The 9 Best Electric Scooter Carry Straps

Last updated 14. September 2021

If you don’t have electric scooter carry straps, you’re probably forced to lift your scooter by the stem. We all know how hard it gets to find the right spot to hold the scooter that perfectly balances its weight. 

Even when we find it, carrying it by the stem is still not comfortable because of the weak grip of the metal. Also, not to forget how your scooter keeps banging into your knee while you are carrying it this way. To make things even worse, it also leaves an unpleasant smell of the aluminum frame on your hands which is hard to get rid of.

Let’s be honest, electric scooters aren’t the lightest things to carry around. Accessories designed for this purpose are a life-saver and make carrying even the heaviest electric scooters a lot more convenient. 

However, considering the limited options available in the market, finding the right electric scooter carry strap can be difficult. Well, that’s what we’re here for. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best carry straps that are durable, comfortable, and affordable. We also have a brief buying guide to help you choose the perfect scooter carry strap according to your use case.

So let’s get started!

The 9 Best Electric Scooter Carry Straps

1. XJunion Adjustable Kick Scooter Shoulder Strap 

Best Overall

The XJunion Adjustable Kick Scooter Shoulder Strap is the finest option on our list. It’s 1.5-inch wide and is made out of robust, high-density nylon webbing that makes it durable while still being lightweight and extremely portable. 

Using this shoulder strap is very easy. All you have to do is wrap the two ends of the strap around the wheels or bars of your scooter and adjust the shoulder length according to your height before you set out. 

This carrying strap packs strength and has a weight capacity of more than 150lbs which is more than any other shoulder carry strap in the market. It is also foldable, making it very easy to carry around or fit into your bag or purse.  

What makes this carry strap unique is its versatile functionality. Apart from using it to carry your kick-scooters, you can also use it to carry skateboards, foldable bikes, and even a folding chair.


  • Heavy-Duty Weight Capacity
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Adjustable Length

  • The 1.5 inches wide strap can be uncomfortable while carrying heavyweight
  • Slightly bulky when folded

Our Verdict – The XJunion scooter carry strap is designed with the perfect fitting angles that help you carry around your scooter comfortably. With a premium build quality and reasonable pricing, it is a great choice for pretty much anyone, and that’s why it is our best overall.

2. Yungeln Portable Waterproof Handbag 

Premium Choice

The Yungeln portable scooter carry bag is crafted using high quality 1680D oxford cloth, which promises a classy look and extreme durability. This tear-resistant material safeguards your scooter from getting those ugly scratches that accidentally occur while carrying it around in subways or buildings. 

Using a carry bag is significantly less strenuous than carrying your scooter by the stem as it evenly balances the weight of the scooter and gives you a comfortable handle to grip on. Now since this bag completely encases the scooter inside, you can take your scooter along with you, even if the forecast predicts rain because this bag is completely waterproof and even dustproof. 

Carrying around this bag is very easy. Unlike shoulder straps, you don’t have to store it in your backpack or pockets. You can simply fasten it on the scooter’s handlebar when not being used. The best part is that you can easily store your scooter’s charger in the bag while being attached to the handlebar and carry it along with you on every journey. 

Even though it’s designed for the XIAOMI Mijia M365 Electric Scooter, its 17.7 by 19.7 inch wide dimensions make it perfect for packing a wide range of other electric scooter models as well. 


  • Waterproof 
  • Premium build quality 
  • Large enough to fit most scooters

  • Packing and unpacking the scooter can be a bit tedious
  • No separate compartment to keep the charger

Our Verdict – We love the wide range of applications of this bag. It’s perfect for people who live in a rainy area as it is waterproof. It is also ideal for people who travel long distances with their scooter and need to carry a backpack with them just to keep a charger in it.

3. Epessa Hand Carrying Handle Strap

Editor’s Choice

The Epessa Carrying Handle Strap is a discreet way of carrying your scooter without having to lift it directly from the stem. It is made out of high-grade nylon, which gives it extra durability and strength. That becomes very evident from its above-average weight carrying capacity of up to 220lbs. 

Epessa has paid attention to each and every detail in order to ensure that their carrying strap is the best in the market. Let’s take the velcro strap for instance – They promise that you can open and close the velcro more than ten thousand times without it breaking apart or losing grip, which is way above the industry standard. See why it’s our editor’s choice now? 

