Imagine pulling open the blinds in the morning, only to be met by the sight of glistering white snow and beaming sunlight. For many, this is an indication that it is time to take out the skis or board and head out for a day in the slopes.

Skiing and snowboarding are also excellent family vacation activities, and something you can enjoy when being a complete beginner as well as a skilled pro. Before getting out there, however, you have to make sure you have all the right gear, such as suitable snowboarding jackets, ski pants, snowboard helmets and glide wax for snowboards or skis. Wax? This might come as a surprise to some beginners, especially if usually renting since rented equipment tend to come waxed, but it is good to know what it is and what it is used for.

With wax skiing and snowboarding become a lot more enjoyable, as it allows you to glide with less effort down snowy slopes. What the best snowboard wax will do is to lessen the friction, by basically melting the snow as the board goes over it, which creates a thin none-visible water layer between the snow and the board.

This will have you accelerate faster than you would without a good downhill ski wax so that you can enjoy a day out without getting stuck half-way down. Snowboarding is physically challenging as it is, and the last thing you need is a board that won’t cooperate.

If you already know all about ski wax types and are just looking for some advice on what product to get – great! Hopefully you will find some interesting info below. If, on the other hand, you don’t have the slightest idea of what the difference is between spray on ski wax, rub wax, roll on snowboard wax and beaver wax – we will try to make it more comprehensive. Let’s have a look at some of the best wax for snowboard enthusiasts, followed by our ski snowboard wax buying guide.

This is how we evaluate and select products

In this article, we review a number of popular products that we have found through in-depth research and thorough analysis. The products listed here are sold by one or more of our partners, and although these partnerships may influence the range of products in the article, our recommendations depend on an overall assessment of the product.

We evaluate and compare products in the article based on:

  • Any official and impartial product tests
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  • Product specifications, features as well as advantages and disadvantages
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We keep these parameters up against price and quality, and deliver our subjective assessment and recommendations to our readers. Keep in mind that the order of the products does not reflect their quality, since each product is chosen as the best option for certain customers and their specific needs.

View The Best Snowboard Wax Below

1. ZUMWax Rub On Wax for Snowboard

ZUMWax Rub On Wax for Snowboards

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If you are looking for the best all temp snowboard wax, you might want to look in this direction. This all-temp wax is locally made in the United States and sold without middle hands, which guarantees you the lowest possible price. T

he ZUMWax Rub On Ski Wax can be used in combination with the company’s other product Iron On Universal Ski Wax, as a reinforcement, or on its own. This all-temperature wax contains 70 grams of product which will last for many fun days in the slopes, applies in two simple steps and smells freshly of vanilla. TheZUMWax Rub is a rub on wax snowboard enthusiasts will love.

+ Easy application in two steps
+ Good for all temperatures
+ Affordable price
+ Fresh vanilla scent

Why We Liked It – Easy to apply for beginners, with two simple steps where you first apply the all temperature wax on the bottom of the board, and then smooth it out with the cork on the lid. Plus-points for the scent!

2. Don’t Eat Yellow Snow Snowboard/Ski Wax

Don't Eat Yellow Snow Snowboard/Ski Wax

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Getting the best snowboard and ski wax can dramatically improve the traction you experience. You shouldn’t always feel like you’re slipping around without control, nor should it feel like you’re stuck in one place. Fortunately, the Don’t Eat Yellow Snow Snowboard/Ski Wax provides a comfortable, reliable middle ground.

You can choose between Cold, Graphite, and Warm, all of which work in different temperatures under unique snow conditions. Find the set that best fits the area you’re going to snowboard or in for optimal results. These 4-ounce blocks each provide enough wax for up to 10 coats per bar.

+ Comes with three different types
+ Easy to apply and lasts for a long time
+ Lightweight wax blocks can be used up to 10 times

Why We Like It – We like this snowboarding and ski wax because it lets you use exactly the right type of wax to get the job done.

3. Purl Ski/Snowboard Wax All temp

Purl Ski/Snowboard Wax All temp

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Wax your board with this broad range (3-35 degrees F) snowboard wax, and notice instantly how it makes your skiing experience a lot less of a hassle. You can use it in a wide range of temperatures; it is a microcrystalline ski wax that is PFC free, it is made in Colorado by a company owned by skiers and – as an extra plus – the block is big enough to last you through the season even if you are an avid skier. When you purchase this snowboard wax, it comes with an included ultra-fine buffing pad.

+ Works in temperatures of 3-35 degrees F
+ Large bar that lasts a whole season
+ No strong or unpleasant smells
+ Made in Colorado, in the United States

Why We Like It – The best thing about this snowboard wax is that you can use it throughout the winter, even as temperatures shift, and it is large enough to last a full season.

4. Hertel “Super Hot Sauce” Snowboarding Wax

Hertel “Super Hot Sauce” Snowboarding Wax

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Claiming to be the only all temp snowboard wax – this Hot Sauce wax uses a unique encapsulation formula that has patented surfactants to provide snowboarders with more control and a safer experience. Hertel Ski Wax has been around since 1974, which means they have had plenty of time to perfect their Hertel “Super Hot Sauce”. That it has survived for this long on a competitive ski paste wax market also speaks highly of this well-established Hertel ski and snowboard wax. There is an old saying regarding how only the strongest survive – the survival of the fittest – and the principle is no different when it comes to the best wax for snowboards.

+ Has been around for decades
+ Partially patented formula
+ For safety and more control

Why We Liked It – When you own a snowboard all-temp wax is a great way to prepare your board for anything and everything. This Super Hot-Sauce paste wax will have you ready to hit the slopes in no time, regardless of what weather you wake up to.

5. Burton All-Season Fastest Snowboard Wax

Burton All-Season Fastest Snowboard Wax

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This snowboard wax comes in a diamond-shaped bar, and it is applied to your board using an iron set to medium heat. It weighs 40 grams, which makes it large enough to last through most of the skiing season, and it is made in the United States with only approved ingredients.

It is an all-temperature wax bar that can be used effectively in 14-32 degrees F (-10 – 0 degrees C), and the high-speed fluorocarbons will help you go fast and effortlessly down the slopes. What makes this bar worth its price is how easy it is to use how versatile it is in terms of temperature and how long it can be used for before you run out.

+ Easy iron-on application
+ Weighs a total of 40 grams
+ Affordable and long-lasting
+ Made and produced in the United States

Why We Like It – While this bar may look ordinary, it is made with a complex mix of ingredients to aid the snowboarder who wants to go downhill fast.

6. SUMWax High Fluoro Snowboard Racing Wax

SUMWax High Fluoro Snowboard Racing Wax

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Fluoronated wax, or “fluoro” for short, improves the glide as well as the speed when you snowboard in wet or humid conditions. The best ski wax for wet snow is one like the SUMWax High Fluoro wax, since it repels water and stops big lumps of snow from getting stuck to the base.

There is nothing more frustrating than having wet snow form a bumpy layer underneath your board or skis, and it can be near impossible to enjoy the outing when you can’t seem to slide down the slope with the same effortlessness as usual. Different snowboard wax types have different qualities, so if you plan to indulge in winter sports in milder climates where the snow might be wet – this product with its high Fluoro content is a great option, since a higher Fluoro content tends to mean an overall better glide.

+ Improves speed
+ Great for wet snow and humidity
+ Fluorinated wax for better glide

Why We Liked It – Anyone who has ever tried to ski or snowboard in wet snow with the wrong wax knows how frustrating it can be. This fluoro wax is very clear with its intended purpose, which we applaud, and it works great on that overly moist snow that might otherwise prevent you from enjoying your snowboard trip.

7. Swix Bio Degradable Snowboard Wax

Swix Bio Degradable Snowboard Wax

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Here we have a 180-gram power block that is bio degradable and easily ironed on; making it both safe for the environment as well as user friendly. It is a yellow high-quality ski and snowboard wax that is best for use in medium temperatures, with the recommendation being -2°C to +10°C or 28°F to 50°F.

It is important to know what weather conditions you are going to be dealing with before heading out on your board, because you want to make sure the glide wax you use is one that will aid you and make it easier and faster to glide down the slope, and not the other way around. Iron on for best and most long-lasting effect.

+ Perfect for medium temperatures
+ Bio degradable and environment friendly
+ Simple to use for beginners

Why We Liked It – This ski and snowboard wax is cheaper than many similar products from other brands, yet it still performs with the same high standards and results.

8. Demon Hyper X Universal Big Block Wax

Demon Hyper X Universal Big Block Wax

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When opting for a Demon Hyper snowboard wax product, you usually know that you are about to give your board a quality wax.

With this wax and cleaner combo from demon snowboards in your care will silently thank you, as this universal wax provides the ultimate attention and preparation for long-lasting fun in any weather condition. This combo consists of a high-quality ski snowboard wax bar and a citrus base cleaner, so that you can get that board cleaned up nicely before you apply the hyper wax. These demon wax premium products have been manufactured in southern California since 1991, always with the intent to give snowboarders worldwide a more complete boarding experience.

+ Premium demon snowboard wax
+ Made in southern California
+ Citrus base cleaner included
+ Pleasant scent

Why We Liked It – With Demon snowboarding becomes faster, safer and more fun, and this Demon hyper wax combo gives you a chance to properly clean your board before you wax it, and to give it that extra care it needs to carry you down the ski slopes.

9. Swix LF 4X Race Snowboarding Wax

Swix LF 4X Race Snowboarding Wax

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Looking for the best snowboard wax kit for those freezing cold days? This product works best in cold temperatures with low humidity, and it also works well on dry friction conditions and on artificial snow. It generally rates high in ski wax reviews, and though the ski snowboard wax bar is somewhat pricy, this Swix universal wax is worth it to be prepared for those cold days when most people would much rather stay at home in front of a cozy fire. There is no such thing as bad weather for winter sports, they say – it is only a question of whether you are using the right ski and snowboard wax for the outside temperature.

+ For dry conditions with friction
+ Best for cold days and low humidity
+ Irons on easily

Why We Liked It – It is a high-quality product that will prep your board for the coldest of winter days, and it is less messy than a liquid ski wax and is easily ironed onto the base of the board.

10. DaKine Indy Hot Wax for Snowboarding

DaKine Indy Hot Wax for Snowboarding

Check Price on Amazon

This DaKine snowboard wax is a high-performance hot wax product, intended for warmer slope days with an average temperatures above 3°C or 28°F. It is a snowboarding hot wax manufactured in the United States and it has a maximum high fluorine content, to guarantee perfect glide and no snow build-up under the board. Some snowboarders avoid warm temperature and humid weathers for this reason, but it is usually because they haven’t tried a hot wax like this DaKine Indy Hot Wax. While hot waxing is recommended as application method for the Indy Hot Wax, this product can also be used as a snowboard rub on wax!

+ For warm temperature and humid conditions
+ Added synthetic fluoro
+ Two options for application
+ Best applied hot

Why We Liked It – If you are not sure whether you prefer a rub on snowboard wax or a hot wax bar, this DaKine Indy Hot Wax is a great option since it can be used both ways, giving you a chance to test to see what method you like best.

Snowboard Wax Buyers Guide

With so many different products available for snowboarders to choose from, the best thing you can do is to just know what weather conditions you plan to ski or snowboard in and pick a product that is optimal for those conditions. There are a lot of brands that aren’t mentioned on this top 10 list, such as Bluebird wax, Graphite Waxes, One Ball Wax and so on, but there are simply too many out there, and these 10 you’ve just gone through are some of the top products on the current ski wax market. Read on for our full ski snowboard wax buying guide!

The Benefits of Waxing You Snowboard

rub on waxWaxing a snowboard will essentially allow it to glide better and faster and prevent you from getting stuck at the flats or from being left behind as your friends shoot down the slope like blurry darts. The P-Tex material at the snowboard base is what absorbs the ski and snowboard wax, giving the base extra protection from the elements. If the scraping process is executed properly it will the channel snow and water along the board, which is what allows you to go a lot faster than you would with an unwaxed board. It is however important that you use the right type of ski snowboard wax for the weather and snow conditions, or it could end up having the absolute opposite effect.

Think of the ski and snowboard wax as something that doesn’t just allow you to go faster and with less effort, but also something that nourishes and protects your board. A snowboard can last for many years if properly cared for, so use quality wax to extend its lifespan.

Different Types of Snowboard Waxes

There are countless products made to suit specific weather conditions, but there are also different types of snowboard waxes. A hot wax comes in the shape of a hard wax bar and is applied with an iron (always read the instructions on the packaging), and while it can be applied as a rub-on wax – by rubbing it on the base of the board – in emergencies or when you find yourself without the access to an iron, it generally lasts a lot longer if ironed on. This is one of the most common wax types, which probably has to do with durability and the way it can nourish the board, and it is used all over the world by both professionals and hobby snowboarders.

Another type of snowboard and ski wax is the rub-on wax. These kinds of products can be either liquid wax or come in a solid bar and are – as the name indicates – rubbed on to cover your board base. It is a very fast waxing solution that will only take you a couple of minutes, which is great when already out for the day or when needing to give your board waxing a quick touch-up.

swix marathon high fluor glide waxWax production companies constantly work to find new solutions for snowboarders out there, so that everyone can find an option that suits their needs. Because of this one of the newer wax types are spray-on waxes, where you apply a thin and even layer at the snowboard base simply by spraying it on and letting it dry. Just like with rub-on wax, this tends to last for a shorter time than a standard hot wax, but is still a very effective and simple way to keep your snowboard ready for an adventure at all times.

Operating Temperatures

When looking around for a snowboard and ski wax, you will quickly notice that most, if not all, come with indicated operating temperatures. It might seem a bit confusing at first, but it is simply the temperature range that the wax operates best within. Most top products list these degree recommendations both in Celsius and Fahrenheit, but if you would come across a product that doesn’t – make sure you use an online converter so that you don’t get a product that won’t serve your intended snowboarding purpose. Consider what weather conditions you plan to ski or snowboard in and choose a product with a fitting operating temperature.

A hobby snowboarder will usually do fine with a wax that is apt for all temperatures, rather than to have to invest in several different waxes for variating weather conditions. It is very unlikely that you will notice a difference, and it is usually smarter not to experiment when you don’t have the need nor the knowledge. Just make sure it is indeed a wax for all temperatures and climates, since you will definitely notice the difference if trying to use a product for extremely cold and dry weather on a hot and humid day.

How to wax a snowboard at home?

snowboarder in the snowThis is the great thing about snowboard waxes, since everyone can buy a wax product and have the board waxed at home. It is not difficult, is in most cases done within minutes and there is a large variety of products to choose from so that you can pick the one that won’t be a hassle to apply. If you choose a best applied hot wax – just make sure you have an iron at home or that you are willing to purchase one, and if you don’t – choose a product that does not require one (rub-on or spray). Read the instructions on the packaging carefully and get right to it!

When to wax a snowboard?

How often you need to wax your snowboard depends on the type of wax you choose to use. Usually, wax comes with specific instructions regarding how to apply the wax and how often to do it, but in general an iron-on wax will last longer than for example a rub-on wax.

It is also important to take into consideration how much you actually use your board; how often you use it and for how long, as it will also have an impact on the frequency with which you have to wax. Additionally, the weather conditions you ride in and the construction of your snowboard (extruded base or sintered base) are also relevant factors. So, while some recommend you wax it every 3-4 days or so (every 3-4 days of full-day use), it really depends on everything mentioned above.

How to wax a snowboard without an iron?

Not everyone owns an iron, and even those who do might not be comfortable with such an application method, and then it can be good to know how to wax a snowboard with rub on wax, for example. There are two different types of rub-on waxes – liquid and solid. To use a liquid wax you just apply a thin and even layer to the whole base of the board, leave it to dry for a few minutes and then continue to structure or polish it. These types of waxes tend to penetrate the board to some extent, which provides a good protection.

A solid rub-on wax, on the other hand, is gently rubbed on while making sure it covers the entire board base. It is easier and faster to apply than an iron-on wax, but it doesn’t last as long since it will only sit superficially on the base, and you will have to redo it more often than you would with an iron-on product.

demon big block snowboard waxYou can also consider using a spray-on product or use a hot wax bar as a rub-on product by rubbing it on cold rather than using an iron.

It will do the trick, which is great for times when you don’t have time to iron it on or when you’re out and about (nobody brings an iron to the slopes) for a quick touch-up. It won’t last as long as an iron-on wax or as having a the wax ironed on, but it will be a good emergency fix.


Just like it is necessary to fuel up a car before going for a long drive, or to keep the oil at the right level, it is also necessary to wax your snowboard before taking it out in the slopes. You don’t need to wax it every time you use it, but it is good to have a quality wax product at home as well as a basic idea for how to use it. Take care of your board, choose a wax that best suit your needs and that nourishes the base, and see the difference it makes for the entire snowboarding experience.

Expert Tip

Stick to a basic all-weather wax product if you are a hobby snowboarder, so that you won’t have to worry about what wax to use at what time. Unless you are an expert, it is unlikely that you will notice much difference.

Did You Know?

Snowboarding as we know it today was invented in the 1960s. An American called Sherman Poppen strapped two skis or board together one day, and since the way he used his new “invention” was similar to the idea of surfing, his wife pointed out that he was snow surfing, and called the board a Snurfer. Yes, a Snurfer.

