10 Best Snowboard Helmets for Peak Protection

03. April 2020

The slopes are steep, the snow and ice are slippery and it’s easy to place a wrong step and get injured. It’s absolutely vital to invest in the best snowboard helmet that can endure many hits, bumps and scratches without transferring them to you. This often overlooked piece of equipment has saved many lives and can even save yours if you allow it to.

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If you don’t have a trusty snowboard helmet with you there is little chance that you will get to experience any of the action on the slopes! Many people get too excited over starting their newly discovered hobby and want to get to the top of the mountain and ride as soon as possible. There is, however, a problem with that. We often forget about precautions and the dangers that the cold winter months have to offer us. Make sure you keep warm with the proper snowboarding attire, such as snowboarding pants, gloves, coats and so on. If you’re a Skiier – make sure you have some warm ski pants (click here for review).

From Giro to Anon, we are prepared to list all the best brands that can protect you during your practice sessions on the slopes. We also answer some commonly asked questions about helmets themselves. The only thing left to do is to examine the possibilities, choose the most suitable helmet, and be ready to go on your snowboard or snow scoot adventure!

10 Best Snowboarding Helmets to Buy in 2020

1. Giro Seam

Giro has been supplying the snowboarding community since years, and is definitely one of the best helmets brand you can rely on to protect you during your rides. Available in almost any color you could desire to fit your other skiing equipment, Giro’s helmet is best for someone who wants a versatile line of choices. The sizes vary as much as the colors and the helmet comes in 4 standard ones. The helmet is fitted with x-static anti-bacterial padding to ensure you won’t get any nasty incidents for as long as you will be using the product.

The helmet will keep you warm but will also allow for a transfer of air with the 12 small vents that it has installed; you won’t be sweating in this helmet and you won’t be freezing your head either! The best combination of the two to allow for a worry-free experience on the slopes. It’s easy to adjust, which is a plus when you quickly need to tweak the size during your training sessions.

The snowboard helmet also fits best with goggles and doesn’t pose any annoying protrusions! It’s also light-weight and boasts a very attractive design.

+ Light-weight
+ Appealing design
+ Comfy and easy to adjust

Why We Liked It – Giro will provide you with a durable helmet that won’t be a nuisance to take around to different slopes on location. It’s light-weight and and has a stylish design that will get anyone interested! The vents will supply you with extra cooling air if you are feeling too stuffy. A fantastic purchase that is well worth your buck!

2. Giro Avance MIPS

Another product falling under Giro’s brand name, we have a bit more expensive alternative to the previously listed helmet. It’s also equipped with anti-bacterial padding that will keep you fresh and your helmet as good as new for a long time after purchasing. The helmet also comes with a travel bag, which is a big plus if you are going to be traveling a lot and need a place to put your new helmet in a safe place. After all, you didn’t just buy it for it to get scratches and bumps that are not on slopes!

If you are looking for professional helmet from one of the best leading brands, this product from Giro will suit you well. It prides itself on being the most advanced helmet built by Giro up to date. The helmet was designed for alpine racing and has carried many contestants to success thanks to the protection it provides during the hazardous sport. It will be sure to keep you covered when you run into other contestants or fall and generate high-impact energy. Whichever it will be, Giro will make sure to keep you safe.

This helmet is also available in a versatile palette of colors and all of the six sizes that are available will be sure to find a fit for everyone’s head!

+ Best for alpine racing
+ Protects from high-impact collisions
+ Anti-bacterial padding

Why We Liked It – Giro’s products are best for any advanced rider or professional; they will protect you from high-impact collisions whether it will be with the ground or with other contestants. You can be sure that your head will be kept warm and safe within this helmet! It’s a best-buy for any professional looking to up their game.

3. Bern Watts EPS Adjustable

Bern’s helmet is another leading product on the market, and has a reputation of 5-star reviews all around. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate rider, this snowboard helmet will keep you protected from any bumps and bruises you could sustain during this dangerous winter sport. Bern has a certain feature that makes this product stand out, and that is the ‘seasonal upgrade’. You can pick a specific color from the list and then customize your helmet according to the weather, which is the perfect addition for someone who snowboards all year round.