The carry handle strap’s design is also fairly simple yet genius. It consists of a three velcro strap loop design, which is very easy to install. It firmly wraps around your scooter’s stem and creates a solid grip, so you don’t have to stress about the handle sliding back and forth while it’s in use. Adding to that, It’s made with innovative gel technology that significantly improves anti-slip carriage as well as longevity.  


  • Super strong grip
  • High-grade handle plastic
  • Can be left attached to the scooter

  • Slightly bulky
  • The design might not match your scooter’s aesthetics

Our Verdict – We like the Epessa carry strap for its easy-to-use functionality. Unlike shoulder straps or carry bags, you don’t need to detach it from your scooter, ever. It is an ideal choice if you don’t really want to carry your electric scooter by the stem but also don’t want a strap over your shoulder all the time. 

4. Epessa Kick Scooter Shoulder Strap –  Best In Quality

If an over-padded bulky carrying strap with extra cushioning doesn’t spike your interest, then you might want to take a look at the Epessa Kick Scooter Shoulder Strap. It has a very simple design, but at the same time, it’s very durable and comfortable. 

Being simple and lightweight doesn’t mean it’s weak. In fact, this carrying strap crushes the competition with its premium build quality and choice of sturdy materials it is made from. It consists of a robust and long-lasting nylon strap, a high-quality plastic buckle, and a PVC non-slip shoulder pad.  

The problem with most carry straps is that they can’t be adjusted without lifting their bulky shoulder pads. This might not always be possible if you have something in your other hand which leaves you with no choice but to endure the uncomfortable position of your electric scooter. 

This shoulder strap solves that problem with its perfectly balanced grip that firmly holds your electric scooter in place while also giving you some headroom to adjust your baggage while you’re walking. It also has an adjustable strap length of 1.1m to 1.6m, so your scooter won’t be hitting against your knee as you walk anymore. 

The buckles have a quick-release function that makes it a lot simpler to fasten and unfasten. You can not only use it to carry eclectic scooters but also foldable electric bikes that fall under the 90 lbs mark.


  • Ultra-durable buckles
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Adjustable Length 

  • Not very comfortable with heavyweight scooters
  • Difficult to carry in pocket due to plastic buckles 

Our Verdict – The Epessa Kick Scooter Shoulder Strap is simple in design, yet great in performance. It’s quality build will ensure years of use, since it has no velcro straps that deteriorate over time. Instead, it uses a quick-release buckle mechanism that is also much easier and quicker to attach and detach.

5. Handsome Scooter Shoulder Strap – Best For Lightweight Scooters

The Handsome Scooter Shoulder Strap is a premium carry strap designed for electric scooters of all sizes. The default length of this strap is 1.1m, but it can easily be extended up to 1.6m. This makes it convenient to not just carry your scooter as per your height but also other personal transportation vehicles like e-bikes and skateboards – as long as their weight is below 72 lbs.

It is made of a high-density nylon webbing harness, which makes it durable, but also very flexible. You can fold and store it in any bag or even in your pockets, without worrying about damaging it.

The shoulder strap is two inches wide which helps in evenly distributing the pressure, and also has a wide shoulder pad for extra comfort. This ensures that you can effortlessly carry your scooter even for a longer period of time.  

To make the strap even more durable, Handsome has replaced the traditionally used velcro with Swivel snap hooks that are much stronger and will last longer. It also makes it easier to attach the strap to your scooter. 


  • Extra shoulder padding
  • Durable nylon webbing
  • Great value for money

  • Only compatible with lightweight scooters
  • Grip of the pad could be better 

Our Verdict – It has a maximum weight-bearing capacity of 72lbs which makes it compatible with the majority of electric scooters out there. So if you’re looking for a simple, durable, and compact carry strap that can manage to fit in your pockets, this is a perfect choice for you. 

6. OwnMy Kick Scooter Shoulder Strap – Best For Mid-Range Scooters

Shoulder straps are a very convenient way of carrying around your electric scooter, but most shoulder straps only have a weight capacity of up to 80lbs. The ones that can carry heavier weights are usually considerably more expensive. 

This leaves riders with mid-range scooters no choice other than to pay for an overpriced carrier. To solve this problem, OwnMy Scooter has created a shoulder strap that can carry a load of up to 100lbs. Its versatile design allows you to lift anything under 100lbs that has a compact form factor like beach chairs, electric skateboards, foldable bikes, carpets, yoga mats, etc. 

The secret to its enhanced weight capacity is its reinforced nylon strap that is both strong and durable. That’s of course not it’s only perk. A good scooter carry strap should also be comfortable, and this one covers that aspect too – It comes with a one inch wide shoulder pad that is soft to touch and also creates a better grip to avoid any unwanted slippage.