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ZUMWax RUB ON WAX Ski/Snowboard - All Temperature Universal - 70 gram...
  • No hassle all-temperature RUB ON Wax with two step application: 1) Rub on...
  • Air temperature Range: 10°C to -30°C or 50°F to -22°F
  • Snow temperature Range: 0°C to -30°C or 32°F to -22°F
Bestseller No. 2
Demon Hyper Ski and Snowboard Wax -Universal Blend for Any Temp Snow-...
  • Demon Hyper Wax -1.06 lb Big Block-Made in USA- NO PFAS
  • Premium proprietary blend guarantees you to be the fastest on the mountain.
  • Optimal use at any snow temperature. Universal temperature blend.
Bestseller No. 3
IGOSKI All Temperature Ski and Snowboard Wax 180g for All Template SKI...
  • IGOSKI high quality universal ski wax for skis or snowboards
  • If you're unsure exactly which wax to use for the day,this is a good wax...
  • Non-Fluoro; Wax iron temp; for all template。

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The best snowboard bag is a must if you love snowboarding and want to buy your own board. Whether it is a short trip of a week’s time or if you have planned to spend the entire season in the mountains you got to have a nice and reliable board bag.

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There are a number of board bags available in the market these days and they come in different shapes and sizes. Therefore, it is important that you consider a few things first before directly buying the case. The first and the most important thing to consider is the size of your board because you do not want to end up buying a case that is pretty oversized as compared to your board. Another thing to consider is the space you require in the case. There are a lot of board bags that you will find with a number of compartments but if your aim is to just keep your board in it there is no use of so many compartments. A small sleeve would be enough for you.

10 Best Snowboard Bags & Cases

1. Burton Space Sack Snowboarding Bag

Only the people who chase mountains and snow know about what it takes to have a quality snowboarding case. To get the most out of every journey Burton has introduced something excellent.

No matter what you want to pack, your clothes or snowboarding equipment space sack snowboarding case by Burton has got you covered. This case has a simplified yet durable design with room for multiple decks and a removable shoulder step for carrying ease.

On the outside, this case features an army pattern that looks super professional. Believe us that when you touch this case you can feel the premium quality that it provides.

Although this case has got enough room for a board and an extra deck, it can also please you along the day trips. Space sack snowboarding case can fit any board in between 129 to 181 cm, which is an ideal definition for people who want to pack their equipment in style and comfort.

Customers love space sack snowboarding case by Burton.

+ Unconditional lifetime warranty.
+ Multiple board capacity.
+ Removable shoulder strap.

Why We Liked ItWe are still working on finding the cons. With a lifetime warranty, durable board protection and exciting jungle colorway appearance, this case is favoured by a lot of boarders, and we don’t blame them!

2. Burton Wheelie Board Case Snowboard Bag

Burton has been packing innovative products for snowboarders in an affordable manner. With years of experience with snowboarding and mountain journeys, this company knows about every bit.

If you hate separate cases for every piece of equipment and want an all-in-one solution then the Wheelie Board Bag case by Burton will attract you the most. This case is no joke as it has separate storage for multiple decks, removable boot, binding case and room for pretty much everything.

Wheelie Board Case Snowboard bag is manufactured by rugged materials that make it the one-stop-shop for holding all your snowboarding equipment. Similarly, you get multiple decks with padded protection that take care of the things that you are concern about.

No one likes to take on a bulky case on their shoulders that is why wheelie board case is equipped with super smooth IXION skate wheels. These lightweight and lightning-fast wheels allow you to carry all your stuff with ease and comfort. Now no more shoulder hanging your bags.

The binding case allows to put in stuff like laundry, lunch and pretty much anything you ever wanted to take with you on a snowboarding track.

Wheelie Board Case Snowboard case by Burton pack some unbeatable functions.

+ Lifetime warranty.
+ Full-zip access to the main compartment.
+ IXION skate wheel system.

Why We Liked ItWith removable binding case, lifetime warranty and external zipper accessory pockets, the Burton case is worth every penny.

3. High Sierra Snowboard Sleeve Bag

Since 1978 high sierra is committed to creating durable yet affordable lifestyle gear for every adventure. No matter where you go high sierra versatile range of bags has got you covered in every aspect.

When it comes to extreme condition high sierra core series is the perfect match to endure every torture. This series was meant to be built for outputting cutting-edge performance no matter what the scenario is.

600-Denier Duralite with a water-resistance coating is the heart of high-quality construction that this case promises to deliver. Similarly, durable fabrics with back-to-basics are excellent for travelers who are looking for some serious snowboarding gear.

Pop open this case up and you’ll be shocked that it can hold a single snowboard up to 165cm. Similarly, boot case can accommodate a single pair of snowboard boots up to size 13 making this case a perfect partner for every snowboarder out there.

Often snowboard bags have low-quality handles that result in breakage. Fear not as snowboard sleeve case by High Sierra features durable webbing grab handles that are built to be rough and tough.

Snowboard Sleeve Bag by High Sierra cross expectations.

+ Durable water-resistant build material.
+ Self-repairing nylon coil zippers.
+ Tough webbing grab handles.

Why We Liked ItYou can expect a lot out of this case! With a water-resistant build material, self-repairing nylon coil zippers and durable handles, this case can be your go to for years to come.

4. Demon Phantom Padded Snowboard Bag

This manufacturer is straight out of rocky mountains in Salt Lake City Utah. In 1999 Demon visioned to create the greatest protective gear and accessory for stunning the snowboarders. Now, the demon is known by every professional snowboarder.

People who are looking for an extra-large case that can fit in almost any snowboarding equipment should look at the Phantom Padded Snowboard case by Demon. From snowboard equipment to your household products, it can handle it all.

Nothing beats good quality build material as roots need to be strong in order to shape up the output well. This case is made with a durable 600 denier fabric with a reinforced base that is marked as great durable material.

It is roomy! We aren’t joking as it can easily fit boards or skis of up to 170cm in length. Now you don’t have to carry that large equipment in your bare hands.

No matter what you throw inside this case, shoes, helmet, gloves, skis, board, it has multiple sections to accommodate all things. One can mark the size of the interior as a monster.

Tough construction and a lot of space make this case an ideal choice for every snowboarder.

+ Made up of durable 600 denier fabric.
+ Full-length two-way zipper.
+ Thick padding to safeguard equipment stored inside.

Why We Liked ItWith heavy-duty wheels, a carry handle, and thick padding – your board will be safe and sound in this case.

5. Dakine Freestyle Snowboard Carrier

Over 35 years of experience in making travel bags, accessories, outerwear, and clothing Dakine has some serious passion towards people who like to travel. Dakine outperformed other manufacturers because they love what they do.

People who are into snowboarding would love the freestyle snowboard carrier by Dakine. It is just not another case but a choice that you would regret losing. Buy this carrier and you are free from the equipment carrying tension.

Most snowboard lacks the quality that causes the board to suffer from scratches and dings. That isn’t the case with this carrier as it is padded to protect your board from any harm while you are riding up the mountain.

Putting accessories in the main compartment isn’t the right way to manage your equipment. The zippered accessory pocket featured in this freestyle snowboard carrier keeps your essential aligned and easy to access when you just need them the most.

This carrier weighs only two pounds which makes it portable and easy to use no matter what the situation is.

Freestyle Snowboard Carrier by Dakine is the choice of professional snowboarders.

+ Padded and tarp lined bottom.
+ Full-length zipper.
+ Zippered accessory pocket.

Why We Liked ItWith padded material, zipper accessory pockets and a removable shoulder strap, this case is one of the top carriers available for snowboarders.

6. Athletico Conquest Padded Snowboard Bag

Snowboarding wouldn’t be as fun if you couldnt take tour board and gear with you to test out new slopes, and this padded snowboard bag makes sure that you are never restricted to only one location! This product offers great protection with 10 mm padding, waterproof material (600D waterproof polyester) and a set of heavy-duty wheels to safely roll your bag and your gear with you.

The Tarpaulin bottom makes sure no moist can penetrate from below when you leave your bag on the ground, adding that final touch to what it is that makes this bag such a reliable accessory when traveling with boards and gear.

+ Waterproof polyester material
+ Thick 10 mm padding
+ Heavy-duty wheels
+ Reinforced Tarpaulin bottom

Why We Liked It – If what you are looking for is a large carry bag that fits your snowboard and your gear, and that you can place on wet surfaces and snow without it penetrating the material – this is the bag for you.

7. Demon United 2020 New Phantom Flight Snowboard Travel Bag

Why waste money on something that doesn’t last, when you can get this durable snowboard travel bag with 1680 Denier fabric that stops holes from forming due to abrasion? It has a shoulder strap, a tow handle and a carry handle, for you to carry it in any way you see fit, to make traveling easier also when you are moving around with more luggage.

This snowboard bag fits two snowboards, plus two sets of boots, bindings, goggles, jackets, pants and anything else you consider essential for snowboarding, and it has a waterproof lining and thick padding to make sure your equipment is safe.

+ Fits all your equipment
+ Thick and soft padding
+ With removable strap
+ All-terrain rubberized wheels

Why We Like It – Not only does it fit all your snowboarding equipment, it also has features like anti-abrasion fabric, multiple carry handles, and waterproof lining.

8. Burton Gig Snowboarding Bag

Burton is a group of passionate people with innovative ideas who wanted to change the snowboarding game to a world-class competition. By exchanging ideas with each other this company has managed to create essentials for risk takers.

People who want to buy an all in one case for every purpose trusts gig snowboarding case by Burton. Take this snowboard case outside the packaging and it is ready to take on every situation you throw at it.

Most people travel with one board but what about the fanatics? Gig snowboarding case has multiple board capacity so you can travel with up to two boards at the same time.

So you want to quickly access your accessories? Tuning pocket gives you quick access o compartments featured in this snowboard case that keep your tools easily accessible.

Well, this case is not equipped with wheels but you can them yourselves. Skate conversion straps allow you to strap your skate at the bottom for instantly turning your case into a wheelie case.

From fully padded multiple board protection to organizer pockets this case has got it all to rock your experience.

+ Lifetime unconditional warranty.
+ External pocket access.
+ Fully padded board protection.

Why We Liked ItWith skate conversion straps, tuning pockets and multiple board capacity this case is worth investing in.

9. Thule RoundTrip Single Snowboard Carrier

Snowboarders who don’t want to harm their gear upon arrival at mountain should look for to RoundTrip Single Snowboard Carrier by Thule. This carrier has got everything that you need to have a comfortable traveling experience.

When it comes to carrying this fully padded and reinforced waterproof case you have two options. Detachable padded carry handle comes handy when you are relying on shoulders while convenient grab handles allow for one hand carrying. Now it depends upon you!

If a snowboarding case isn’t durable and waterproof it isn’t worth considering. This case is constructed with waterproof tarpaulin material and thick padding. 900D polyester is the heart of toughness that makes sure that your gear survives for ages. Similarly, reinforced ends and padded cinch-top sleeves cover your board’s tip and tail ensuring that everything is covered.

RoundTrip Single Snowboard Carrier by Thule was made to resist every hardship possible.

+ Waterproof tarpaulin material.
+ Built for the road.
+ Fits snowboard up to 167 cm in length.

Why We Liked ItWith reinforced tip/tail for extra protection, internal zipped pockets, and waterproof exterior this case is amongst the best snowboard carriers.

10. Athalon Fitted Snowboard Bag

Athalon is known for quality and care products under an affordable price range. Fitted Snowboard case by Athalon makes sure that company’s reputation is underneath a good shelter.

Fitted Snowboard case fits and protects boards of up to 170 cm in length so that you can accommodate your bigger and professional boards.

Built material and quality defines the capabilities of a case. This case is made up of 600 denier polyester with PVC lining to make sure that it can handle every abuse you throw at it. Similarly, it is constructed of heavy gauge water repellent polyester that keeps moisture well out of the bag’s way.

Pop open this case and you’ll find that it is made up of super-strong metal hardware that keeps your equipment more secure. Similarly, ergonomic heavy-duty rubber carries grip handle makes transporting this case really easy.

Fitted Snowboard case by Athalon is a one-stop-shop solution for snowboarders who want something out of this world.

+ Heavy-duty self-repairing nylon coil zippers.
+ Super strong plated metal hardware.
+ Made of 600 denier polyester with PVC lining.

Why We Liked ItWith ergonomic heavy duty, rubber grip handles, super strong plated metal hardware and self-repairing nylon coil zippers, this case is marked amongst the top of the range and perfect to keep your snowboard safe.

Board Carrier Buyers Guide

If you travel a lot and also take your board along with you on most of the trips it is better to go for a wheelie case, it will make life a lot easier for you. It would rather be a nuisance to carry or drag your board all along the airport. A must-have for a nice snowboard case is the durability, since you would not be using the case all the time.

Therefore, it is important that your board case should last for years. Once you decide on all these factors you are all set up to pick the top snowboard case that will cater all your needs and requirements to the fullest.

Keeping the above factors in mind we have come up with some of the top snowboarding bags that are available in the market these days.

Top Pick – Burton Space Sack

Speaking of winters and not mentioning the name of the brand known as Burton would be so unjust. The company that came into existence back in back in 1977 now has a complete range of winter apparels and gear. Whether it is the snowboard itself or the snowboarding bags, all are top notch.

Burton Space Sack Snowboarding Bag

Check Price on Amazon

The Burton Space Sack Snowboarding case is another quality product by Burton. You might not find a lot of compartments with this board case; to be precise it only has one. But it certainly has a lot of capacity and you can easily fill all your stuff in it.

This board case comes in with multiple board capacity and at the same time, it has a removable shoulder strap. So you can put it anywhere in your room removing the shoulder strap and it will not look odd.
This case is actually built to last. You can be sure of the fact that this board bag will serve you in the years to follow without any major wear or tear.

Premium Choice – Burton Wheelie Board Case

As is already mentioned earlier that if you are a person who travels frequently on planes it is rather nice to have a board case with wheels. The Burton Wheelie Board Case Snowboarding bag is actually a revelation for any traveler.

Burton Wheelie Board Case Snowboard Bag

Check Price on Amazon

This board bag obviously have wheels so it makes life a lot easier for the traveler and this is not it, this bag has a lot more to it. The space that you will find with this snowboard bag is quite a lot so you can fit in multiple boards.tea

It comes in with a fully padded board protection so your boards are safe all the time. The construction of this board bag is 100 percent polyester so you can be sure of its durability. All in all, if you are a frequent traveler this board case is just the right option for you that can easily cater all your snowboarding gear.

Great Value – High Sierra Sleeve Bag

If you are not looking to take your board bag on planes and just use it for small trips, you could not come around a better board case than this one.

High Sierra Snowboard Sleeve Bag

Check Price on Amazon

The High Sierra Snowboard Sleeve Bag comes in with two compartments one for the snowboard and the other for the pair of shoes. This bag is made of water-resistant fabric so probably it would last. The zippers of this bag are nylon coil self-repairing zippers, so the zippers also last for long.

If your aim is short ski and you are looking for a not so expensive snowboarding case the High Sierra Snowboard Sleeve bag is just the right one for you.


How to Pack a Snowboard Bag with Gear?

If you are planning a trip to the mountains, then the first thing you need to do is get a big snowboard bag with wheels and plenty of compartments. This ensures that you pack efficiently and you know where everything is, and you do not have to turn it upside down when looking for a specific item.

The bigger the bag is, the better for you, as most airlines these days charge per bag. So you can pack all your essentials in one and avoid paying an extra amount for excess luggage, beating the airlines at their own game!

How to pack a Snowboard Bag with GearRemember, to pack resourcefully, you should make a list of things you will be carrying with you. By doing this you make sure that you do not forget anything and you can tick off the items as you pack. As you are going to be skiing or snowboarding for most of the day, you will be wearing your gear, so you can take fewer clothes with you than you would on any other occasion. Also, ski resorts are pretty laid back, so you can safely assume that you would not be needing your suits or cocktail dresses either.

Place your snowboard in the bag first, without the bindings for a more proper fit. Place the bindings in next, and stuff a few soft items inside, like socks, beanies, and gloves, and tighten the straps on top. Fold your bulky outerwear, which includes your snowboarding jacket and pants, and place it at one end of your board bag. Neatly stack your regular clothes at the other end; the separate areas make it easier to find everything.

The inner wear like vests, underwear etc come in between the two ends, by rolling them up instead of folding. You can save even more space by putting your goggles inside your helmet, which also protect them from any harm. Put socks and gloves and other small items like your avalanche transceiver into your boots. Place each boot in one outer pocket. If your bag has an inner boot bag, you can put them inside that, and you can place the bag underneath your outerwear.

Now zip up your bag, and you’re ready to go!

What Size Snowboard Bag Should I get?

What Size Board BagWhen you have invested your money in a nice snowboard, which usually does not come cheap, you would not want it to become damaged, scratched or even bent before you even hit the snow. So you need to get your hands on a snowboard bag that protects it from harm.

While choosing the size of the bag, you need to keep a few things in mind. First of all the size of the snowboard is going to be the most important factor. You will obviously not get a bag that is smaller than your board. So if your snowboard is around 141 centimeters long, you should get a bag that is at least a few centimeters longer than that, like around 145 centimeters or so.

Also, you need to decide what else you will be packing into your bag. Many people leaving for their snowboarding vacation prefer to pack all their equipment in one bag. This saves them from the hassle of packing and carrying several bags around. Not only that, but it is also an efficient way of saving yourself from having to pay charges for extra luggage, as most airlines these days charge per bag. So if you are planning on doing that, a big-sized bag is what you need.

Many small bags can fit one set of snowboard gear inside them. However, if you want to carry multiple sets, they are not going to fit inside a small bag. The size of the snowboard also depends on the number of clothing items you will be taking. So if you are planning to take a lot of clothes with you, you definitely need to get a bag that is on the bigger side.

Another important aspect that should not be overlooked is the weight of your luggage. Getting a bag that is slightly bigger than what you need is a good option, but only if you can manage to keep the weight under 32kg, as this is what most airlines allow on their flights. Having a huge, over-sized bag that takes up all of your allotted weight is not a decision to make.

