White Wave Longboard Review

Here at MyProScooter, we do our best job to scour the internet in search of the highest quality gear in the world. When we were searching for a budget-friendly, top-notch longboard, we came across the White Wave Bamboo Longboards that kept seeming to have some of the greatest reviews on nearly every platform we found it on.

The unique appearance is definitely the first thing that drew our eyes to it. It’s not too often that we come across a texture board that truly appreciates the naturally appealing look of bamboo wood. Once we really started digging into it and seeing everything else it had to offer, we knew we had to share it. If the White Wave Bamboo board sounds like something you’re interested in, read on!

White Wave Bamboo Longboard

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Key Features

We all know how much appearance matters with our longboards, so let’s jump into the designs that you can choose from with this one. The wide variety of styles includes unique names like Drifter, Warrior, Mayhem, Missile, and a few others. They all come with their own corresponding wheel color, so keep an eye on them when it’s time to choose.

Another important feature to look over when you’re ready to pick your design is whether or not you want an open edge. These open edges on longboards are great for reducing the chance of your wheels clipping on sharp turns, but the appearance isn’t for everyone. If you’re fairly careful with your movements, feel free to pick whichever suits your style.

Nobody wants to crack their new board, so we did a little bit of further research into the combination used with this particular setup. Bamboo and Canadian Maple woods are some of the most durable in the skateboarding industry, so we knew we hit gold here. Not only are they great at withstanding heavy impacts, but they’re also fairly lightweight.

Finally, we took a look into the nuts and bolts that held it all together. The 7-inch aluminum trucks are standard in the world of skating, so it was a relief to see them on this longboard. Backed up with urethane wheels that use ABEC 9 bearings, this board will fly down the street at high speeds without skipping a beat.


+ Choose from one of the seven different design styles that have unique patterns, wheel colors, and edge styles

+ Made out of a lightweight, durable Canadian Maple wood and Bamboo combination

+ Gives you the option of picking open or closed edge for easier turning

+ Comes equipped with urethane wheels that have the well-sought after ABEC 9 bearings


The White Wave Bamboo Longboards all use clear grip tape, which isn’t really a con. Some skaters prefer the classic sandpaper, which isn’t an option with this board. That being said, clear grip tape has practically the same effect.

Who Is It Suitable For?

This longboard is suitable for anyone from beginner to expert who’s looking for a budget-friendly board with the latest additions. The durability, bearings, and appearance can’t really get any better than it comes with this product. If you’ve been on the hunt for something new to add to your collection, this might be your best bet.

Beginners will find the open edges much more useful, especially if they’ve never ridden a typical skateboard before. Tire clipping can be frustrating, as it slows you down and wears down the tires and the board. Opt for the open edge if you’re on the fence about the two styles, you’ll love it!

Why We Like It

We like the White Wave Bamboo Longboards because they’re incredibly appealing to the eye, but the quality stays great throughout the construction. It’s far too often that we see a longboard that looks good, but it doesn’t quite feel good. That’s not the case with this board, as it uses the best gear and materials from the trucks and the bearings to the bamboo and Canadian Maple wood.

For toughness and several variations in appearance and style, this one definitely takes the cake. The only thing you have left to do now is deciding which pattern you want and hit the road on your new longboard!

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White Wave Bamboo Longboards

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