The helmet can also be customized with a bike light; if you are snowboarding in less than satisfactory conditions, this could be a life-saver. Made to sustain high-impact collisions with hard ice, roads or pavements, you can be sure this helmet will keep you covered if you ever fall into any trouble. It also has a visor, which is a good addition if you end up on a snowboard when the sun is high. The helmet isn’t heavy and is rather lightly built while still conserving its durability and sturdiness. It’s easily adjustable and won’t leave you fiddling on the side of the slopes when your friends are riding down and having fun!

+ Light-weight
+ Seasonal-upgrades
+ Compatible with bike lights

Why We Liked It – Thanks to the seasonal upgrades, Bern’s product remains to be on the top of the list among its rivals. Whether you will be snowboarding and use the winter upgrade or will be riding your bike in the summer months and need some extra protection, this versatile helmet will provide it all to you throughout all of the seasons!

4. Anon Striker

This long and sleek helmet will keep you protected and safe with its endura-shell construction, which offers extra protection against high-impact collisions with your environment. Its design is made specifically to encourage ventilation when you are speeding down the wintery slopes. You will have no problem maintaining a balanced temperature when you are out practicing with Anon’s helmet. The fleece liner ensures you will be comfy and warm whenever you decide to put on your new purchase onto your head! Keep you feet warm with ski socks – view our guide here.

This helmet is specifically built to endure season after season of collisions and accidents; you can be sure that you will not have to buy a replacement anytime soon.The ventilation system will breathe in fresh air from the front and transfer any remaining moisture from the back outside. Both of these features ensure that whenever you will wear goggles they won’t get clouded with moisture and constrict your vision.

Anon’s helmet will help you keep a balanced climate through all of your training sessions while giving you some of the best protection available on the market today. There’s no problem setting up goggles to fit the helmet and it won’t cause any inconveniences to do so!

+ advanced ventilation system

+ durable construction

+ designed to endure wear&tear through seasons

Why We Liked It – Anon has one of the most durable helmets on the market. The ventilation features will help you be comfy and balanced whenever you decide to go out for a ride with your snowboard. If you are looking for some helmet that can take a beating and will serve you through all of your winter endeavors, Anon’s product is a fantastic choice!

5. Smith Optics Aspect

Available in almost all of the colors you could ask for, you won’t have a problem choosing a suitable option to fit all your winter gear with Smith Optic’s helmet. Another product priding itself with fantastic reviews and happy customers, it’s easy to see why many people choose this product as their best form of protection from the dangers winter sports have to offer.

There are many adjustable venting options with this helmet which ensure you won’t be stuffy and sweaty during your snowboard adventures. It is supplied with a comfortable and padded material on the inside that will keep you cozy even when you are going down more hazardous slopes.The adjustment dial on the back makes sure you will have a tight and snug fit and that your helmet won’t be sliding off anytime soon.

The helmet is also equipped with pockets for in-ear music and a goggle lock that can be easily removed if need be. Smith Optic’s has kept dozens of people from serious injuries and hospital visits; if you are looking for the ultimate protection when you are out and about with your snowboard, Smith Optics is one of the best choices to go for.

+ 14 vents that can be open and closed with a switch

+ light-weight

+ fantastic air-flow

Why We Liked It – SmithOptic’s helmet is equipped with vents that will have you forget you even have the helmet on your head; it’s one of the most comfortable product out there with the best foam. The light-weight design of the helmet makes it easy to take around with all of your luggage as you go and visit the slopes!

6. Anon Blitz

It’s no surprise that another one of Anon’s products makes its way onto our list. Thanks to the endura-shell construction that is Anon’s signature feature, any bumps and scratches caused by collisions will not give you any trouble.

The ventilation is super-easy to control and won’t leave you fussing around with many switches when you get too stuffy withing your helmet. The inside is lined with fleece and also features ear pads to make sure you will keep your ears warm as you are rushing through the harsh cutting winds. It’s also audio-compatible, therefore if you are the kind that likes listening to some tunes as you glide down the icy slopes, Anon’s Blitz Helmet should be the best pick.

It’s a simple fit and the liner and ear pads are removable to encourage regular washing and caring for your gear. The helmet is also available in my bright colors, something uncommon in helmets in general. This will make your life easier if you are going on a snowboarding trip with your friends and everyone else has black helmets! You will be easy to notice and won’t have to spend much time looking for your comrades.

