of the tires is another issue altogether. While larger, rubber tires are best for smooth movement, plastic tires stand up well to rough surfaces that may threaten to puncture or pressure the tire. Plastic tires won’t break as easily as the rubber tires will, so if your priority is long-term durability, plastic is the safest way to go.


With the advent of the gardening chair with wheels come the constant innovations in improving this product. All gardeners are different, which is why customizability is so important. Many scooters come with a height-adjustable seat. In this case, it is important to know the height range, so that you can decide which will be best for your size and the size of the garden you will be taking care of.

Storage Capabilities

Under-seat trays, bucket baskets, and sealed storage bins are just some of the options available for storage on these devices. It is important to envision the tools that you will be using prior to deciding which storage devices are best for you. We have broken down some of the benefits of each:

Sealed storage Bins:

These utilize the storage bin to double as a seat, and they are the most massive means of storage. Anyone needing to carry larger tools or looking to spend a long day in the garden with water, snacks, and other items will enjoy this bin. It is also great for permanent storage of items, as it can double as an outdoor storage bin while not in use.

Under-seat Trays: These can hold smaller tools and supplies like shovels, scissors, packets of seeds, and maybe a bottle of water.

Bucket Baskets:

Depending on the basket, these can hold buckets, pails, and tubtrugs. These are great for gardening that requires substances like water, manure, or fertilizer, or for other tasks like washing a car or painting.

What Is a Garden Scooter?

Imagine if a comfortable seat or bench could move with you throughout the garden so that you could be comfortable and supported while you work. In essence, this idea describes the garden scooter. This new innovation combines a seat (often adjustable) with a wheeled mechanism so that you can move, and sometimes swivel in place in your garden.

You no longer need to crouch, bend, and strain to get your gardening done with an easily assembled, powder coated garden scooter. With attachable and detachable storage units on the device, tools can be stored easily, and a weather-resistant finish means that you can store them outdoors without worrying about rust or corrosion.

Why Do I Need a Garden Scooter?

Sometimes gardening becomes difficult to continue, as bending or hunching down to plant, water, or weed a garden can cause aches and pains in the back and knees. For these reasons, many people simply discontinue their gardening habits. With reduced time for maintenance, a garden can fall into disrepair.

With the use of rolling garden seats, individuals with back or knee pain can continue to garden. This device even helps with other activities like painting, washing or repairing the car, and cleaning. With a yard scooter, individuals who have just been through a surgery or have had an injury can continue their daily activities without needing to wait for the injury to heal.

The device is also great for those who find aging to be slowing them down and keeping them from doing the things that make them happy. Joints and muscles naturally ache with exertion, and gardening can be an incredibly physically taxing pastime. This is why an ergonomically designed garden scoot can help to reduce the strain of bending and hunching over. A rolling garden seat with big wheels is great for smooth movements, and the use of steel axles can make mobility easier.

Most garden scooters even come with attached storage devices so that you can keep all your tools at arm’s reach without having to go back and forth between the garage or the porch and the garden.

Where Can I Get a Garden Scooter?

Many of the best garden scooters available can be found easily online. Amazon offers a wide selection of durable and cost-effective products that can be shipped quickly and inexpensively.

Expert Tip:

Look for a garden scooter with a swivel seat! These 360-degree swivel motion gardening scooters allow for increased mobility.

Did You Know?

Using an ergonomically designed seat on your device can reduce the risk of aches, strains, and pulled muscles during usage.

Garden Scooter Breakdown

Product Weight Capacity Product Weight Dimensions
Best Choice Products Mobile Rolling Garden Work Seat 300lbs 35.7lbs 17.5 x 33 x 23”
Suncast GDS200D Garden Scooter 200lbs 8.91lbs 12.2 x 22.4 x 13”
Pure Garden Garden Cart Rolling Scooter 200lbs 7.25lbs 13 x 18.5 x 17.5”
Sunnydaze Rolling Shop Cart with 360 Degree Swivel 300lbs 28lbs 31 x 18 x 22”
Gardener’s Supply Company Deluxe Tractor Scoot 400lbs 37lbs 23 x 17 x 11”
Goplus Garden Cart Rolling Work Seat 330lbs 25lbs 31.5 x 18 x 21.5”
Sunnydaze Garden Cart Rolling Scooter 225lbs 30lbs 31 x 18 x 22”
Peach Tree Garden Cart Rolling Work Seat 300lbs 28.7lbs 32.3 x 17.7 x 22”


Laborious tasks can become nearly impossible when aches and pains become involved. A garden scooter can help you to keep doing the things you love, with nothing holding you back!

Don’t let your garden go to waste while you wait for an injury to heal or a pain to go away. Instead, try a scooter to keep you active and enjoying yourself in the garden without hurting or straining your muscles and joints. These devices make great gifts for an aging parent, surprises for a spouse with a green thumb, or for your own use so that you can keep living life to the fullest.

Amazon Recommends:

Bestseller No. 1
VEVOR Rolling Garden Work Seat with Wheels, Gardening Stool for...
  • Exceptional Performance: The rolling garden cart with seat features a...
  • Extendable Steering Handle: Maneuver our garden scooter with ease thanks to...
  • 10-inch Inflatable Tires: Enhanced with treaded inflatable tires, this...
Bestseller No. 2
Suncast Outdoor Rolling Garden Scooter - Durable Plastic Portable...
  • 4-WHEEL GARDEN SCOOTER: Garden scooter moves easily through dirt and grass....
  • DURABLE: Constructed of durable plastic that will last for years of quality...
  • CUSHIONED SEAT- Foam cushion included to be used as a seat or removed to...
Bestseller No. 3
Goplus Garden Cart with Wheels, Utility Stool Cart w/Adjustable 360...
  • 🌻【Durable & Sturdy Structure】 Made from heavy-duty metal frame, this...
  • 🌻【Height Adjustable & Swivel Seat】 The seat on the scooter has...
  • 🌻【4 Wear-resistant Tires】 The gardening chair cart is equipped with...

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