  • Adjustable length from 51 to 72 inches
  • Universal use case
  • Premium build quality

  • Slightly bulky when folded 
  • The shoulder pad is only one inch wide

Our Verdict – We love how easy it is to use this shoulder strap. It takes less than 5 seconds to put this strap on. Where it thoroughly shines though, is it’s durability. So if you have a scooter that is on the heavier side, and are afraid that a regular strap won’t be able to handle it, then go for this one. 

7. CAMPSLE Scooter Carrier Combo – Best Budget Option

Okay, so what if you’re not sure if you should choose a handled carrier or a shoulder strap for your electric scooter? Or what if you just need both? Well, in that case, Campsle’s combo package that includes both these accessories is the perfect choice for you. 

So if you just have to lift your scooter for a minute to climb up the staircase, simply use the handle carrier, and if you need to carry it for longer, you can use the shoulder straps. 

Both the shoulder strap and carrying handle in this package are made of premium quality POM, PP, and PVC material, which is durable and wear-resistant. You can also easily adjust the length of the shoulder strap, and the handle to best fit both your and your scooters height.

The release buckles of the shoulder strap open and close with a quick pluck so you can attach and detach it in seconds. This package also works with foldable e-bikes too. 


  • Great value for money 
  • Built out of high-quality materials
  • Easy to install

  • The grip of the handle carrier could have been a little softer
  • The shoulder pad is not very comfortable

Our Verdict – This combo package is perfect for beginners who want both, a carry handle and a shoulder strap because you get both the accessories at the price of one. Both pieces are made of durable material and should last you for a long time.

8. Lamaki:lab Adjustable Carrying Belt Strap – Most Practical Scooter Carrier

A well-padded carry strap is of course the most comfortable way to carry your scooter. However, padded carry straps don’t fit in your pockets, and you need to have a backpack with you at all times to carry the carry straps themselves. This is why most people settle with compact ones that compromise on comfort.

With the Lamaki: lab adjustable carrying belt strap, you can have the best of both worlds! To make the strap as comfortable as possible, it has an added layer of cushioning that makes it easier on the shoulders. So how is it going to be folded then?

Well, that’s not an issue with this one, since you don’t even need to remove it from your scooter. You only have to install it once, and from that point onward, you can use its easy adjustable mechanism to quickly alter the length of this strap between 43 to 63 inches – make it longer when you need to carry the scooter, and adjust it to the shortest length when you are riding it. 


  • One time installation
  • Very comfortable
  • Adjustable

  • Too bulky to be carried around separately 
  • The connecting buckles don’t create a very strong grip

Our Verdict – We like this adjustable carrying belt strap for its perfect balance between comfort, quality, and ease of use. If you are tired of uncomfortable straps, or attaching and detaching them all the time, then this one is the right choice.

9. Universal Scooter Hand Carrying Handle Strap – Best Scooter Carrier For Beginners

The final recommendation on our list is the Universal Scooter Carry handle strap by AngeliaSky. At a quick glance, you might think that it is just like the other carry handles but there are a few differences that make it stand out from the crowd. 

The most significant difference is the quality of the material it’s made from. It’s manufactured using high-density nylon webbing and peak-quality rubber which makes this handle durable and flexible while still being lightweight. The superior build quality of this handle grants it a heavy-duty weight capacity of up to 112lbs so you can be assured that it’s not going to break apart accidentally.

The second difference is compatibility. This handle strap can be used with just about any electric scooter and even foldable e-bikes. It has three rows of velcro straps that create a firm grip and make it simple to attach to your scooter’s mast. This universal design and best-in-class weight carrying capacity make this handle carry strap compatible with almost any electric scooter on the market. 


  • Can even carry heavy weight scooters
  • High-quality handle
  • Easy to install

  • The handle has a smooth underbody which makes it slide on some scooter’s stem 

Our Verdict – This carry handle is an ideal option for riders with smaller hands, who may find it challenging to grasp the folded scooter’s pole. Thanks to its soft rubber finish, It’s comfortable to carry for an extended period of time and is also compatible with scooters on the heavier side. 

How to Carry Electric Scooters

Apart from the obvious way to carry your scooter – by holding it at the stem – there are 3 main accessories designed to help you carry your ride: Handles, Straps and Bags.

Let’s discuss each of these options to find out the best choice for you.