So choose wisely, and you’ll be able to save yourself from any trouble during the flight or the trip itself! Keep your board safe, and stay safe while snowboarding (click to read the study).

Where to Buy a Snowboard Bag Online?

Where to buy a Snowboarding BagIn this fast-tracked world, you do not need to venture out of your house in search for a good snowboard bag. In fact, you can just look online and you will find a large variety of bags to choose from. To get the top deals, i.e. top quality snowboard bags, which are cost-efficient, there are a few online websites that you can turn to. These include Walmart, eBay, and Amazon.

Today, Amazon is the most popular online shopping site and is ranked as the largest retailer in the whole world and not just the United States. Based in Seattle, Washington, it has been functional since 1994, providing everyone with top-notch products. Since it delivers worldwide, shopping for a snowboard has never been easier.
Taking all of this into consideration, you can head over to Amazon, where you will find a huge range of snowboard bags to select from.

You will find them in all shapes and sizes, on wheels or as backpacks, and you can get one most suitable for your needs. Moreover, you do not necessarily need to spend large amounts to get a good bag. You will also be able to avail its many customer-benefiting features, like fast delivery, multiple easy payment methods, quick check out, and discounts on their products.

Order a good snowboard bag at a good price from Amazon, and get it delivered directly to your place without having to worry about anything. Trust us, you will be happy with what you receive!

Amazon Recommends:

Bestseller No. 1
MERALIAN Snowboard Bag for Air Travel,Padded Snowboard Bag Fit...
  • Fully Padded to Protect Your Snowboard Equipent:Every side of this...
  • Fits most standard size Snowboard:We offer 2 sizes to fit all boards. the...
  • Roomy enough to store all your ski gear:Outside pocket can store small...
Bestseller No. 2
Dakine Tour Snowboard Bag - Black, 165 CM
  • DURABLE 600D POLYESTER - The Dakine Tour Snowboard Bag is built to...
  • FULLY PADDED - When it comes to protecting your snowboard, the Tour...
  • SIZING - Dakine understands that snowboarders come in different shapes and...
Bestseller No. 3
AUMTISC Snowboard Bag Padded for Travel Bag with Storage Compartments...
  • PADDED SNOWBOARD BAGS: The padding is more than adequate (3/4 thick all...
  • LARGE STORAGE SPACE: 155cm (61") in length. Snow board bags are roomy...
  • DURABLE SKI BAG: Made of rugged 600D water-resistant polyester for...

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The slopes are steep, the snow and ice are slippery and it’s easy to place a wrong step and get injured. It’s absolutely vital to invest in the best snowboard helmet that can endure many hits, bumps and scratches without transferring them to you. This often overlooked piece of equipment has saved many lives and can even save yours if you allow it to.

Are you a Skiier? Click here for the Best Ski Helmets.

If you don’t have a trusty snowboard helmet with you there is little chance that you will get to experience any of the action on the slopes! Many people get too excited over starting their newly discovered hobby and want to get to the top of the mountain and ride as soon as possible. There is, however, a problem with that. We often forget about precautions and the dangers that the cold winter months have to offer us. Make sure you keep warm with the proper snowboarding attire, such as snowboarding pants, gloves, coats and so on. If you’re a Skiier – make sure you have some warm ski pants (click here for review).

From Giro to Anon, we are prepared to list all the best brands that can protect you during your practice sessions on the slopes. We also answer some commonly asked questions about helmets themselves. The only thing left to do is to examine the possibilities, choose the most suitable helmet, and be ready to go on your snowboard or snow scoot adventure!

9 Best Snowboarding Helmets to Buy in 2022

1. Giro Seam

Giro has been supplying the snowboarding community since years, and is definitely one of the best helmets brand you can rely on to protect you during your rides. Available in almost any color you could desire to fit your other skiing equipment, Giro’s helmet is best for someone who wants a versatile line of choices. The sizes vary as much as the colors and the helmet comes in 4 standard ones. The helmet is fitted with x-static anti-bacterial padding to ensure you won’t get any nasty incidents for as long as you will be using the product.

The helmet will keep you warm but will also allow for a transfer of air with the 12 small vents that it has installed; you won’t be sweating in this helmet and you won’t be freezing your head either! The best combination of the two to allow for a worry-free experience on the slopes. It’s easy to adjust, which is a plus when you quickly need to tweak the size during your training sessions.

The snowboard helmet also fits best with goggles and doesn’t pose any annoying protrusions! It’s also light-weight and boasts a very attractive design.

+ Light-weight
+ Appealing design
+ Comfy and easy to adjust

Why We Liked It – Giro will provide you with a durable helmet that won’t be a nuisance to take around to different slopes on location. It’s light-weight and and has a stylish design that will get anyone interested! The vents will supply you with extra cooling air if you are feeling too stuffy. A fantastic purchase that is well worth your buck!

2. Giro Avance MIPS

Another product falling under Giro’s brand name, we have a bit more expensive alternative to the previously listed helmet. It’s also equipped with anti-bacterial padding that will keep you fresh and your helmet as good as new for a long time after purchasing. The helmet also comes with a travel bag, which is a big plus if you are going to be traveling a lot and need a place to put your new helmet in a safe place. After all, you didn’t just buy it for it to get scratches and bumps that are not on slopes!

If you are looking for professional helmet from one of the best leading brands, this product from Giro will suit you well. It prides itself on being the most advanced helmet built by Giro up to date. The helmet was designed for alpine racing and has carried many contestants to success thanks to the protection it provides during the hazardous sport. It will be sure to keep you covered when you run into other contestants or fall and generate high-impact energy. Whichever it will be, Giro will make sure to keep you safe.

This helmet is also available in a versatile palette of colors and all of the six sizes that are available will be sure to find a fit for everyone’s head!

+ Best for alpine racing
+ Protects from high-impact collisions
+ Anti-bacterial padding

Why We Liked It – Giro’s products are best for any advanced rider or professional; they will protect you from high-impact collisions whether it will be with the ground or with other contestants. You can be sure that your head will be kept warm and safe within this helmet! It’s a best-buy for any professional looking to up their game.

3. Bern Watts EPS Adjustable

Bern’s helmet is another leading product on the market, and has a reputation of 5-star reviews all around. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate rider, this snowboard helmet will keep you protected from any bumps and bruises you could sustain during this dangerous winter sport. Bern has a certain feature that makes this product stand out, and that is the ‘seasonal upgrade’. You can pick a specific color from the list and then customize your helmet according to the weather, which is the perfect addition for someone who snowboards all year round.

The helmet can also be customized with a bike light; if you are snowboarding in less than satisfactory conditions, this could be a life-saver. Made to sustain high-impact collisions with hard ice, roads or pavements, you can be sure this helmet will keep you covered if you ever fall into any trouble. It also has a visor, which is a good addition if you end up on a snowboard when the sun is high. The helmet isn’t heavy and is rather lightly built while still conserving its durability and sturdiness. It’s easily adjustable and won’t leave you fiddling on the side of the slopes when your friends are riding down and having fun!

+ Light-weight
+ Seasonal-upgrades
+ Compatible with bike lights

Why We Liked It – Thanks to the seasonal upgrades, Bern’s product remains to be on the top of the list among its rivals. Whether you will be snowboarding and use the winter upgrade or will be riding your bike in the summer months and need some extra protection, this versatile helmet will provide it all to you throughout all of the seasons!

4. Anon Striker

This long and sleek helmet will keep you protected and safe with its endura-shell construction, which offers extra protection against high-impact collisions with your environment. Its design is made specifically to encourage ventilation when you are speeding down the wintery slopes. You will have no problem maintaining a balanced temperature when you are out practicing with Anon’s helmet. The fleece liner ensures you will be comfy and warm whenever you decide to put on your new purchase onto your head! Keep you feet warm with ski socks – view our guide here.

This helmet is specifically built to endure season after season of collisions and accidents; you can be sure that you will not have to buy a replacement anytime soon.The ventilation system will breathe in fresh air from the front and transfer any remaining moisture from the back outside. Both of these features ensure that whenever you will wear goggles they won’t get clouded with moisture and constrict your vision.

Anon’s helmet will help you keep a balanced climate through all of your training sessions while giving you some of the best protection available on the market today. There’s no problem setting up goggles to fit the helmet and it won’t cause any inconveniences to do so!

+ advanced ventilation system

+ durable construction

+ designed to endure wear&tear through seasons

Why We Liked It – Anon has one of the most durable helmets on the market. The ventilation features will help you be comfy and balanced whenever you decide to go out for a ride with your snowboard. If you are looking for some helmet that can take a beating and will serve you through all of your winter endeavors, Anon’s product is a fantastic choice!

5. Smith Optics Aspect

Available in almost all of the colors you could ask for, you won’t have a problem choosing a suitable option to fit all your winter gear with Smith Optic’s helmet. Another product priding itself with fantastic reviews and happy customers, it’s easy to see why many people choose this product as their best form of protection from the dangers winter sports have to offer.

There are many adjustable venting options with this helmet which ensure you won’t be stuffy and sweaty during your snowboard adventures. It is supplied with a comfortable and padded material on the inside that will keep you cozy even when you are going down more hazardous slopes.The adjustment dial on the back makes sure you will have a tight and snug fit and that your helmet won’t be sliding off anytime soon.

The helmet is also equipped with pockets for in-ear music and a goggle lock that can be easily removed if need be. Smith Optic’s has kept dozens of people from serious injuries and hospital visits; if you are looking for the ultimate protection when you are out and about with your snowboard, Smith Optics is one of the best choices to go for.

+ 14 vents that can be open and closed with a switch

+ light-weight

+ fantastic air-flow

Why We Liked It – SmithOptic’s helmet is equipped with vents that will have you forget you even have the helmet on your head; it’s one of the most comfortable product out there with the best foam. The light-weight design of the helmet makes it easy to take around with all of your luggage as you go and visit the slopes!

6. Anon Blitz

It’s no surprise that another one of Anon’s products makes its way onto our list. Thanks to the endura-shell construction that is Anon’s signature feature, any bumps and scratches caused by collisions will not give you any trouble.

The ventilation is super-easy to control and won’t leave you fussing around with many switches when you get too stuffy withing your helmet. The inside is lined with fleece and also features ear pads to make sure you will keep your ears warm as you are rushing through the harsh cutting winds. It’s also audio-compatible, therefore if you are the kind that likes listening to some tunes as you glide down the icy slopes, Anon’s Blitz Helmet should be the best pick.

It’s a simple fit and the liner and ear pads are removable to encourage regular washing and caring for your gear. The helmet is also available in my bright colors, something uncommon in helmets in general. This will make your life easier if you are going on a snowboarding trip with your friends and everyone else has black helmets! You will be easy to notice and won’t have to spend much time looking for your comrades.

+ comes in bright colors

+ audio-compatible

+ adjustable vents

Why We Liked It – Once again, Anon doesn’t disappoint with the products they place out onto the snowboarding market. This piece of helmet is a tight and snug fit and doesn’t require any fussing around with straps or switches. The ventilation system is easy to manage and will give you fresh air whenever you feel stuffy!

7. Giro Range

Once again Giro makes their way to our list with one of the sleekest helmets yet! Not only that, it offers a mount for an integrated POV camera. If you are looking to record your snowboarding adventures with something that doesn’t occupy your hands and is a steady fit, Giro’s new feature will offer exactly that and more. The lay-out is easy to operate and will allow you to pop your camera on and off whenever you desire.

The ventilation system is as good as with Giro’s other helmets. The helmet isn’t bulky and provides you with a nearly invisible switch that you can use to regulate the flow of fresh air. Many other helmets on the market tend to give you foggy goggles because of the poor ventilation features, this however isn’t a problem with this product. Another new ventilation feature added to this version of Giro’s helmets is the stack ventilation; this helps to keep your goggles fog free. The low-profile design also ensures you will get the best out of the helmet’s protection and the magnetic buckle feature will allow for no fiddling with the straps, you can put on your helmet with one click!

+ magnetic buckle closure

+ stack ventilation

+ POV camera mount

Why We Liked It – Giro only puts high-quality products out onto the market, and they don’t disappoint with the new addition to their already impressive collection of helmet. If you want to have an opportunity to record your snowboard travels with a POV camera, the mount feature will end up being just what you’re looking for!

8. POC Receptor Bug

POC’s first priority is to reduce any consequences you could possibly sustain while you are snowboarding down steep slopes and trails. Their helmets reflect their mantra in the best manner, they are durable and sturdy helmets that look both stylish and fashionable. They are made of strong materials that won’t allow you to sustain any serious injuries when snowboarding. Make sure you add a pair of strong boots for snowboarding as well.

The ear pads and neck roll are detachable which allow you to place your own alternatives if need be to exchange or adjust the two. The helmet is also compatible with a communication neck roll and the Dr. Dre communication neck roll and microphone. While you need to purchase the Dr. Dre upgrade separately it’s the best addition if you are looking to stay in contact with your friends or to listen to some beats when sliding down the beautiful snowy sides.

The ventilation system together with the double-shell anti-penetration design is ideal for those who look like to take part in snowboarding down more aggressive slopes. The helmet will insulate you and provide a good supply of fresh air with the vents to make sure you don’t get any stale and stuffy air when you are trying to enjoy your day outside with your snowboard!

+ compatible with Dr. Dre communication bundle

+ the best quality ventilation system

+ detachable neck roll and ear pads

Why We Liked It – Equipped with the useful feature to attach Dr.Dre’s communication bundle, it’s easy to see why many people would go to purchase this helmet. It’s a fantastic choice if you are looking to snowboard to some music or while staying in contact with your friends; after all, the slopes are vast and easy to get lost around!

9. K2 Diversion

Complete with 5-star reviews from nearly all of the customers, it’s easy to see why K2’s helmet is so sought after. With its diverse style you can be sure that your friends won’t have any trouble finding you on the snowboarding slopes; it’s available in both gray and black colors so that you can choose the option that best suits your snowboarding gear.

Thanks to the Matrix Venting feature you can turn your vents on and off with a flick of a switch; no need to take your helmet off and fiddle around with the settings that are easily accessible either way. The goggle vents will remain open to make sure your goggles won’t succumb to the common fog that is prevalent in cheaper made helmets that don’t let through fresh air.

You can fully customize the helmet according to your phone too. If you are one to communicate with your comrades as you rush down the slopes or are in the mood for some upbeat music during your practice sessions to boost your motivation, K2 has it all. You will never have a boring moment with this helmet!

+ compatible with your mobile device

+ great ventilation system

+ durable and stylish

Why We Liked It – K2’s helmet is ideal if you are looking to have your snowboarding experience enhanced by some music or conversations with friends that are sliding down the slopes right next to you. The quality of the audio is the best and you will wonder why you didn’t settle for a helmet with such a useful feature earlier on!

Buyers Guide

How Do I Clean My Snowboard Helmet?

How to clean a Snowboard HelmetMost of us buy our new snowboarding helmet and don’t think twice when we put it on our heads and go out onto the slopes. We wear it day in and day out and usually don’t think about the fact that it needs as much care as the snowboard when it comes to cleaning; even more so, since it’s supposed to protect your head from any sustained injuries. If you don’t put much care into washing and cleaning the helmet or don’t pay attention to what kinds of chemicals you expose it to, it could lead to weaken the helmet and fail in securing your head from dangerous and even life-threatening concussions upon impact.

The best you can do for your helmet is to grab a cloth or towel soaked in warm or lukewarm water (some people add very gentle baby-soap) and start cleansing your helmet spot by spot. Avoid using any liquids that could include petroleum and any solvents, since that can cause the foam lining and the outer shell to weaken. Don’t use any hair dryers or don’t put your helmet in a dryer since all of the heat can weaken the outer shell and put you at risk of injury. When you’re finished washing, put your helmet out into the fresh air, preferably in the sun, and let it dry on its own. This will also ensure that it won’t get a nasty smell!

After you finish riding your snowboard for the day, don’t put your helmet into tightly sealed places like bags, suitcases or car trunks. This will encourage the bacteria to grow since the helmet won’t have air to breathe and will lead to a very unsatisfying smell. After every training session leave your gear outside for a while so it can breathe and dry out. If you are already having trouble with smelly gear, make sure to add some white vinegar to the warm water you are using for washing to get the best effects.

All in all, as long as you air-out your gear after every session and don’t store it in closed up tight spaces or wardrobes when it’s still wet, your snowboard helmet should last you for a long time and give you the best protection!

Are Ski And Snowboard Helmets The Same?

Are Ski and Snowboard Helmets the Same?There is no major or any difference at all between a snowboarding and a ski helmet; it’s mostly the manufacturers choice to put either “snowboarding” or “ski” in the title to appeal to that specific market and get more customers from that party. Most helmets can be used as both, however it didn’t use to be like this.

A few years ago, ski and snowboard helmets were quite different. The helmets you would use for skiing were rather on the heavy side and always had ear-pads. The snowboarding helmets however started to stray from that bulky form and took on a new design. They were lighter in weight to encourage less weight and faster racing down the slopes and they were thinned out at the edge to achieve a boat-like shape to encourage speed.

The heavy ski helmets started to be redundant for both markets and also decided to head in the direction of creating a lighter design. That made them sell extremely well thanks to the large audience that was tired with the bulk and annoying heaviness that would come with the previous models. It’s no wonder that people decided against using the heavy helmets since they significantly altered the gravity of the rider during freestyle competitions and made it much harder to move effectively!

Snowboard helmets were also the first to introduce audio inclusion to encourage communication and listening to music while you are out on your adventures.

While there isn’t much difference now between snowboard and ski helmets since both markets now have sleek and light models in their arsenals, it used to be much different!

How Long do Snowboard Helmets last?

