What to Expect When You Start Running

Last updated 10. June 2019


Let’s face it, the physical act of running is one of the most daunting mental and physical challenges you might ever set yourself up to go for. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, whether you’re trying to stay healthy, or even if you’re preparing for a special event, maybe a marathon, running is going to be an integral part of your training.

The problem is if you’re just starting out it’s hard to know how to prepare your mind and body to know what to expect. The more you know, the better off you’ll be in the long-term.

Today, I’m going to put your fears to rest and help you understand everything you need to know.

It’s Harder Than You Think

Tired Running

Yeah. That’s right. One of the things most people find when they start running is they’re not so young as they think they are. If you use to run around a lot when you were a kid and think you can carry on as though you haven’t aged a bit, this is going to be your biggest realization.

The most important thing to remember is not to chuck yourself in the deep-end too earlier. Just start small and slowly and slowly work yourself up. Over time, you’ll be able to build up distance and speed.

It’s All in Your Head

When you start running, your first instinct is going to be to stop and catch your breath. Honestly, it’s hard work, especially if it’s something you haven’t done before, or at least in a long time. However, the biggest barrier in your head.

Ultra-marathon Rich Roll talks about in many podcasts and interviews how he believes when the mind says you’re ready to give up and stop, you’re only working to around 35% of your full potential. This means you’ve got to get in the mindset to keep going and push on.

You’re Going to Feel Terrible

From blisters to knee pains that last several days, the harder you push yourself, the more your body is going to hurt and ache. Until you build up some kind of resilience, you’re going to need to bear what you feel and increase your tolerance. Take your time.

Remember, if it really is too hard, don’t make things worse for yourself by causing real damage that can last a long time, potentially for the rest of your life. Know your limits. If you’re finding it too hard, there are other alternatives to look into, such as jogging, speed walking, or scootering with MyProScooter.

You’re Going to Feel Amazing

Okay, sure, there are a lot of points you might look at when choosing to start running that makes you feel like you want to put it off or never start in the first place. Maybe you’re scared of the pain, or you’re afraid to put yourself through it for yourself or in the eyes of others.

All the best things in life live on the other side of fear.

Since running is exercise, complete an exercise and get your body and muscles working, liberate your mind and brain, and set yourself mini targets and goals to accomplish along the way and you’re going to feel amazing when you’re finished.

Running is one of the body’s biggest releases of dopamine out there because the body is rewarding us for moving. Complete a grueling session and this is literally going to make you feel high!

You’ll Become Super Disciplined

When starting out your running your routine, there are going to be things in your life that make you not want to do it. Whether you’ve suddenly got to work late, have to meet someone outside work, or whether it’s raining, there are going to be days you simply don’t feel like running.

However, having the mindset to be able to push through these barriers and commit to what you said you were going to do is incredibly rewarding. It’s also a disciplined trait you’ll see moving into other areas of your life.

A Letsfit Fitness Tracker can help keep you disciplined.

You’re Going to Go Clothes Shopping

There’s NOTHING worse than running in clothes that simply hold you back. You’ve taken all this time to commit to the routine and build up the confidence to get out there are actually complete your runs, only to hold yourself back when you actually start the running part.

It’s well worth taking your time to find a running top, proper shorts, comfortable shoes and most importantly, proper running trainers that fit you perfectly. Trust me when I say this is perhaps one of the most important considerations on this list.

Why not try some barefoot running shoes?

You’ll Be Able to Run for Miles without Stopping

That’s right, if you can keep up your practice and you run regularly and you push yourself a little bit more every time with both distance and timings, you’re going to get better. There’s simply no way you can’t.

Even running once a week for six months and you’ll be reaching the 10km mark all without stopping if you’re starting with a reasonable level of fitness. If you’re trying to lose weight or get healthier, sure this could take you a little bit longer.

However, the one way you’re going to get there is by knocking off a few minutes or adding a few meters to your distance every single time you run. You’ve got this. Make yourself proud.


While simple, running is a journey that can mess with your emotions and take you to places you never knew existed both physically and mentally. Nevertheless, keep at it and push yourself and it can be one of the most rewarding and beneficial things you ever do. Good luck!


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