Handles to Attach to Electric Scooters

Not having a carry handle is almost a fundamental flaw in the design of all electric scooters. Even the best electric scooter brands in the market do not consider the discomfort faced while lifting it up by the stem. Luckily you can easily fix this by getting a handle that firmly attaches itself to the stem of your scooter. 

It might not make it that much more comfortable to carry your electric scooters over long distances, but they are most useful when it comes to lifting the scooter for small instances, like while getting into a subway or climbing a fleet of stairs. This is because they permanently hold on to your scooter, so you don’t have to attach or detach them again and again, and they are more comfortable to hold than the scooter itself.

Shoulder Straps to Carry Electric Scooters

Shoulder straps are basically heavy-duty and robust straps with connectors at both ends that attach to your electric scooter. They are adjustable in length and usually have a shoulder pad for added comfort.

Using shoulder straps is hands down the best way to carry your scooter around over long distances. They evenly distribute the weight of your scooter across your body, which makes it easier to carry around. Shoulder straps are also better than carrying handles as they raise the scooter at a considerable height to avoid bumping it into your legs and knees as you walk.

Bags for Electric Scooters

Putting your electric scooters in a bag might not be the most ideal way to carry them around considering the extra time and effort you have to put in to pack and unpack them, but that does not mean carry bags are a bad choice for everyone. These bags are designed for people who live in areas prone to rainfall as they protect your scooter from the elements. 

Some people also rarely use their electric scooters but keep them in their car’s trunk at all times. In that case, packing it in a bag is the best way to store it, as it also protects the scooter from getting scratched during a bumpy ride. Another great feature of carrying bags is that you can use its back carry strap to swing it across both your shoulders like a backpack. 

Here is a quick summary of what we have discussed above —

  • If you carry your electric scooter over long distances, then a shoulder strap would be the best choice for you. 
  • If you only want a little assistance while carrying your scooters into a subway or on a staircase, a carry handle is the best option. 
  • If you want to protect your scooter from rain and dust while carrying it, you should go for an electric scooter carry bag.

What to Look for When Buying Electric Scooter Carry Accessories?

To ease the decision, we have compiled a list of parameters to help you choose a good electric scooter accessory.


Since you will probably use your carry strap for at least a few years, you need to make sure to buy one that can survive that long without tearing apart from the strain of your scooter’s weight. 

Always look for the material used in your carry strap or handles and prefer to buy ones made of nylon. Also, make sure to check if the velcro is strong enough to stay intact while holding the weight of the scooter to the strap or handle. 

Weight Capacity

You need to match your scooter’s weight with the weighing capacity of the carry strap that you choose if you don’t want it snapping apart while you’re on the move. A reliable carry accessory must have a weight capacity of at least 70lbs. Since different scooters weigh variedly, you would want to have a strap that lets you carry any model without questioning the support. 


You may want to upgrade your electric scooter in time, and it’s better to have a strap that won’t need to be replaced every time. So it’s best to choose accessories that have a universal fit. Also, carrying bags and straps that are universal will also let you lift foldable e-bikes and even skateboards.


Compromising on the comfort for a slight difference in price can turn out to be very painful. Make sure the shoulder strap or the strap on your bag has an additional layer of padding to make the carrying as comfortable as possible. 

For the carry handles, make sure that the handle size fits your palms, and the rubber quality is good enough not to leave you with blisters on your hands.


Make sure to choose a carry strap that is adjustable in length. If you can’t adjust the length, you might end up in a very uncomfortable position where the scooter is too low and will bang into your knees or too high to be carried comfortably. A good length range for a carry strap is between 40-60 inches. 


How Do You Carry an Electric Scooter on a Plane?

Yes, you can carry an electric scooter on a plane as carry-on baggage or checked-in baggage as long as it meets the airline’s guidelines. In general, the most important factor is the lithium-ion battery pack of your scooter which should not be above 160Wh. However, some airlines do not allow you to carry any electric scooters irrespective of their battery capacity.

Can You Carry an Electric Scooter in a Subway?

Yes, you can carry your electric scooter in the subway. Most personal transportation devices are allowed inside the subway, provided they don’t fall out of the allowed dimensions. Luckily, an electric scooter has a green flag in this case.

What Should Electric Scooter Carry Straps Be Made Of?

Nylon is the best material for electric scooter carry straps. It is sturdy, resilient, and provides both flexibility and strength while also being comfortable. The nylon fiber used to make carry straps can generally hold about 60-80 lbs which is perfect for electric skateboards.

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