It’s very important to know when you should exchange your snowboard helmet for a new model since as well all know, their effectiveness wears off after time and can expose you to the dangers present in winter sports nowadays. The best solution is to exchange the helmet for a new one if you have been a part of a major collision or high-impact hits from either the pavement or accidental run-ins. When you collide with either the ground or your fellow comrades, it’s the snowboard helmet that will take all of the energy and probably suffer some cracks as a result or will be at the very least weakened.

Since helmets are exposed to all of the elements when you are out and about this usually gives them a lifespan of up to 3-5 years of regular use before you need to replace them. All the collisions, moisture, temperature shifts and general wear and tear that they are exposed to through all of that time will significantly weaken the protective elements of the snowboard helmet. If you have exposed your helmet to any kinds of sun or skin lotions it can also weaken the design due to the chemicals present there.

The EPS foam within the helmet doesn’t fully go back to its original shape after a high-impact collision since it’s specifically made to condense when it is exposed to any kinds of impact.This helps to direct the collision energy to your snowboard helmet and not your skull, and thus the helmet will be a bit weaker if you suffer any future hits. Therefore it’s important to pay attention to and even record any serious hits you may have gotten during your h0lidays or training sessions to see when enough is enough.

The simple answer is: every 3-5 years and every time you suffer any major hit or take part in a nasty collision. Make sure to keep an eye out for when you should replace your helmet next. Sometimes people avoid buying a new snowboard helmet because they can’t see any visible damage, but some dents just aren’t visible and you can’t see what the impact did to the helmet on the inside. The truth is, the shell and the lining can be significantly weakened even if you can’t see it with your bare eye.

How Do You Choose A Snowboard Helmet?

When choosing your first snowboard helmet it’s important to look at the sizes and the features that it has to offer. It’s also good to look at all the color variations and choose one that doesn’t suit any of your friends’ helmets, which in turn will make you much easier to find you on the slopes! Many people that review their new helmets often state that the only regret they have is choosing the same black helmet like everyone else, since you can’t find anyone. You have access to dozens of colors and sizes no matter which brand you will look at, there is usually a lot of alternatives to black, and maybe it’s a good choice to go for those helmets too!

Depending on your budget, you should look out for a snowboard helmet from the better-known brands like Giro, K2 or Anon. If you want something to protect your head from potential long-term injuries it’s better to spend a bit less on your long-desired snowboard and a bit more on the helmet that may save your life. Going for one of the more popular brands in the industry you will be sure that you have a high-quality product on your hands that will protect you if need be. When buying cheaper made snowboard helmets you are always left with the question of “what if?”, and if you are looking to secure your head and be worry-free, that’s a bad question to have.

Make sure to measure your head carefully before you make your purchase, it takes a few measly minutes and will save you a lot of headache; especially if you are ordering a snowboard helmet online. Sometimes people think they can estimate between the “medium” and “large” sizes, but the truth is if you won’t have a good fitting helmet it won’t do much to protect you either. Even though snowboard helmets have buckles and dials to tighten and loosen the fit, it won’t do much good if you chose a helmet that is either too big or small for you because you didn’t want to measure your head! It has to be a snug and comfortable fit that will make you forget you even have it on.

There are helmets that are also specifically made for racing or cruising or just have other useful bits and bobs, such as being able to replace the lining for a bluetooth alternative. When you are choosing your helmet think of what features would be best for it to include: would you like the audio inclusion? Ear-pads? A sleek or round design? How many vents? Buckle or dial for adjusting? Is it compatible with my goggles or do I need to buy different ones? Is it my size and is it a snug fit? Would you like a camera mount to record your travels?

Answering all those questions before making your final purchase will make all the difference in the world! And in the end will leave you satisfied with your product and make you glad that you spent all this time planning for a safe and fun trip with your snowboard – read the study on safety tips here.

Should You Wear A Snowboard Helmet?

Should you wear a snowboard helmetThere has always been the on-going debate of if you should even be wearing some helmets in the first place, and many people agree and disagree on this topic. The truth is, even though you may be wearing a helmet it doesn’t make you immune to the injuries you may sustain if you run into someone (or the ground). It may reduce the severity of the impact thanks to the mechanics the brands incorporated into it, but all in all it just reduces the impact, it doesn’t completely eliminate it. That of course doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear a helmet at all, it just means that you can’t go out with your snowboard and feel like nothing bad can happen to you just because you are wearing helmets.

Many people who don’t wear helmets say that they have better vision when they don’t wear one and don’t feel cramped. It also makes them pay more attention to their environments and not be reckless, since they know they could possibly sustain a serious injury and end up paying more attention to everything that is going on around them. These increased senses however don’t make them immune to simple accidents, someone could still run into them or they could slip because of thin ice and it doesn’t have anything to do with recklessness. Helmets can protect you from these unlucky accidents when you are not in charge of what is happening to or around you!

Even though in the end it’s a personal choice and there is no best answer, there are some other nice aspects to wearing a helmet other than having it protect your head. It can help keep your head a little warmer, help keep your goggles in place and make it easier to talk with your friends and listen to music. Keep your whole body warm with different items such as warming snowboarding gloves, which you can find by clicking here.

The thing about winter sports and sports in general is that you just can’t predict what will come at you and from what side. If you are out enjoying a well-earned holiday and decide to not wear some helmets and get into trouble, you probably won’t get back out onto the slopes. If you are a beginner it’s natural you will fall over more than the average person and a helmet will help ensure you will keep enjoying your holiday even if you get a few bumps and bruises, which is surely a better option than spending the rest of the holiday at a hotel with either a minor or serious head concussion! At the very least a helmet can reduce the impact and make it a bit easier on your head, even if it doesn’t make you completely immune it’s still the best alternative.

Some people who don’t wear helmets also say that they are too expensive, and while some brands offer quite expensive products there are leading brands on the market that make affordable quality helmets too. It has been also said that since 2003 around 50% of fatal head injuries have been prevented just by wearing a helmet. In the end, if you can wear a piece of gear that can save you from the accidents that life may throw your way that don’t depend on you in any way and save your life in the process, why not do it?

Top Choice – Giro Seam

It should be of no surprise that Giro’s snowboard helmet earns its place as our best Choice product! The brand is well-known and places only high-quality product on the shelves.


Giro Seam

Check Price on Amazon

With more than 15 colors available, you can be sure that you will find a color here that will suit you and your equipment. This is one of the features that makes Giro’s products so unique- you can always find a design, size or feature that will suit you no matter which one of their products you will end up purchasing.

It’s a comfortable helmet that does its job when you collide into other riders or fall onto the hard thick ice. Whether you will be cruising down the slopes or doing more harsh turns and racing, Giro will keep you covered thanks to the tough materials that are made to withstand high-impact collisions whether that is with other people or with the ground itself. You can be at peace knowing Giro designed a product to keep you safe and covered from any accidents that may occur (click here to read the study on how they help you).

The Giro helmet made its way to our Best Choice slot because of the anti-bacterial padding that its lined out with. It ensures that you can enjoy your purchase for as long as possible; and along with the ventilation slots, you can be sure the helmet will be serving you the best it can for years to come!

Premium Choice – Giro Avance MIPS

Our Premium Choice has to be Giro’s most advanced helmet up to date; especially since it’s made for professional and the best competitors, you can be sure there are no faults with this product.

Giro Avance MIPS

Check Price on Amazon

Its job is to protect and keep your head secure and it does that better than most brands. Thanks to the feedback it gets from the people and best competitors that use the gear, you can be sure that you will only get the most satisfying product from Giro’s arsenal of helmets.

It’s designed specifically for racing and for withstanding multiple collisions with other contestants. If you are a person that likes to live more on the edge and wants a durable helmet that you won’t have to replace after the first high-impact hit, you will do well to invest in Giro’s Avance Helmet. It’s made for harsh snowboard racing and performs as its best in rough environments, and that’s why it makes its our Premium Choice- it will withstand any impact you give it and save your head from a trip to the hospital!

Great Value – Bern Watts EPS Adjustable

The Best Value slot has to go to Bern’s helmet; it’s best if you are on a tight budget or just spent all your money on the best snowboard, goggles etc.It has seasonal upgrades that allow you to be active throughout the year with your snowboard, bike or other sport equipment. Even though the helmet has a thin shell, it will still give you protection from bumps and high-impact hits, many reviewers state that the helmet saved their lives during unexpected accidents when their heads hit the ice or pavement.

Bern Watts EPS Adjustable

Check Price on Amazon

The headgear also comes in a series of attractive colors that will allow you to choose the best match to suit any equipment you already have. The dial adjustment system will allow you to quickly loosen or tighten the helmet at will and you won’t need to spend any extra time fiddling with it while juggling your snowboard in the other hand. It secures its place in our Great Value slot thanks to the best affordable price and the many features it offers that will give the best protection to your head from any injuries!

Amazon Recommends:

Bestseller No. 1
DBIO Snowboard Helmet, Ski Helmet for Adults-with 9 Vents, ABS Shell...
  • 𝐒𝐮𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐨𝐫 𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 -...
  • 𝐆𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐕𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧...
  • 𝐅𝐥𝐞𝐱𝐢𝐛𝐥𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐝...
Bestseller No. 2
OutdoorMaster Kelvin Ski Helmet - Snowboard Helmet for Men, Women &...
  • COMFORTABLE SAFETY - Ski helmet built for both comfort and safety. Equipped...
  • CHOOSE BETWEEN 13 DIFFERENT COLOR OPTIONS - Sleek design available in 18...
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE - Size adjustment dial for a perfect fit. EASY TO WASH...
Bestseller No. 3
Giro Ledge MIPS Ski Helmet - Snowboard Helmet for Men, Women & Youth -...
  • CONSTRUCTION - MIPS - Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. Hard...
  • FIT SYSTEM - Auto Loc 2 Fit System (removable) is a durable self-adjusting...
  • VENTILATION - Stack Vent in the front of the helmet which aligns with your...

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Welcome to the review of the best snowboard gloves of 2022. When snowboarding, it is important that you are equipped with all the right gear. Snowboarding is an extreme sport and it involves a lot of risks as well, therefore doing it without the proper gear is not so advisable. If you’re looking to keep your feet warm with skiing socks check out our guide here. Gear such as snow helmets for safety are completely essential. If you’re a Skiier, you can check out our review on the top rated ski helmets here.

One of the snowboarding gears are snowboard gloves. It is a common concept of an amateur who has never been snowboarding before, that mittens are not that important. But this is actually not true, you have got to keep your hands warm all the time while snowboarding because if you are not going to do so you will not be able to maintain a grip on the sticks for long. Hence mittens are essential while snowboarding. Keep your legs warm when snowboarding – with some snowboard pants (click for review).

There are quite a few snowboard mittens available in the market these days. These mittens come in different styles and designed for different tastes and weather conditions. In the opinion of some of the top snowboarders out there the bulkier the mittens the warmer they are. If you are a Skiier, both the Gloves and Ski Pants are important. For Skiers, you may wish to go to our review on the top ski gloves and mittens.

The 10 Best Snowboard Gloves for Warm Hands

1. Hestra Heli Snowboard Gloves

When choosing mittens for snowboarding there are some key factors that most of the snowboarders consider. These key factors include keeping the hand warm for a longer period, comfortability and durability. The Hestra Heli Snowboard Gloves is actually a perfect blend of all these factors.

+ When talking about these gloves you can be sure that no wind or water can damage them as these are made of HESTRA Triton three-layer polyamide fabric which is wind and waterproof.

+ These mittens are made to last and can take quite a bit of a hammering since the leather palm is made up of army-standard leather – goat.

+ The comfort that you will experience with these gloves is just best. There is no excess material on the palm and also the design of the mittens is that of a hand’s natural ergonomics.

+ When you have these gloves on you can be sure that no snow can penetrate them and reach your hand as they come with snow lock with Velcro closure.

Why We Liked It – The modern features will make you fall in love with these pair of mittens. Just about everything in these gloves is picture perfect. Whether it be the comfort level that these mittens have on offer or the durability. Some people might find the price to be a bit on the higher side, but once you have you will realize the value they offer, these are worth every penny.

2. Outdoor Research Alti Snowboarding Mittens

When your aim is to snowboard at the highest peaks of around 8,000 meters these babies are just the perfect companion. The Outdoor Research Alti Snowboarding Mittens has everything that you would look for in a pair of the best gloves when snowboarding. It does not matter how brutal the use is these mittens are made to last. These pair of gloves give you a comfy feeling so you can focus on the terrain altogether and do not have to worry about uncomfortable hands.

+ The alti snowboarding mittens are 100 percent nylon and at the same 100 percent polyester insulated keeping your hands dry all the time.

+ These mittens come in with ToughTek LT Tabs making sure that your hand does not slip at all no matter how fierce you snowboard.

+ It is obvious that while snowboarding you may experience some moisture in your hand but not with these babies on because these are Moisture Wicking gloves.

+ These gloves are water and windproof at the same time but the material that is used in the making of these mittens is quite breathable as well.

Why We Liked It – If you have a pair of gloves that actually deliver while you snowboard, the experience of being out there in the wild just multiplies. The Men Alti Mitts does just that, so you completely focus on maximizing your snowboarding skills and techniques without focusing on anything else.

3. The North Face Apex Etip Snowboarding Gloves

It is really important for a pair of gloves to be very comfortable and it should not hinder your hand movement. The pair of mittens should also be a perfect fit for you. When you see all these qualities in a single pair of mittens, just make sure that you buy them. The North Face Apex Etip Gloves intend to do just that and they exceed quite well at what they intend.

It is a common concept that the bulkier the mittens are the warmer they would be. But this pair of gloves actually defies this concept. These are pretty lightweight mittens but extremely warm at the same time.

+ These gloves are made of polyester which is the preferred cloth for any sort of gloves.

+ These mittens are UR® Powered and at the palm, these gloves have a TNFTM Apex ClimateBlock soft shell which makes them touchscreen compatible.

+ The palm of these mittens is a synthetic gripper palm which provides a superior grip as compared to some other gloves.

+ There is also a PU tab at the cuff of these gloves so you put them on and take them off quite easily.

Why We Liked It – When you have a pair of glove that is not only the best with snowboarding but also has some other advantages like you can use your smartphone easily while the gloves are on – why would you not go for them? As the North Face Apex Etip Gloves enables you to multitask with ease and hence become one of the favoured mittens by pros.

4. Hestra Fall Line Leather Snow Sport Gloves

Hesta is the largest exporters of gloves in the world today. The company was found back in 1936 and since then it has been producing some state of the art sports mittens. Nobody could think back then that such a small family business could make it this large as it has today.

The Hestra Fall Line Leather Snow Sport Gloves are one of the best glove pairs that you will find in the market these days. Well, it would be enough to say that these mittens have a brand name of Hestra attached to them to make them prominent from the rest.

+ These gloves are made of Cowhide, which is a quite durable leather that also has best impregnation properties as well.

+ Cowhide is best in resisting the moisture and abrasion so when you have these gloves on your hands feel dry all the time.

+ These mittens are made with the outseams sewing technology which is really comfortable for the fingers and also provides a superior grip.

+ The cuff of these mittens is neoprene and also have a velcro closure, therefore, you can put them on or off with the utmost of ease.

Why We Liked It – When you have a pair of mittens that fits perfectly, is extremely comfortable and keeps your hands warm – what else do you need? All these qualities make the Hestra Fall Line Leather Snow Sport Gloves one of the best in business.

5. Black Diamond Crew Cold Weather Gloves

Whether it is a short session ski/board that you are going on or a complete expedition these gloves will provide you with all the protection and the warmth you need. All the materials used in the making of these gloves are of premium quality, same as you will find in any professional-level mittens. The comfort level provided by these gloves is also at the highest.

The Black Diamond Crew Cold Weather Gloves are not only best when you snowboard but also if you are going on a mountain climbing expedition for days. These mittens can deliver, no matter what the situation is.

+ These gloves are abrasion-resistant gloves and also have a woven nylon shell that can be stretched in 4-ways so that your fingers do not feel stiff.

+ These mittens come in with a fixed lining that is 100 percent waterproof and breathable at the same time.

+ The shell of these gloves is 92 percent nylon and 8 percent Spandex making sure that these gloves can take on quite a bit of a hammering.

+ The palm of these mittens is 100 percent goatskin which is best for gripping.

Why We Liked It – These gloves have the ability to go on and on for days without any wear and tear and without making you uncomfortable at all. Therefore, these gloves are not only effective in small ski sessions but also longer expeditions at the same time. A complete multipurpose pair of gloves that are built to last.

6. Swany X-Change Snowboard Gloves

There is nothing better than a bulky glove while snowboarding. The moment you see a bulky pair of mittens you say to yourself that this is going to provide me the warmth that I was looking for. This is exactly what you can expect from the Swany X-Change Snowboard Gloves.

It is really important for snowboard gloves to fit perfectly and do not hinder the movement of the fingers and this pair of gloves is designed to provide you just that. All in all, with the Swany X-Change Snowboard Gloves you are entitled to a complete package.

+ This pair of gloves is made of 100 percent leather making sure it lasts in the most intense use as well.

+ These mittens come in with a quick release strap so you do not have to fight your way through to take them off.

+ These gloves have a rolled finger construction making sure that your grip on the sticks stays firm while you snowboard.

+ Comes in equipped with utility heat pock with aqua-guard lock down zipper keeping the warmth intact and the wetness away from the hands.

Why We Liked It – These mittens have all the qualities that you want to see in a pair of snowboard gloves, whether it is the durability or the comfort, the warmth or the grip. Therefore, there is no point that you will not like these gloves on your hand while you snowboard.