+ comes in bright colors

+ audio-compatible

+ adjustable vents

Why We Liked It – Once again, Anon doesn’t disappoint with the products they place out onto the snowboarding market. This piece of helmet is a tight and snug fit and doesn’t require any fussing around with straps or switches. The ventilation system is easy to manage and will give you fresh air whenever you feel stuffy!

7. Giro Range

Once again Giro makes their way to our list with one of the sleekest helmets yet! Not only that, it offers a mount for an integrated POV camera. If you are looking to record your snowboarding adventures with something that doesn’t occupy your hands and is a steady fit, Giro’s new feature will offer exactly that and more. The lay-out is easy to operate and will allow you to pop your camera on and off whenever you desire.

The ventilation system is as good as with Giro’s other helmets. The helmet isn’t bulky and provides you with a nearly invisible switch that you can use to regulate the flow of fresh air. Many other helmets on the market tend to give you foggy goggles because of the poor ventilation features, this however isn’t a problem with this product. Another new ventilation feature added to this version of Giro’s helmets is the stack ventilation; this helps to keep your goggles fog free. The low-profile design also ensures you will get the best out of the helmet’s protection and the magnetic buckle feature will allow for no fiddling with the straps, you can put on your helmet with one click!

+ magnetic buckle closure

+ stack ventilation

+ POV camera mount

Why We Liked It – Giro only puts high-quality products out onto the market, and they don’t disappoint with the new addition to their already impressive collection of helmet. If you want to have an opportunity to record your snowboard travels with a POV camera, the mount feature will end up being just what you’re looking for!

8. POC Receptor Bug

POC’s first priority is to reduce any consequences you could possibly sustain while you are snowboarding down steep slopes and trails. Their helmets reflect their mantra in the best manner, they are durable and sturdy helmets that look both stylish and fashionable. They are made of strong materials that won’t allow you to sustain any serious injuries when snowboarding. Make sure you add a pair of strong boots for snowboarding as well.

The ear pads and neck roll are detachable which allow you to place your own alternatives if need be to exchange or adjust the two. The helmet is also compatible with a communication neck roll and the Dr. Dre communication neck roll and microphone. While you need to purchase the Dr. Dre upgrade separately it’s the best addition if you are looking to stay in contact with your friends or to listen to some beats when sliding down the beautiful snowy sides.

The ventilation system together with the double-shell anti-penetration design is ideal for those who look like to take part in snowboarding down more aggressive slopes. The helmet will insulate you and provide a good supply of fresh air with the vents to make sure you don’t get any stale and stuffy air when you are trying to enjoy your day outside with your snowboard!

+ compatible with Dr. Dre communication bundle

+ the best quality ventilation system

+ detachable neck roll and ear pads

Why We Liked It – Equipped with the useful feature to attach Dr.Dre’s communication bundle, it’s easy to see why many people would go to purchase this helmet. It’s a fantastic choice if you are looking to snowboard to some music or while staying in contact with your friends; after all, the slopes are vast and easy to get lost around!

9. K2 Diversion

Complete with 5-star reviews from nearly all of the customers, it’s easy to see why K2’s helmet is so sought after. With its diverse style you can be sure that your friends won’t have any trouble finding you on the snowboarding slopes; it’s available in both gray and black colors so that you can choose the option that best suits your snowboarding gear.

Thanks to the Matrix Venting feature you can turn your vents on and off with a flick of a switch; no need to take your helmet off and fiddle around with the settings that are easily accessible either way. The goggle vents will remain open to make sure your goggles won’t succumb to the common fog that is prevalent in cheaper made helmets that don’t let through fresh air.

You can fully customize the helmet according to your phone too. If you are one to communicate with your comrades as you rush down the slopes or are in the mood for some upbeat music during your practice sessions to boost your motivation, K2 has it all. You will never have a boring moment with this helmet!

+ compatible with your mobile device

+ great ventilation system

+ durable and stylish

Why We Liked It – K2’s helmet is ideal if you are looking to have your snowboarding experience enhanced by some music or conversations with friends that are sliding down the slopes right next to you. The quality of the audio is the best and you will wonder why you didn’t settle for a helmet with such a useful feature earlier on!

10. Shred Slam-Cap Warm Slash

Shred’s helmet is equipped with some of the latest shock technology up