What to look for in Battery Powered Ride On Toys?

Last updated 16. January 2020

Kids absolutely love battery-powered ride-on toys for kids, since it makes them feel like they are riding a real car! All they have to do is control where the toy goes, instead of relying on pedaling. Getting your child their first battery-powered ride-on can be a great way to encourage Independence and establish trust.

The question is, what should you look for when buying a battery-powered ride-on toy?


First of all, you should take a quick look at the reviews. Some battery-powered toys are not very reliable in the long run. They also require batteries to work or they need to be charged near a socket, so you will need to keep note of that. It’s also good to check if they toy is meant for indoor or outdoor use.

It’s vital to see the average life-span of the product based on the other customers’ reviews. This will give you a general idea of how much money you are willing to spend!
Maintenance & Preferences

Some parents allow their kids to ride battery-powered ride-ons into puddles after a hefty rain, and this can severely damage the circuits if the water gets close to the battery. The key is to decide what kind of toy your child wants, and what kind of toy will suit their needs.

If your child likes to get wet and dirty outdoors, maybe a non-battery powered toy would be better!

Battery Capacity

Depending on your child’s age, there will be different ride-ons on offer. For older kids, it’s recommended to get 12-volt battery-powered cars or ride-on toys in general. For younger kids, under 4, it’s recommended to get 6-volt batteries. If you have more than one child and are on a tight budget, we recommended getting a 12-volt battery car for the older kids and wait till the younger ones grow into it!

Outdoor Ride On Toys for Toddlers

Riding outside can be a thrilling experience for toddlers. Usually, they spend most of their time at home, being supervised, or outdoors, while still under the watchful eye of the parent. Getting them their own ride-on toy can be a great way to give them a bit more freedom, where they don’t have to hold the parent’s hand all the time!

One of our favorite ride-on toys for outside use is the Vtech 2 Learn And Zoom Motor Bike. It’s extremely child friendly, and can transform from a two-wheel bicycle to a tricycle for toddlers if needed. It’s a perfect, fun-looking toy to help your child develop a sense of balance and Independence.

It has plenty of features that help the child learn, too. There are buttons and sounds that introduce road safety, colors, objects and shapes to make the ride more interactive. The bike has over 70 songs to sign and learn with, and only needs two AA batteries. It’s ideal for any toddler aged between 1-3 years old.

The bike also has a motion sensor that plays music as your child rides along. There are two options to choose from; the sing and learn mode, and the ride-on mode. This helps encourage your child to keep riding and learning, no matter where they are!

Can you get a Remote Controlled ride on Toy?

Of course! Many parents find it hard to give their children full control of battery-powered vehicles. Many companies know that, that’s why many battery-powered ride-ons come with remote controls.

These remote controls are usually only an option, and the child can also drive alone. However, if the parent wants to take control in a park or in the neighborhood, they can easily do so. This gives the parent the ability to let the child ride further without worrying about reacting on time. It’s definitely a great option to have if you want your child to have some outdoor fun while still saying safe! It gives both the parent and the child a sense of mutual trust, and can help develop confidence over a distance.

How to Charge a Ride On Toys Battery 12v?

Every battery-powered ride-on toy needs to charge a different amount of time, especially when it’s first purchased. If you are currently on a low budget or don’t want to pay more for your electrical bills, it’s recommended to make a wise decision before purchasing a battery-powered ride-on toy for your kids!

For a 12V ride-on, it’s recommended for the initial charge to be about 18-24 hrs along. It’s advised to leave it turned on overnight, that way the kids can already enjoy the play in the morning!

For regular charging, a 12V battery should be charge around 12 hours.

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