7. Hestra CZone Mountain 3-Finger Glove

A pair of gloves that has a brand name of Hestra attached with it, that is enough for the credibility of that glove. But since this is a review we have to look into some details. A pretty bulky pair of gloves that ensures the warmth. It is made up of army leather, therefore, the durability is outstanding. It provides the same comfort level as you would find in most of the mittens by Hestra.

+ This pair of gloves is made up of army leather so you can expect it to last for long even when used quite roughly.

+ The upper section of the gloves is made of windproof and waterproof material and at the same time is quite breathable as well, keeping you warm dry and comfy.

+ It comes in with fiberfill an insulating material made out of polyester fiber making sure the warmth stays within the gloves.

Why We Liked It – As far as snowboarding is concerned, you will not be able to find so many qualities under one roof as you would with the Hestra CZone Mountain 3-Finger Glove. Therefore, it can be rated as one of the best snowboard mitts available in the market these days.

8. Rome Snowboards Rk1 Mittens

A relatively well-known brand in the United States is Rome Snowboards that manufactures some top quality snowboard gloves that are preferred by many snowboard professionals out there. This pair of gloves also has all the quality of one of the best pairs of gloves for snowboarding.

+ The construction of these gloves is full tech leather enabling them to take quite a bit of wear and tear and also making them durable.

+ These mittens come in equipped with a Hipora 5000 waterproof insert making sure absolutely no water reaches your hands.

+ There is absolutely no fur used in the construction of these gloves which enhances their grip.

Why We Liked It – A pair of gloves that keeps the warmth within, keeps your hands and fingers dry and provides amazing durability at the same time. It is really ideal for snowboarding. You can expect a lot from the Rome Snowboards Rk1 Mittens and that is what makes them stand apart from the competition.

9. POC Park Snowboard Gloves

A snowboarder would love a pair of gloves that are ideally designed for his lifestyle. The POC Park Snowboard mittens are designed to serve only this purpose. If you talk about multitasking these mittens are not that good but it is not what they are designed for.

+ The construction of these gloves is a mix of goatskin and flexible fabric to withstand the hammering that is there in snowboarding.

+ The flexible fabric also enhances the grip of the snowboarders.

+ These mittens come in with a detachable wrist leash making them quite easy to wear and take off.

Why We Liked It – A pair of gloves only designed to serve one purpose and that is snowboarding, do we have to say more to prove that these are one of the very best in the business.

10. Burton Gondy Gore-Tex Leather Mitts

Nothing can beat the feeling of multitasking. If you feel tired of snowboarding and want to talk to a friend on text messages the Burton Gondy Gore-Tex Leather Mitts is just the perfect pair of mittens for you.

+ These gloves come in with a GORE-TEX membrane which is windproof, waterproof and breathable at the same time.

+ These mittens are also equipped with thermacore insulation making sure that the warmth stays within the glove.

Why We Liked It – The Burton Gondy Gore-Tex Leather Mitts are a really cool pair of gloves that have the ability of multitasking, if you are bored with the snowboarding you can switch to Burton-exclusive screen grab Tech and start using your phone.

Greatest Boarding Mitts Buyers Guide

Quality ski mittens can make your skateboarding or skiing experience far better. Mittens are considered as the most important element of your gear as an uncomfortable pair can ruin the whole tempo.

Stores are jam-packed with a variety of skiing gloves but what if you know non-about the game? Don’t fade away as we are here to feed you with every bit of knowledge related to skiing gloves.
Keep up with us and we’ll make sure that you are fueled up by the right one.

Getting the Right Sized Mittens

As they say that size matters in every aspect of life, it goes for a pair of skiing glove as well. Before looking for discount offers you must make sure that your pick must have a correct fit.

A glove that is too small will be uncomfortable while a glove too large can cause painful pressure points and zero control. You need to examine every bit before paying the price for the choice.

Unlike casual gloves, a skiing glove is tailored differently for every gender to attain the perfect size. Women’s gloves are designed to fit different palm sizes, and men’s are manufactured differently. So you need to be gender specific while investing in any pair of gloves.

Skiers who want that comfy feel often invest in a little big size while others who want a performance boost consider small and tight gloves.

Just choose the correct size according to your hand and be ready to touch down an adventurous skiing journey.

What is the Best Material Type for Snowboard Mitts?

Unlike a casual winter glove, a skiing glove is made up of different material depending on the manufacturer. We’ll list down most common yet best materials that are used to manufacture a skiing glove.


Mittens that are made up of wool excel at providing warmth and kicking out every bit of moisture. These gloves are counted amongst the most durable and long-lasting options.


Synthetic gloves are a blend of nylon, acrylic, and polyester. Skiers who look for utmost thermal control and comfort prefer gloves made up of synthetic material. As synthetic is a blend of different material a manufacturer can take advantage of many factors.

Wool and Synthetic Blend

When wool meets synthetic one can expect a lot. The majority of skiers love this blend as it holds every single factor that boosts up the skiing experience to a whole new level.

So now which material you recommend the most? Choose wisely according to your personal preference to pump up your skiing game.

After going thoroughly through the guide above one can easily pick the best skiing glove.
What about the expert’s say? We’ll list down three picks that top their category.

Top Pick – Hestra Heli’s

This section covers the product that is loved by the masses regardless of any filter.
Heli Ski and Ride Glove with Gauntlet by Hestra is renowned amongst every customer who doesn’t want to compromise the skiing experience. A lot of functions and modern classic design makes this glove the choice of many out there.

Hestra Heli Snowboard Gloves

Check Price on Amazon

Triton three layer polyamide fabric is Hestra’s patent material that features the qualities of windproof, waterproof and breathiness. Now you can rock the mountains without worrying about any problem.

Gripping depends upon the palm material used in any glove. This glove’s palm is made up of army leather-goat that pumps up the gripping game to a whole new level.

Perfect glove fit is the key to best skiing experience. Eagle grip construction with a minimal excess material in the palm and ergonomic fit make sure that everything is fit and tight to every consumer.

One can’t afford to lose heli-ski and ride glove with gauntlet by Hestra. With army leather-goat palm, eagle grip construction and polyester insulation this glove has some serious potential.

Premium Choice – Outdoor Research Alti’s

When it comes to the best glove ever one can rely on your premium choice sector.

Alti snowboarding mittens by outdoor research were made to be tough and handle every abuse. No matter what the conditions are these gloves will make you feel like it is a bright sunny day. They are great for gripping onto the handle on a snow scooter, in particular.

Outdoor Research Alti Snowboarding Mittens

Check Price on Amazon

One can expect a much out of these gloves as they are made for 8,000-meter peaks and arctic expeditions. Wear these gloves to stay warm, protected and focus to make history.

These gloves are constructed with breathable and waterproof GORE-TEX to make sure that you are away from moist. Similarly, no matter which scenario you throw at these gloves they’ll come out durable.

Best insulation is key to dry and warm hands. Water-resistant PrimaLoft Gold insulation makes sure that your hands stay warm and well out of any moisture. Similarly, Moonlite Pile Fleece liner create a comfortable feel while protecting your hands from cold.

With pre-curved box construction, three-panel thumb and glove clips alti snowboarding mittens can take you to a whole new level of skiing.

Great Value – The North Face Apex Etip’s

Product enlisted in our great value category makes sure that every penny spent on it is verified.

Don’t get fooled away by the price tag as Men’s Apex Etip Glove by The North Face has gained some serious audience. No matter what the weather conditions are these gloves have got your back.

The North Face Apex Etip Snowboarding Gloves

Check Price on Amazon

The superior grip is all that one needs to level up the skiing game. Synthetic gripper palm featured in this glove make sure that you are backed up by the tightest grip. Similarly, wind and moisture is blocked by TNFTM Apex climateblock soft shell featured at the back of hands.

Men’s Apex Etip Glove by North Face has got some serious backing for skiers. With TNFTM Apex climateblock soft shell, synthetic gripper palm and soft shell featured in this glove make you the king of the ring.

How to Dry Snowboard Gloves Properly?

• You should dry your gloves immediately as longer you wait the more likely fungus will reside.

• Don’t put your gloves directly in a dryer. Instead, place them in a warm area for hours to avoid material damage.

• After drying you’ll feel that they have shrunk. In order to avoid any issues, you must invest in a waterproof glove.

What are Snowboard Pipe Gloves?

Pipe gloves are meant for summer conditions as they don’t have any insulation. These gloves will not give your hands with a full warmth (click to read the study) i feel unless the conditions are above freezing.

We hope to help you find the warmest mittens & gloves for snowboarding, so that you can keep warm – see the Study by Tiffany Chueng.

Amazon Recommends:

Bestseller No. 1
Carhartt Men's WP Waterproof Insulated Glove, Black, Large
  • Durable, all-purpose polytex shell
  • Digital-grip palm and stick-grip fingers and thumb
  • FastDry technology lining wicks away sweat
Bestseller No. 2
Carhartt Men's W.P. Waterproof Insulated Mittens, Black, Medium
  • Durable, all-purpose polytex shell
  • Digital-grip palm and stick-grip fingers and thumb
  • FastDry technology lining wicks away sweat
Bestseller No. 3
ihuan Winter Cold Weather Gloves Waterproof Windproof Mens Women -...
  • Keep Warm, Windproof, Water-resistance - As the blockbuster product, ihuan...
  • Light, Soft and Not Bulky - A pair of lightweight, windproof,...
  • Non-Slip Palm Design - Covered with anti-skid design of microfiber leather...

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Snowboarding is by far one of the most popular sports nowadays, along with skiing. That, however, means that people need invest in good and safe equipment to take part in the snow sport. You are here to find next pair of the Best Snowboard Boots, right? Make sure you have the right pants for snowboarding too. If you’re looking for Skiing pants – click here.

The winter months provide some of the best attractions for many people; there is snow, skateboarding, snowboarding, ice-skating and all the alike. That’s also why the winter months can be rather dangerous if you don’t plan ahead!

The most fun part of taking part in certain activities is making a list and planning all the equipment and merchandise you need to purchase! Snowboarding, for example, requires a pair of good, comfy and sturdy snowboard boots. You will need to consider the material, brand and design that will fit your personal tastes best and then start the search!

We’ve made a few reviews and answered a few questions to make this journey a little bit less strenuous…

10 Best Snowboard Boots for 2018?

1. DC Men’s Judge Snowboard Boot

Equipped with two boas and known for being stiff and sturdy, you won’t be breaking any ankles anytime soon with this pair of snowboard boots. People have praised the product for being extremely efficient when you want to quickly tighten or loosen your boots up, which proves to be a good feature when you are in the middle of the trail and there are other people coming at you left and right!

These snowboard boots are available in most commonly used sizes and are a very good quality product for the price. They range from 170$-290$ which makes them an affordable but t worth-while investment. Some of these manufacturer’s boots end up lasting a solid few years, so if you need a product for every year’s winter months, DC Men’s snowboard boots will provide you with sufficient protection and warmth whenever you go on the trail

They are also known for being comfy and usually take only one or two days to break into. Thanks to its articulated construction you will have absolutely no problem moving around with these snowboard boots outside of the snowboard too!

+ double BOA set-up

+ includes a ventilation system

+ synthetic and sturdy

Why We Liked It – Not only are they sturdy and durable but are one of the most affordable pairs of snowboard shoes on the market, this makes them an excellent choice thanks to all the features it has. Whether you want to go down a trail or walk back to your hotel with your snowboard in hand, these snowboard boots will keep you warm and steady wherever you take them!

2. Burton Concord Boa Snowboard Boots

Burton’s Concord boots are one of the best on the market, which means that you will need to spend a couple of extra bucks to get them. Although not the cheapest, they definitely make up with the phenomenal quality that Burton instills into each and every one of their products.

These snowboard boots are praised for being very light-weight and less bulky than the usual snowboard boots you would get a local store. This feature makes them very sought-after during winter vacations when you are expected to walk to the slopes and back to the accommodation center. When choosing Burton’s product, you will ensure that you don’t have any additional weight added to your feet and are able to move around smoothly and with ease.

They also are manufactured with three sets of lacing, ensuring that you will get that comfy and snug feel whichever way you adjust them!

+ light-weight design

+ excellent performance on slopes

+ great for intermediate or advanced riders

Why We Liked It – Although these snowboard boots are definitely more on the expensive scale, there is a good reason as to why they are so highly-priced. They perform without any faults and will guarantee you a bulk-free experience, leaving only enjoyment. They will not strain and cramp your feet with every step and will make sure to give you a fantastic ride down the winter slopes!

3. Burton Moto Snowboard Boot

These snowboard boots are another example of Burton’s high-quality craftsmanship; like always, they include features that will make a ride down the slopes feel effortless.

This particular pair is designed to be warmer than other snowboard boots on the market while still maintaining Burton’s signature light-weight quality. Also, it boasts to be the world’s best selling snowboard boot, which is quite a feat and shows why Burton is one of the leading industries on the market.

Not only is the price lower than the previous product we listed, but it also includes features that previous Burton snowboard shoes don’t have. You get a broken-in feel right from the get-go which makes them a perfect choice if you are struggling to choose yourself a new pair of snowboard boots and need a new pair asap. They also have heat-reflective foil which fights against the cold weather surrounding you outside by insulating your heat and bouncing it back at you!

Pros :
+ insulates heat and is one of the warmest pairs of snowboard boots

+ a soft flex that is perfect for beginners

+ premium cushioning in the soles

Why We Liked It – If this pair of boots produced by Burton is the best-selling pair of snowboard boots out there, there is absolutely no reason to not invest in such a comfy product! These will keep you warm and cozy whether you are rushing down the trails or waiting for your turn at the bottom. Whichever it is, you are sure to experience a top-notch performance from this product!

4. Adidas The Samba Snowboarding Boots

Many people don’t know that even though Adidas is one of the most renown brands when looking at casual and sports wear, they also specialize in fantastic snowboard boot varieties! These boots are very adjustable and will be able to satisfy your feet with a few pulls and tugs, ensuring you an enjoyable and care-free ride!

The articulation technology is also very noticeable in the ankle area and allows for quick and easy turns when you are on the slopes, same as the mid-level flex prevalent in these kinds of boots. The flex should ensure that the snowboard shoes fit in with most if not all kinds of snowboards and provide a high-end performance!

Thanks to the free design of the Samba boots, you will not feel like you are imprisoned in a cast. There is room to move and flex your toes within the shoe so you will be able to get the blood circulation running, not like many other products that often stiffen and cramp your limbs.

+ shock-absorption

+ reduced footprint

+ quick and easy to take on and off

Why We Liked It – It’s no wonder that Adidas has its name well-spread around the world. Whatever they make, you can be sure it’s a high-quality product that will perform well. With a reduced foot-print, advanced articulation technology, and cozy design, you will be sure to use these boots up and around the slopes to great success!

5. DC Men’s Scout Snowboarding Boots

Another one of DC’s fantastic choices! If you are on a budget or are looking for an average priced pair of snowboard shoes for your snowboarding endeavors that will give you the best performance regardless, this is the pair!

They are praised for being made of extremely comfy materials that will make your feet feel snug and cozy right from the get-go.If you are looking to move around and between the slopes too without an extra added weight, the DC’s light-weight design will give you just that and more!

Thanks to the BOA technology that is present in most if not all of DC’s products, it makes these boots not only safe but major time-savers. You won’t spend much time fiddling around trying to slip these boots on and off, DC made sure to save you as much time as possible so that you can use it on the slopes instead!

+ light-weight

+ BOA technology- no more fiddling!

+ fantastic insulation, cozy and warm down to -30 degrees

Why We Liked It – Most snowboard boots can be expected to come within the 300$ price range, but DC has made sure to make their products both high-quality and affordable to the general public. That makes them one of the top competitors out there, these boots can be bought under 200$ and guarantee years of enjoyable and insulated use!

6. Flow Hylite Focus Snow Boot

Flow Hylite’s snowboard boots are advertised extensively and perform just as well as it is stated in their description. Although they also lean more onto the expensive side, you can easily find them on sale during the winter months! Surrounded by 5-star reviews, these boots are also one of the top picks when it comes to choosing a suitable partner for your snowboard.

If you like to live on the edge and be a bit more aggressive when you’re speeding down the slopes, this pair is definitely something to consider. Their flex rating is at a lofty 8, which means they are ideal for steep terrain and charging head-on – make sure you get a helmet for protection (click here for our full guide!). The 3-D lasted tongue in this design fits perfectly against your foot and doesn’t add on any extra bulk.

One of the most noteworthy features of this product is in the insole that possesses a memory foam topsheet, thanks to this addition, you can slip your foot in and let the shoe do the rest of the work! It will mold accordingly to your foot and anatomy every time you put them on.

+ 3-D lasted tongue

+ equipped with memory foam

+ a flex-rating of 8

Why We Liked It – If you like to be a bit more feisty with your snowboarding, these snowboard shoes are definitely a great choice. They are made for steep slopes and fast rides and perform best when used for such. Equipped with memory foam and features that make these boots customizable specifically to your foot, you cannot go wrong with Flow Hylite’s product!

7. DC Travis Rice Snowboard Boots

DC boots are once again on our list, and these are definitely for more intermediate riders. Their flex-rating is a 9, which is rather stiff but DC definitely makes up for that with the soft, cushion materials that are present within the boot. They have a great articulated construction which will still allow you to have a good range of movement on or off the snowboard.

Noteworthy additional features are vents that are integrated into the design; these vents allow to direct the moisture outside of the rider’s foot. This new addition eliminates a stuffy and sweaty environment that is often common within other boots that don’t possess these kinds of vents. There is also a heat-foil within the shoe that works both to insulate heat and reflect the cold.

The outsole within the boot also significantly reduces any kind of heel or toe drag, which makes these snowboard shoes perfect for catch-free landing when riding more dangerous terrains, along with their 9 scaled flex-rating.

+ asymmetrical outsole to reduce heel or toe drag

+ flex-rating of 9

+ AeroTech ventilation

Why We Liked It – Thanks to the 9 scale flex-rating you will be able to jump and land on slopes with any problems – view this study. You will not have to worry about breaking any bones or having an uncomfortable ride with these snowboard boots.DC’s boots will mold accordingly to your sole and keep you safe and comfy no matter where you ride!

8. Burton Imperial Snowboard Boot

Burton doesn’t cease to surprise with their quality material and design boots! Once again a more expensive choice, but for good reason, it will be well-worth your money. If you are into more aggressive riding but still want to enjoy slow rides down the smooth slopes in the park, these snowboard shoes are ideal for both. These boots are right in the middle between the Ion and the Concord. The light-weight soles have great grip and reduce the footprint to make them ideal for a comfy snowboard experience.

The heat-reflective foil will make sure you won’t have to take breaks to warm up your feet in between your training sessions. The foil will keep you snug and thanks to Burton’s fantastic craftsmanship you will have a smooth break-in feel right from the get-go. If you are eager to head to the slopes right after the purchase, you won’t have a problem doing so with Burton’s Imperial boots!

+ ideal for slow and fast riders

+ no break-in times

+ high-performance on all terrains

Why We Liked It – It’s not secret anymore that Burton’s products are some of the best on the market. Although pricey, they make sure that you will only have the ultimate experience. These imperial snowboard shoes will be perfect for any terrain and any type of practice, which is a great, versatile pick if you are looking to explore a bit more during your training sessions on the slopes!

9. Thirtytwo STW BOA Snowboarding Boots

If you are on a budget and need some good-looking snowboard boots that will perform well on the slopes, ThirtyTwo’s shoes will be the ideal choice. They are also perfect for beginners who are just getting into the sport, thanks to the soft flex-rating you will be able to get maximum comfort when sliding down the trails and trying to get a hold of this new and exciting sport.

With their stainless steel laces, you can be sure to have these boots remain in their full glory for a long time. Each lace possesses its own eyestay which will provide you with equal lace tension across the full-length of the shoe. This ensures that the shoe will fit perfectly to your feet without any loose spots.

Equipped with evolution foam soles, you get better cushioning for your feet than standard foam can provide. This evolution foam sole reduces the weight of the overall shoe, which in reduces the weight of the boot. That means you won’t have any extra bulkiness from a rubber outsole, and will enjoy smooth-sailing down the slopes!

+ STI Evolution Outsole

+ individual eyestays

+ stainless-steel laces

Why We Liked It – Thirtytwo has supplied the market with snowboard boots that are perfect for any budget. They have a slick design and are ideal for beginners that are just looking to start out. These are very soft and comfy snowboard shoes that will work best when used on smooth slopes. With evolution outsoles and individual eyestays you can adjust these shoes to fit your feet like a T!

10. DC Lynx Snowboard Boots

The last DC product on our list is the Lynx snowboard boots. They are one of DC’s more affordable options and come in two designs, either the very appealing military pattern or a simple black overlay. Equipped with Aerotech’s ventilation system, you can be sure that your feet will be allowed to breathe and won’t be slipping within the shoe. Of course, the boots are also insulated, even though they allow moisture to escape and cause a dry and sturdy environment.

The boots also have an ankle harness and well-articulated construction that will allow for easy movement whether you are just starting your practice session or heading back home. Whichever it is, these snowboard boots will do their job splendidly and will allow you to enjoy your time outside!

Armed with traditional lacing, you cannot go wrong with this classic, there is a reason it worked for all those years! Being in the top 20 on Amazon when looking at snowboard shoes, you will do well to choose DC’s product, and you surely won’t be disappointed.

+ impact S sole

+ provides an ankle harness (click to read the study)

+ flexible and comfortable

Why We Liked It – DC is known for having high-quality products suitable for everybody’s tastes. If you are looking for a traditional, old-school set of snowboarding boots, you will love these. There is no system like the BOA, just traditional laces, impact soles and ankle harnesses. Truly a flexible and comfortable product that will please anyone looking for a good set of boots to take on adventures!

Buyers Guide

How Should Snowboard Boots Fit Correctly?

Man on a SnowboardThe thing about buying snowboard shoes either online or in a tangible shop is that you need to be well-versed and prepared before settling for your final choice. You need to take into consideration that the shoes are designed along the principle of feet reduction, and that you will be wearing big wooly socks while your feet are in the boots too. This makes choosing correct size even more vital, since you will be riding around in these for a long time and you should be as comfortable and as insulated as you can.

When trying the snowboard boots on, it’s best to let them overhang both at the front and at the back, not too much, however. About 1 or 2 centimeters should be enough to not have the shoe slide, either. To ensure you are choosing the correct snowboard shoes, you can also measure your foot by putting it against the underside of the shoe. That allows to measure the leeway between the toes and heel to the edges easily.

Both of those factors usually require you to buy 1 or even 2 sizes above your average sized snowboard shoes that you wear casually every day. They also need to fit into your snowboard, and if you are a beginner it would be best to get a professional in a real-life shop to instruct you and show you the best options. Each brand is different and some use various sizing charts, and while it may be confusing at first, you will surely be able to buy the next pair on your own when you decide what works best for you!

How to Clean Snowboard Boots Effectively?

If you have been interested in snowboarding for any period of time or have been doing it for years, it’s probably well-known that all your equipment and gear needs to be cleaned regularly. Due to the snowboard being dragged through dozens of meters of snow they acquire all the moisture and need to be treated with care after the practice sessions are over – click here for the ideal snowboard carrier for you. If you neglect your snowboard they will get an unpleasant smell as will your snowboard boots, and in the long-run they will get damaged much quicker than they should. Moisture causes bacteria growth!

You can get by with a single damp cloth and some warm water, it’s best to stay simple as to not damage the liners. A sponge should work fine too, any soft material that can absorb the mud and dirt will manage great. Due to some salt or dirt piling up on the soles or crevices you may need a bristle brush or even a toothbrush to get rid of the more persistent stains. After you finished washing your snowboard boots, be sure to let them dry on their own and to not use a hair-dryer. Put them out in the open and let them do their job, no matter how long it takes, this will make sure that they will not acquire any unpleasant smells.

They key is to wash your snowboard boots regularly, and if you do so it will save you a lot of work in the future. You will only need to wipe them a few times instead of trying to scrub off weeks or months of piled up dirt, which will most likely damage both the shoes and the snowboard and leave you with a nasty alternative. Don’t put the shoes on the rack before air-drying them beforehand, since that is a recipe for disaster.

If the moisture is allowed to stay in the boots for longer than a few days the bacteria will multiply in tremendous amounts. The safest bet is to not use any hair-dryers, and do not put the snowboard shoes on or near any sorts of heaters or radiators as it may damage them.

If you want to reduce the smell of the boots you can also make sure to wear breathable socks that will absorb the sweat and not leave the smell to linger around in the shoes as much. Make sure to change the socks every time they start getting damp and that will ensure your snowboard shoes not having to absorb much if any odors. If you are looking to clean the inside of the shoes too, baking soda usually does the trick.

All in all, if you clean your snowboard boots regularly and air-dry them before putting them back on the rack, you shouldn’t have any major problems. A wipe every few days will suffice to keep even the most expensive snowboard boots clean and shiny!

Top Choice – DC Men’s Judge Snowboard Boot

Our Top Choice has to be one of DC’s products, and those are the Judge snowboard boots. They are fantastic for both beginners and intermediate riders and come at a very affordable price for both parties. Equipped with the modern BOA technology you won’t be sitting on the sides of the slopes trying to take these on or off for a long period of time. You can slide them off and slide them on with ease and spend as much time as you can on the slopes and not fuss over equipment!

DC Men's Judge Snowboard Boot

Check Price on Amazon

If you need a stiff and comfy pair of snowboard boots to take to the trails, these are the best pick. You will be safe (view this study on Snow Sport safety), and sturdy withing these DC snowboard shoes and won’t have to worry about getting cold; they are insulated accordingly so that you have maximum comfort and can focus 100% on having fun!

Premium Choice – Burton Concord Boa Snowboard Boots

Our Premium Choice has to include a set of Burton’s snowboard boots, since they are the industry standard with absolutely phenomenal quality.

Burton Concord Boa Snowboard Boots

Check Price on Amazon

They perform at their highest potential and will last for years, accompanying you to many practice sessions and holidays while maintaining their appeal and durability. With them being as light-weight as they are you will encounter no problems putting them in your suitcase or when walking around the ski park.

The BOA technology allows for a quick set-up and will let you adjust the upper lower parts of the boot quickly and effortlessly. They are perfect for intermediate or advanced riders that are looking to step up their game a little bit with a new pair of comfy and light snowboard boots. The ReBounce outsole will both keep you warm and provide sufficient cushioning to provide you with the ultimate comfort. No matter how you look at it, these boots are ideal for moving around and riding down the slopes!

Great Value – Burton Moto Snowboard Boot

While Burton makes snowboard boots for advanced and intermediate riders, they also made sure to not forget about the general public! Burton has prided themselves for a long time by manufacturing the widely-known and best-selling snowboard shoes- the Burton Moto Boots.

Burton Moto Snowboard Boot

Check Price on Amazon

They are easy to use and are ideal for people who want to have their own pair of shoes to take to the holidays and use when riding down the park slopes.The hassle-free lacing will ensure that you spend more time having fun than getting angry over traditional laces!

Having a low flex-rating, these snowboard boots are ideal for gliding down smooth slopes and having a relaxed holiday or training session. Ideal for beginners, Burton made sure to focus on comfort and quality to encourage the budding riders. The heat-reflective foil makes sure to reflect the cold away from the feet and to insulate the heat provided by the rider themselves. One thing is sure- there is a reason these snowboard shoes are the best-selling snowboard boots out there!

Amazon Recommends:

Bestseller No. 1
DC Phase BOA Snowboard Boots Black/White 12 D (M)
  • Get ready to enjoy the snow wearing the DC Phase BOA Snowboard Boots. The...
  • Brand logo at front. heel counter, side counter, and on outsole.
  • EVA outsole.
Bestseller No. 2
System APX Men's Snowboard Boots (Pro Twist 10)
  • Choose Between the Traditional Lace or the Pro Twist lace version of the...
  • Traditional Lacing: Traditional lacing to allow riders to easily keep the...
  • Pro Twist Lacing: The strongest, easiest, and most secure lacing system on...
Bestseller No. 3
Vans Hi-Standard OG Men's Snowboard Boots (10.5, Black/White)
  • Flex Rating: 4-5
  • Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Terrain Guide: All Mountain & Park/Street

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For many, the absolute highlight of the year is when the skiing and snowboarding season starts and they can enjoy that great feeling of swooshing down the mountain. Even gathering their stuff together before heading to the resort is exciting in its own way, those warm ski boots, the awesome snowboard with it’s a protective case, great snowboard pants, the best snowboard bindings… ‘Wait a minute’, you might say. ‘Sure, I do like the trip planning bit before actually snowboarding, but I don’t really find any excitement in the snowboard bindings.’

Even if the bindings aren’t the most exciting thing to shop for, we’re sure you agree that they’re kind of important (almost as much as a proper snowboarding helmet!) Without good bindings you won’t be able to truly enjoy ski and snowboarding, and it will be hard to improve. We figured that it would be good to have a little guide, perhaps, I don’t know, ten different bindings that are great and some information about them and then some answers to questions you might have. If only there was such a guide… Oh well, there is now!

We’ve selected ten great snowboard bindings that you can’t go wrong with (as long as you pick the right snowboard boot sizes). We’ve looked at many different snow sports and mountain bindings and read lots of reviews to make sure that we only include the best ones. In addition to this we have also watched a bunch of video reviews which we will link to so that you can watch them too!

Let’s take a look at the different beginner through to pro snowboard bindings! Have a quick look through them and select a few that you want to know more about and compare them to each other. Make sure that you watch the video reviews too! Make sure you keep your snowboard gliding with one of these top rated snowboard waxes.

View The Best Snowboard Bindings Below

1. Burton Malavita EST Snowboard Binding

Burton Malavita EST Snowboard Binding

Check Price on Amazon

The first snowboard bindings are Burton Malavita snowboard bindings, and they are super comfortable! They are somewhere between medium flexing and stiff flexing on the flex rating, but they will still give you a soft feeling because of the soft material underfoot. They’re made for a long day out and will help you to ride the whole day without getting tired.

Another good thing about the soft material underneath the pro snowboard binding is that it makes the bindings lighter than if you would have the same material throughout the whole thing. This is perfect since you really want your binding to be as light as possible, but it’s a tricky balance because at the same time they need to be stable and dependable. The Burton Malavita bindings definitely have both, which is great!

You will feel your ollies become more effortless and the pro bindings really make your ride as smooth as possible, they enable you to ride just the way you plan to and get the right stiff or soft flex on the binding flex rating chart.

They’re not just a pleasure to use for snow sports, but also look really good, they’re very professional-looking!

Appropriate for:

These Burton Malavita pro bindings are best suited for intermediate to advanced level mountain riders that need to have a binding that can keep up and enable them to do pretty much anything they set their mind to in snow sports.


The Burton Malavita bindings are available in Black, Black Fade, Black/White, Hemp, Turquoise and White.


  • Light.Cushioned underfoot
  • Comfortable
  • Available in many colors
  • Between medium flexing and stiff flexing

Why We Liked It – There are a few things about these bindings that make them stand out from the rest. One thing is how they look, which might not be super important, but it’s always nice to have equipment that looks good. All the colors are really nice, and you can be sure to find one that works with the rest of your snowboard gear. We especially like the turquoise color!

The best thing about these Burton Malavita bindings, however, is something you won’t notice at first glance; how comfortable they are! The cushioning underfoot is a great feature and is not just good for comfort, but it makes them lighter than many other bindings as well. As an alternative, try the burton stiletto, burton lexa or burton missions.

All in all really good bindings that you just can’t go wrong with!

2. Burton Cartel Snowboard Bindings

Next up on our list is a very similar pair of bindings from the same brand. They are also good snowboard bindings, but slightly cheaper. You might wonder why though, when then look almost exactly the same.

Well, there are a few things that are different, for example what’s going on under your foot. While the Malavita’s have soft cushioning, Burtons cartel EST snowboard bindings have a gel that not only is really comfortable, but also dampens impact, which is good for your knees and joints and, of course, your feet. This does make them a little bit heavier than the others, but which is best is up to you, it’s just a matter of taste really.

Both Burton cartel EST snowboard bindings have a really good hammock ankle strap that makes them easy to get in and out of and makes your feet stay put. The highback really offers a lot of flexibility and can be adjusted to  boot fit perfectly. These bindings will put your foot in the ultimate position and angle for a smooth ride!

Appropriate for:

Burtons Cartel EST snowboard bindings are also best for intermediate or advanced mountain riders, because they are so responsive. A beginner might struggle a bit with them, and would be better off with something less responsive.


There are quite a few different colors available… Choose snowboard binding colors from Dusty Gold, Tommy Bananas (yes, they have bananas on them!), Blue Boy, Black Matte and Primed, which is a light grey color. We are clueless as to why anyone would ever buy black or grey bindings when there are bindings with bananas available, but it seems like people actually do. It’s of course their personal choice, but come on, bananas are awesome!


  • Super comfortable
  • Nice colors, including Tommy Bananas!
  • Excellent hammockstrap that makes it easy to get in and out
  • Gel underfoot

Why We Liked It – There are a couple of possible reasons why you would buy burtons cartel snowboard bindings instead of number one on our list. Firstly they are a little bit cheaper. Secondly, this pair of bindings might come in a color you like better, such as Dusty Gold or Tommy Bananas. It might even be that you think they are more comfortable! Whatever reason you buy them for we’re pretty sure you will be happy with them, they’re really good, so anything that is better will only be slightly better and you will probably not feel a huge difference.

3. System MTN Rear Entry Flow Style Bindings

It’s time to move on from Burton snowboard bindings and take a look at something else. What’s that? You want to see a budget option? You’ve got it!

These flow snowboard bindings from System are rear entry bindings, which means that instead of putting them on by sticking your foot in from the top, like putting on a shoe, they open up in the back so that you can just stick your foot in there! It’s really easy to get in and out of these. There is plenty of space for your foot when you get into them, so that you don’t get stuck. It’s a very smooth and quick process that is easy to do when standing, so you never have to sit down to put them on.

These System MTN Rear Entry Flow Style bindings cost about a third of what the others we’ve looked at does, but they’re still a really good option, especially if you want rear entry bindings. They’re comfortable with full EVA padding on the highback and the footbed has high density dampening to make them as ergonomic as possible.

Appropriate for:

These Rear Entry Flow Style bindings are great for beginners, since they’re so easy to get in and out of. They’re also really cheap, which is a good thing, because as a beginner you often don’t want to spend too much money on every single item you need to start ski and snowboarding. It’s better to start with something cheap and upgrade when you have gotten better and know what you prefer in your equipment. It’s also good to wait with investing in expensive equipment until you know that you will continue ski and snowboarding in your own riding style, and it wasn’t just something you were into one season and never got back to. There is nothing as annoying as expensive stuff you used once gathering dust in the attic!


They are only available in black with some white details, which is quite boring, to be frank. But on the other hand, black and white goes with everything, so you can use these no matter what your other equipment looks like!


  • Rear entry bindings
  • Cheap
  • High density dampening

Why We Liked It – So why would you pick these snowboard bindings over all the others on the market? One good reason is the low price, they are very affordable but still good. The other thing that makes them special is the rear entry, which makes them easy to get in and out of, even when standing up. We’re excited to have found such a good budget option! Try the flow omni, flow alpha or flow nx2 as awesome alternatives.

4. K2 Hurrithane Snowboard Bindings

Next up are the K2 Hurrithane snowboard bindings from K2. They’re lightweight and very flexible, the highback is really soft and you will feel like it’s just you and your board, you won’t have to think about the bindings at all, they give you a very natural feeling. The ankle strap can be re-centered if needed and the toe straps can be worn either in front of your toes or at the top of your foot.

Appropriate for:

So now we know a little bit about the K2 Hurrithane, but what kind of customers should consider buying snowboard bindings from K2? The Hurrithane snowboard bindings are best for experienced snowboarders that know what they are doing. They are very flexible and while that is a good thing for a good rider, it can actually make it more difficult for beginners that don’t have 100% control over their board yet.

They are very durable, so no matter how much you will use them, you can be sure they meet your requirements!


There are a few different colors to choose from. There is Ale, which is a yellowish beer color (sounds weird but it’s cool!). There is also Surf, which is light blue, red and black with yellow details. The colors are very different, which increases the chances of finding one that goes with the rest of your stuff.


  • Good-looking
  • Flexible
  • Light
  • Secure toe straps

Why We Liked It – Who would want to buy these K2 Hurrithane snowboard bindings? If the Hurrithanes could speak and we could ask them what kind of partner they are looking for, they would probably say:

“You’re a good snowboarder that loves to try new things and likes adventure. You’re a go-getter and have no problem making decisions, which affects the way you ride, you like to be in control and don’t have any time for heavy snowboard bindings weighing you down. Appearance is important to you and you would only wear and use equipment that looks nice.” Try the K2 lien FS as an alternative.

Wow, the Hurrithanes seem to ask a lot of you, but you can be sure that they will give you a lot back as well!

5. Flux Bindings DS

What if you feel kind of confused by all the different kinds of snowboard bindings out there? Maybe you just want to find something that is a good all-round product, that most likely will do the job the way you want it to be done without all the extra fuss? Then Flux DS snowboarding bindings are probably perfect for you! They are good for all kinds of snowboarding and can be adjusted to work for anything. It’s also cool that they are tool-less!

Appropriate for:

Flux’s DS bindings are very versatile and can work for any snowboarder, from beginner snowboarders to more advanced mountain riders. They are pretty expensive however, so if you’re just starting out snowboarding you might want to try something cheaper first so that you don’t spend lots of money on equipment you potentially could stop using.


How about a lush Pearl Black or a natural Woody Green? If those colors don’t suit you there is always the red or white alternatives!


  • Good all-round bindings
  • Light
  • No-tool adjustments

Why We Liked It – So, you might be curious, what is it that makes these flux bindings better than all the rest? The simple answer is: nothing. They’re good, there’s no doubt about that, but they don’t offer anything special that no other bindings can’t give you. But sometimes it’s nice to go for a dependable product from a good brand that you know will do what it says on the box!

6. Flow 2020 Alpha White Stormtrooper Snowboard Bindings

Imagine a snowboard binding that looks like the guy who designed the army’s uniforms has designed it. Now mix that up with those ugly sandals your dad always insists on wearing with his socks still on. Can you see it? That’s the Flow Nexus Hybrid snowboard bindings! They’re not pretty, in fact, they’re really ugly, but we forgive them!

They’re pretty cool, because you can choose to either use them as side entry bindings, or you can fold back the reclining highback and stick your foot in that way! These flux bindings also come with a 1-year guarantee, which is nice.

Appropriate for:

These flux bindings work well for any snowboarder, no matter if you’re a beginner or more advanced.


The colors available are Black, Green and Stormtrooper. We never knew Stormtrooper was a color, but we’re sure you can guess what it looks like!


  • Reclining highback
  • Comfortable
  • 1-year guarantee
  • Great beginner binding

Why We Liked It – It only takes a quick look to notice that these snowboard bindings aren’t like all the rest. This type of binding is something unique and it’s cool that you can enter through the side or fold back the reclining highback. They feel really dependable and they probably are, since they come with a 1-year guarantee.

7. K2 Charm Womens Snowboard Bindings

Next up is a snowboard binding specifically designed for women, K2’s Charm. They are very similar to the Hurrithanes we have as number four on our list, so you can pretty much read that review but pretend it’s the Charms instead!

Appropriate for:

All snowboarding women can use these snowboard bindings, regardless of how experienced snowboarders they are.


The Charms come in purple, white and black.


  • Light
  • Flexible
  • Womens snowboarding bindings

Why We Liked It – As they name suggests, these womens snowboarding bindings are really charming! They are comfortable, light and look nice. If your feet are still growing you will be able to extend them so that you don’t have to buy new ones.

8. Flow Nidecker Stormtrooper

Do you like Star Wars? Good, we thought you might. That’s why we’ve included the Nidecker Stormtrooper snowboard bindings from Flow! These are really nice and comfortable type of snowboard bindings that work no matter what type of snowboarding you’re into and that will keep your feet warm.

‘Wait a minute’, you might think. ‘I wear snowboard boots to keep my feet warm, not snowboard bindings!’. If you want to know how your bindings affect the temperature of your feet, stay with us and we’ll explain it in the Buyer’s Guide!

Appropriate for:

These type of snowboard bindings work for any snowboarder, really.


Black and white- you will have the feet of a Stormtrooper!

Why We Liked It – What makes these bindings stand out from the rest is the design. Partly that they look like a Stormtrooper decided to start making snowboard bindings to match the rest of his outfit, and the design of the snowboard binding makes sure you won’t get cold feet… Literally!

9. Salomon Snowboards Rhythm

Salomon Snowboards Rhythm

Check Price on Amazon

Most of the bindings we’ve looked at are best suited for experienced snowboarders, but what about beginner snowboarders? Surely there must be men and womens snowboarding bindings for them as well? Of course! Just look at Solomon’s Rhythm binding! They’re easy to get in and out of, very durable and extremely comfortable with lots of nice padding under your foot that will make every ride as smooth as possible and will save your knees and joints as well as your feet.

Another good thing about the Salomon Snowboards Rhythm snowboard bindings is that there is both a model for men and one for women.

Appropriate for:

These Salomon Snowboards Rhythm allmountain bindings are best suited for beginners and intermediate riders. They are both women and mens snowboard bindings.


The colors depend on if you buy the men’s or women’s model. You can choose between pink, army, black, white, azure and red.

Why We Liked It – These women and mens snowboard bindings are great for beginners and come in really nice colors. The padding under your feet will make the ride extremely comfortable! They are also suitable for both men and womens snowboards.

Related; Salomon Quest Ski Boots.

10. Burton Custom Bindings

Let’s finish off this list with a really good budget option! Burton bindings are a great way to save some money but at the same time getting as good allmountain bindings as possible. They are light-weight and comfortable with good padding, and you can choose to tilt the highback as much or as little as you like.

Appropriate for:

Snowboarders who want to spend as little as possible but still get good all mountain bindings. One example is beginner snowboarders who might not even be sure how long they will continue with their newfound hobby, and just want to find something that works well without costing too much.


The Burton custom bindings come in red, black and light blue.

Why We Liked It – The one thing that makes them stand out from the rest of the bindings is the price and the extremely good value for money. You will get bindings that are high-quality but at the same time not breaking the bank. These burton bindings are fantastic beginner bindings, at a brilliant price. Check out the burton Lexa as another option.

Snowboard Binding Buyers Guide

What to Look for When Buying Snowboard Bindings

Buy Snowboard BindingsBuying snowboard bindings can seem to be difficult, but it’s not that bad with the help of a buyers guide. The first thing you need to know is that just like shoes, there are different bindings for men and women. Just like clothing you can of course choose to ignore this, but men’s feet are most often bigger than womens snowboarding bindings, so it’s mostly just a matter of snowboard and ski boot sizes.

The second thing is that you want bindings that are comfortable, preferably padded, and light. You also need to look carefully so that the binding you buy is compatible with your snowboard.

Another thing you need to decide is if you want bindings you put on by sliding your foot in just like a shoe or if you want rear-entry bindings, which are generally easier to put on while standing.

How to Choose Snowboard Bindings?

Read through all of our reviews and think about what you need from your bindings and what color you would like. Then select three or four different bindings that you want to compare and look up the video reviews. If you’re still not sure what bindings you should go four, make a list of your own pros and cons and see if there is a clear winner.

If you have no idea what bindings you should buy you might find it helpful to go to a shop where the staff are experts at snowboards and get some help from a professional.

How to Fit Snowboard Bindings?

Once you have bought your snowboard bindings you might wonder how to actually attach them to your snowboard, or get your snowboard boot fit correct.

How to Position Snowboard Bindings?

If you watched the video about how to mount your snowboard bindings and you still feel like you need some information about how to position the bindings correctly we would recommend YouTube!


There are many different snowboard bindings to choose from, and at first glance they might seem to be exactly the same, but a quick look at ten of the top snowboard bindings has shown us that it’s always worth doing your research! We’re hoping that you feel better equipped to pick out your new snowboard bindings!

Expert Tip:

What kind of snowboard bindings you have can actually help your feet to stay warm. Look for bindings that distribute the weight evenly over your foot, so that the blood circulation doesn’t get cut off anywhere. This will make it easier to keep your feet warm.

Did You Know?

The more advanced you are, the more softer flexes your snowboard bindings need to have.

Amazon Recommends:

Bestseller No. 2
System MTN Men's 2024 Rear Entry Flow Style Snowboard Bindings (XL)
  • Rear Entry Step In Style Binding
  • The fully compatible multidisc base plate allows the MTN to easily mount on...
  • Full EVA padding on the hi-back and high density dampening on the footbed
Bestseller No. 3
Union Flite Pro Mens Snowboard Bindings, M, Black
  • Lightest and most affordable binding on the market.
  • Packed with high-end features and trickle-down technology from previous...
  • Compatibility: 2x4, 4x4, channel and 3D

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When you are going out snowboarding, your first initial wish is to keep warm, and how else can you keep warm other than with cozy, waterproof, durable and the all-round best snowboard jackets? The answer is, you can’t!

Men and Womens Snowboard jackets have become increasingly more modern and appealing over the years and they no longer have to make you look overweight like they used to. Nowadays, you can find a jacket that will suit you and keep your slim silhouette in tact. The main things to consider in a men or womens snowboard jacket are: what fabric, soft shell, is it waterproof, what is the breathability like, and is it suitable for everyday wear?

Whether you are looking for a heavy-duty winter jacket or a light-weight, slim jacket, there are plenty of offers out on the market that will suit just about anyone’s tastes. To help you decide which jacket is right for you, we compiled a review of 19 products that are, in our opinion, leading industry standards. We also have a small information section where you can learn about the specifics of the product and what you should expect from it! You can also use these jackets when operating a snow scooter.

Before you go further, you may not know how important they are, but make sure you know the correct flex rating for your snowboard bindings – you could be cheating your way out of a successful slide down the slopes!
Need a ‘jacket’ for your snowboard? Shop for the top snowboard bag here.

[table id=31 /]

The Best Snowboarding Jackets in the World Right Now

1. Marmot Shadow

Marmot has had their snowboard jacket out on the market for over three years now, and customers have proven to be as happy with it three years ago as they are now! This product in particular is covered overall with helpful, small storage pockets where you can easily hide away your pass, wallet, change or any other accessories such as snowboarding gloves – see the full review.

The pockets are located in very intuitive areas and are fully function: you won’t be bending left and right trying to put your hotel keys away, that’s for sure! The hood is extremely well made and its durability can withstand a blizzard thanks to how tightly it sits around your face while still keeping its solid shape. Add a face balaclava for extra warmth. The collar here is also very well positioned and stands firm and keeps its form no matter how windy it is; it fully surrounds your neck from all sides even when unzipped.

Many people report that they have tested this jacket in temperatures that go well below -25 degrees and have not felt any noticeable cold in the upper part of their body. The puffy exterior is designed in a way to keep you slim and warm despite the puffy exterior. If you are looking for a stylish coat that will keep your silhouette in tact, Marmot’s snowboard shadow jacket.

+ Repels cold
+ Keeps body temperature
+ Stylish and modern

Why We Liked It – If you like long snowboard rides in the deep, freezing cold this jacket is the perfect companion. Marmot will keep you warm and safe and will keep your temperature regulated in the top temperatures so that you won’t experience any discomfort. Remember to keep your feet warm with a great pair of ski socks! No matter where you will be snowboarding, you can rest assured that Marmot’s jacket will keep you safe – avalanche safety is key.

You might also like; Men’s Ski Jackets.

2. Arc’teryx Rush

If you are tired of looking at all those big snowboard jackets and are wondering if there are any regular, thin jackets on the market, then Arc’Teryx’s jacket will be a good pick for you. Right from the get-go it’s easy to see how slim and non-intrusive the design is and it will accompany any pair of ski pants with grace and purpose. The jacket is dyed in a light, reddish gray color with red zipper accessories. There are five pockets located all around the jacket; there is one zipped hand pocket, two chest pockets and one sleeve pocket where you can store your loose change or snacks.

The hood will give you full protection from any and all kinds of winds, so no matter where you are on the slopes you can be sure that Arc’Teryx will keep you safe and protected. Having a solid hood is vital, since it’s the one element that will be protecting your ears and face from harsh hail, snow or wind. Seasoned snowboarders will definitely know just how important it is to keep your head and face covered during harsh weather! The hood is also designed to rotate with your head, which means you won’t encounter any resistance when you try to look back or to the sides!

+ Hood fits over snowboarding helmet (click for full guide)
+ Breathable material – high breathability ratings!
+ Includes many pockets

Why We Liked It – Finding a good snowboard jacket that will make you look good at the same time may seem like searching for a needle in a haystack, but Arc’teryx knows how important it is to provide customers with options, and the Snow Rush Jacket is the perfect example of a jacket that will help you look thin and attractive on the slopes!

3. Wantdo Waterproof Jacket

Wantdo is another great company that puts customers first, and we can see that thanks to all of the customizable options that they provide upon the purchase of these fleece jackets. When purchasing this jacket, you will get to choose between six colors: black, blue, red, green, khaki and brown.

This is a great variety of choices for anyone that wants to stick out on the slopes and wants to be visible to the rest of their relatives/group/friends when everyone else is in ski clothing in gray or black! The warm fabric is water repellent which will help keep you dry even during the heavy-snowfall days and the inside fleece liner will help keep you cozy and warm no matter how cold it gets. The jacket is also very effective in fighting off heavy rainfall, which is ideal for anyone that is going to snowboard in areas that have unpredictable weather.

Just as it is waterproof, the jacket is windproof and will protect you from all those dangerous winds that can make you feel colder than a bit of snow ever could! To help keep you protected, Wantdo has provided their customers with adjustable cuffs, a stretchable ski gloves with thumbholes, an internal draw cord hem, and an adjustable hood.

+ Water &wind repellent
+ Warm fleece inside liner
+ Includes many pockets

Why We Liked It – It can be hard to find a women or mens snowboarding jacket that has various color options available to choose from, and Wantdo knows that. That’s why the provided their customers with a variety of different colors to choose from no matter what your tastes are. The waterproof and breathability wind repellent shell will keep you safe no matter where you are on the slopes!

4. Columbia Whirlibird

Columbia is known for providing their customers with wonderful, slim, appealing and warm jackets that have more than 10 colors to choose from upon purchase! The 100% polyester material will keep you snug and warm inside your jacket both on and off the slopes. The detachable storm hood is a great addition for those snowboarders that find it to be a nuisance or for those people that like to wash it separately from the jacket itself. The zippered pockets that are located on the sides of the jacket are heavy-duty pockets and are the perfect place to put your phone or keys if needed. They can be very effectively sealed and you can be sure nothing will fall out thanks to the sturdy zippers!

The flap pockets on the chest are also great places to store things like your ski pass or tickets. Columbia knows that having your necessities at hand when you are out on the slopes is necessary, since backpacks usually only weigh you down and can cause accidents if you are snowboarding in a wooded area and get one of the straps hinged on the branches. If you are looking for great price combined with great quality, this is the best jacket to go for.

+ Insulated liner
+ Heavy-duty pockets
+ 10 color variety

Why We Liked It – Columbia has shown us that you can get a very effective snowboard jacket at a good price without sacrificing the quality of the product itself. The insulation here is great and the overall performance and usability of the coat is fantastic. The design isn’t crowded and every feature has its purpose.

5. Arc’Teryx Beta AR GoreTex Shell

It’s easy to see why Arc’Teryx is one of the top brands when it comes to snowboard and mens ski jackets. Arc’Teryx has mastered not only the craftsmanship of their products but the features and customizability of the jackets too. This jacket is available in up to 13 colors and the variety of the colors is wonderful- you will be able to be fully unique and independent on the slopes.

If you are on a holiday with your family this is especially useful, since your spouse, kids, relatives and friends will be able to easily recognize you no matter if you are near the ticket pass kiosk or cross-country skiing down the black trail mountain. If you like to climb mountains, or go on mountain bikes that have cutting cold winds and very heavy amounts of powder snow fall, then Arc’Teryx’s jacket will protect you in all the ways possible to keep you shielded from the elements

This jacket has been popular on the market since the 2000s and is still going strong! It’s surrounded by 5-star review from faithful customers that have been using this jacket for over two decades. This jacket is the full-blown definition of the phrase “tried and tested”.

+ 13 color choices
+ Heavy-duty craftsmanship
+ Tried and tested!

Why We Liked It – Arc’Teryx has supplied the market with a great variety of mens snowboard jackets, and the GoreTex snowboard jacket is exceptionally good in keeping you shielded from the cold when you are snowboarding down the powdery hills and want to rest assured that you are kept warm and cozy. Arc’Teryx has designed a jacket that will keep you shielded from the cold even during -30 temperatures!

6. Salomon Brilliant Snow

Salomon Brilliant Snow

Check Price on Amazon

If you are looking for a jacket that will help you store all of your necessities and accessories, then you don’t have to look any further! Salomon has a goggle mesh pocket where you can store your goggles when you are not using them and there are also two zipper chest pockets where you can put your pass, snacks and any other necessary things. The jacket itself is a very lively turquoise color with border-florescent rims; this is a wonderful design if you are into more fashionable and good-looking jackets that will protect you and make you look good at the same time.

The insulated snowboard jacket also has an advanced mechanism that will help keep your skin and body insulated no matter how cold the outside weather gets. The hood is easily detachable, which is a great feature if you want to dry it, wash it or simply shake it off from all of the excess snow that you gathered during your snowboarding session.

The waterproof jacket is also windproof and can handle even 20-30mph winds. If you are going to be snowboarding in rough terrain, this jacket is the perfect companion thanks to all of its protective capabilities. Despite all of the synthetic insulation base layers, the jacket still manages to be light-weight, which is a great plus for anyone that is traveling a lot or needs to carry as little weight as possible when competing.

+ Fully water & windproof
+ Light-weight design
+ Attractive color scheme
+ Insulated Snowboard Jacket

Why We Liked It – Salomon’s jacket is a wonderful product that will keep you protected wherever you are on the slopes. The detachable hood and windproof qualities make this jacket a perfect companion for the harsh winter days when you need to be kept exceptionally warm. The synthetic insulation base layers will help you stay cozy and snug no matter how long your snowboard sessions are!

7. Descente Fusion Jacket

Descente has been known to have some of the most fashionable jackets on the market- they are the ideal product if you are looking for something that will slim you down and not puff you up. The stylish, simple design embellished with a simple, line pattern has this jacket take on a very distinct, winter sports look that many snowboarders are after. The main coat color comes in multiple variations like red – black, black – titanium and blue. The coat is very heavily insulated and fully waterproof thanks to the snowboard outerwear top protective shell layer that won’t let any moisture leak through to the inside.

Descent’s goal here was to design a jacket that will not feel bulky and will not restrict movement and by looking at all the 5-star reviews, we can safely say they succeeded. The insulation mechanism here is designed to reflect body heat right back at you, this way you don’t have to keep generating new amounts of energy to keep yourself insulated and can use the rest of it for snowboarding! The removable and adjustable hood is a great option for those calm days when you don’t have much wind and don’t want a hood crowded around your neck.

+ Heavy-insulation
+ Removable hood
+ Light-weight, slim design

Why We Liked It – Descente has provided us with a top-quality snowboard jacket that is loved by many all around the world. The design looks great and the insulation mechanism here is one of the best. You will not get cold wearing this jacket, nor will your movements be restrained in any way, shape or form, and that is what snowboarders like most!

8. The North Face ThermoBall Eco Triclimate Jacket

The North Face is undoubtedly the most popular brand that manufactures and sells quality outdoor products, and this jacket is no exception. It’s made of 95% polyester, which makes it perfectly waterproof and windproof. The inside liner is made of 100% nylon and polyester which means that you will be kept insulated and warm no matter where you end up snowboarding, whether it’s black trails or recreational off-piste rides, North Face will shield you from all of the harms that cold weather can drag along with it. The PrimaLoft synthetic insulation will keep you warm even if it’s damp and wet, which means you won’t have to worry about getting cold even when you are sweaty!

Many snowboarders catch a cold between the time they get off the slopes and have to make their way back to their resorts, that is the time when you don’t have to use as much physical power like you do when controlling your board and body starts to cool down, which results in cold sweat unless you are moving at a very fast pace. North Face knows how to keep their customers satisfied, and that’s through keeping the warm, insulated and warm even when they are off the slopes.

+ Elastic powder skirt
+ Insulated
+ Breathable material
+ Ski and snowboarding suitable

Why We Liked It – North Face has been on the market for a very long time, and they keep improving their products based on the customers’ feedback. That is one of the things that set North Face jacket womens apart from the others, all the features here are useful and not bothersome, since you will quickly find that all of them have their purpose! Check out the North Face purist as an alternative.

9. Burton AK 2L Swash

Burton is known for their stylish snowboard jacket mens design and above all, their trademark fleece collar. With over 15 color choices available to choose from, you can rest assured that you most definitely find a jacket that will suit you and the rest of your snowboarding gear, and that’s an important aspect for many people. The chest pocket will provide you with a place to keep your entire belongings safe and secure and it also allows you to access the interior dump pocket. If you are looking for a jacket that has quick accessibility to all of the features located on the front and sides of the jacket, then the Swash Snowboard Coat is the ideal jacket for you.

Not many other jackets have such good efficiency when it comes to the placement of their features. When purchasing this Burton jacket you will also get lifetime warranty, therefore if you run into any trouble on the slopes or if the product you buy ends up being damaged or simply does not live up to your expectations, you can know you’re protected. All of the sleeves and the waist are designed with the seams being sewn in a way to help your joints remain as articulate as possible.

+ Articulate seams
+ Lifetime warranty
+ 15 color choices

Why We Liked It – Burton is one of our favorite choices thanks to all of the options that they provide when it comes to customizing your product, and not only that, but you also get a lifetime warranty when you purchase this jacket. This fantastic addition since any avid snowboarder knows how quickly you can damage your jacket through no fault of your own!

10. Burton Breach

Last but not least we have yet another one of Burton’s products, this time the Breach Snowboarding Jacket. This product in particular is the definition of versatility; there are over 21 colors to choose from when purchasing this jacket! No matter how fussy you think you or your relatives are, there is definitely a color within this batch that will suit you, your family and friends. The jacket is fully waterproof with a 2-layer polyester mechanism that blocks any kinds of moisture from getting through from the outside. The insulation is also fantastic; mainly thanks to the mapped THERMOLITE lining that is designed to keep the heat in and the cold out.

The fully taped seams will help you achieve maximum mobility and won’t restrain any of your movements no matter how aggressive or sudden they are, and that’s why Burton is so confident with their product. The pockets are easily zipper and there is a pocket for both goggles and other necessities, like snacks, passes and the alike. No matter where you like to snowboard, you can be sure that you will look good with Burton’s snowboard jacket, it’s hard to find such a versatile jacket anywhere else on the market!

+ Insulated liner
+ Taped, articulate seams
+ Easy-access pockets

Why We Liked It – Burton’s Breach Snowboarding Jacket is one of our favorite products thanks to the very articulate seams that they sew and the insulated liner that keeps the rider warm even during the coldest of days. No matter how long a time you spend on the slopes, you can be sure you will be kept well shielded from both the snow and wind thanks to this jacket!

Snowboard Jacket Buyers Guide

Buying a snowboard jacket can be as exciting as it can be frustrating, a jacket is probably the most important piece of gear you can buy since it keeps the main portion of your body and limps warm. Without a good jacket, it’s doubtful that you will be able to snowboard for very long since your body can go into shock quickly if it’s not properly insulated in below freezing temperatures.

Even during mildly cold days, when you’re exposed outside without a good layer of insulating men or womens clothing, it can quickly lead to a tragedy. Since we know how important it is to have a good snowboard coat, we decided to give you a quick listing of the specific features you may need to pay attention when buying a new snowboard jacket!

Insulated or Shell Jacket?

There has been an everlasting debate about whether technical shell outwear or insulated outwear is better when snowboarding during the cold seasons, and we are afraid there is no proper answer! Everyone prefers something else and everyone has a favorite, some people even have both styles! There are differences between the two however, and we are here to point them out:

+ Insulated jacket- this type of jacket is layered with various insulation fabrics that are located underneath a protective waterproof material to make sure the layers are protected and effective during every outing. Some types of jackets, like the “down” jacket, have the insulation layers located in the outer shell. This increases the warmth but also makes the jackets rather heavy.

Snowboarding Shell Jacket+ Shell jacket- a shell jacket doesn’t have any insulation at all, which means it’s way lighter than insulated jackets and may actually suit snowboarders more, since they already warm up quickly during their sessions and not having extra bulk may help them perform better.

This jacket is definitely less warm and is better for the spring seasons. You can always put extra layers beneath the jacket if you feel like it, too!

Which Fabric?

From polyester to nylon, there are plenty of fabrics used when making an effective snowboard jacket. Some products have combined the fabrics and have both polyester and nylon etc. Looking at the fabrics the jacket is made of will help you determine which features the jacket has and if they are or will be useful to you.


Waterproof and Breathability

This of course means how waterproof your jacket is and how much water it can repel before it gives wet. Each company does tests with their products to see just how much water the jackets can shield themselves from before the drops start to come through on the other side. Waterproofing is usually measure in millimeters and anything between 5,000 to 30,000mm can be considered a normal waterproofed coat. The higher the millimeters go, the more waterproof and repellent your jacket is. Some products are not given a waterproof rating at all, since they are considered by default to be 100% waterproof.

The breathability of the product means how well you can keep yourself ventilated inside the jacket without getting too sweaty. In short, how much of your inside warmth can escape to the outside. This is measured in GM’s, and just like with the waterproofing, the higher the numbers go the more breathable the product. Anything between 5,000GM to 20,000GM can be considered breathable and reliable out on the slopes. The idea here is to allow some of the sweat moisture out so that you won’t get clammy inside your jacket.


Vents are usually small slits located all around the jacket and they are like zippers, but on the inside they have a thin liner of foil. You can zip and unzip them at will and that’s what makes them so easy to use, you can open them even during mid-slope!

If you don’t want to feel uncomfortable and clammy inside your womens ski jacket or mens ski jacket, you don’t only need a breathable jacket, but also a few vents! Many jackets provide vents around the armpit area to help quickly eliminate the moisture without you having to expose all of your insulated body to the cold elements by completely unzipping. This lets you gradually regulate your temperature levels and decreases the chances of catching a cold since you are not exposing your body to any sudden temperature changes. All of this is important when you are XC skiing, or partaking in other winter sports.

Powder Skirts

Snow jacket powder skirtsThis term can be confusing for many beginner snowboarders since it’s hard to figure out the meaning from the title!

Powder skirts are simple, elastic bands that help close up the gap between your men and womens snowboard pants and jacket.

These bands help eliminate any droughts by keeping all of the snowboard clothing tightly packed together, not letting through any cold air from the outside. The most common powder skirts will allow you to zip or clip them to the top of your snowboard pants so that you can have full-shielded protection.

IPod Pockets

Most snowboarders need some kind of music when they free-ride off piste since it enhances the moment, but it’s hard to drag along phones and IPods in such low temperatures, and the headphones can get very easily tangled when you are trying to navigate through the slopes. That’s why many snowboard jackets now include special IPod pockets where your device can be kept warm and protected. When placing your IPod in such pockets you can be sure it won’t fall out and if the jacket has a headphone loop, you won’t have to worry about getting tangled in the cables!


Every seasoned rider will know how important it is to have pockets located both on the inside and outside of their snowboard jacket. These pockets can provide a safe asylum for things like passes, snacks, tickets, goggles etc. Many jackets nowadays have inside or outside pockets that are made to hold goggles when you don’t need them, which is a great convenience, since you can never expect when the weather will clear up.

Taped Seams

If you are out in extreme cold and wet conditions every day, your gear can get ruined very quickly! That’s why it’s important to decide how often and what conditions you will be exposing your gear to. Waterproof zips and taped seams are the first go-to feature that professional snowboarders look for- this ensures that they are kept warm and safe from the wet snow and rainfalls when they are boarding around the slopes. This keeps their inner layers dry and snug without succumbing the rider to the ruthless elements that are lurking outside the jacket. Professional jackets have fully-taped seams to prevent any sort of moisture pushing its way through, and if you are going to spend a lot of time snowboarding in hard, straining conditions then it’s better to be as prepared as you can!

Are Snowboard Jackets Warm?

Warm snowboarding jacketsThis depends on what kind of jacket you end up getting!

The jackets available can be divided into two categories: shell and insulated outwear.

Both are different and suit the needs of two different types of people.

If you are more of an aggressive snowboarder, it might be better to get a shell jacket since they don’t have any insulation of their own. This will make you rely on your own body temperature and own clothes layers beneath if you still want to keep warm when not snowboarding.

With insulated snowboard jackets, all you have to do is slide them on! The insulation layers will keep you warm and snug when you snowboard during extremely cold temperatures and the vents on the sides will help regulate the amount of fresh air you let in and out. Every snowboarder prefers something different, and it’s the same with snowboard jackets.

If you want to be kept warm by only the jacket itself, then you should get an insulated jacket that can keep you warm thanks to all of the insulation layers that it has on the inside. If you prefer to layer up yourself with your own clothes and then put on a shell jacket that will just give you a waterproof and breathable layer, then a shell jacket is the ideal choice for you!

Are Snowboard Jackets Waterproof?

This also depends on what kind of jacket you end up getting! Most snowboard jackets are waterproof to help prevent the rider having to wear wet layers. Snowfall can be heavy in the mountains and each company knows that if they want their jacket to sell well, then they need to provide their customers with this feature! Although we can say that the vast majority of snowboard jackets are waterproof, we cannot with certainty say that every single one is endowed with this function.

The best things you can do are checking the bullet points and product description of the jacket and see if you can find the waterproof function there. Usually the waterproofing of the jacket is measure in millimeters, and the higher the number of the millimeters (5,000-30,000mm) the more waterproof the jacket. Looking for this kind of data and help you quickly decide which jackets will suit the weather you will be snowboarding in, wherever you will end up spending your practice and holiday sessions!

Where to Buy Snowboard Jackets Online?

The best websites for buying snowboard jackets and snowboard gear overall are Amazon and Evo! Both of these websites have plenty of reviews, opinions, and descriptions etc. that make choosing easier than ever before!

Top Pick

Our Top Pick product has to be Marmot’s Shadow jacket, simply because it’s one of the best jackets for those cold winter days when there is heavy snow fall and several meters of snow laying underneath your board.

Marmot Shadow

Check Price on Amazon

Every seasoned snowboarder knows how easy it is to get this snow directed at your upper body if you are doing tricks, and even just through intense snowfall, but Marmot gives a great solution to all of its customers, and that’s this fully functional snowboard jacket.

Whether you are on the slopes or heading back to the resort, you can zip and unzip your hood to shake off all the excess snow particles that may be resting on the top so that you don’t drag them into your hotel room! There are also pit-zips located near the armpits to make sure that even when you feel you are getting sweaty, you can quickly unzip both and ventilate and get rid of the excess warmth that is bothering you.

Our Top Choice is Marmot’s Shadow jacket because of all of the features that it includes, like the zip-off hood, the reinforced shoulder and sleeves areas of the jacket, the waterproof qualities and much more!

Premium Choice

Our Premium Choice has to be Arc’Teryx’s gray caden snowboard jacket. It’s the perfect product for anyone that is looking for a well-designed, breathable jacket that will keep you warm and ventilated all throughout your snowboarding adventures on the slopes.

Arc'teryx Rush

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Every snowboarder knows how important it is to keep you ventilated when you are engaging in intense training or are trying to learn new tricks.

The storm hood will give you full protection from winds and snow or rainfall and it fits perfectly over ski helmets, which is a feature most jackets are not equipped with.

Having a hood that can cover your helmet is great if you are trying to be safe and dry at the same time. If you have had trouble in the past with the hood of your jacket not letting you rotate your head, you can be glad to know that Arc’Teryx has designed a fully operation hood that will allow you rotate your head without straining in every direction.

Our Premium is Arc’teryx’s product because they have designed a jacket that can be used and appreciated by many snowboard enthusiasts. It’s a great jacket that is specifically crafted to help you survive those cold, power snow days.

Great Value

Our Great Value product has to be Wantdo’s snowboard jacket.

Wantdo knows how hard it can be for one person to be distinguished among the sea of many on the slopes, and that’s why they offer a variety of 6 colors to choose from when you are purchasing your jacket.

Wantdo Waterproof Jacket

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No matter what color the rest of your gear is you will be able to choose something that fits the rest of your snowboarding accessories, which is an important aspect for many people.

The soft shell jackets themselves are fully waterproof and lined with very soft fleece that will keep the inside of your coat warm and snug no matter how cold it may be outside. If you like snowboarding during the coldest time of the season when the temperature goes well into the minus degrees, then Wantdo’s jacket will be the perfect fit for you. The adjustable cuffs and the internal draw cord are perfect for tightening your jacket to keep you shielded from the harsh reality of the slopes!

Our Great Value product of choice has to be Wantdo’s jacket because of the variety of colors they provide and the adjustable cords and hood that let you keep you warm and protected even during the coldest of days.


Trying to find a suitable winter jacket can be hard and oftentimes demotivating, since there are so many fantastic options out there to choose from that a customer can get overwhelmed very quickly. Regardless, we hope that we managed to help you make a good choice or at the very least that we helped lead you in the right direction with our buyer gear guide and review sections. We also hope that you have found or will find a snowboard jacket that you are fully satisfied with!

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As you are looking over your new snowboarding kit ready to go speed down the slopes, you will probably be interested in finding a pair of comfy, cosy and warm snowboard pants to fit that, too. To help you out, we have a couple of reviews and answered questions to make picking the best snowboard pants for your journeys a little bit less frustrating! Click here for Ski pants instead.

When looking for winter gear, most people usually rush to buy the more entertaining kits first. Kits that include the actual snowboard (see review on cases), fitting snow boots, as well as suitable goggles and helmets (click here for review). For a warm peak protection, head over to our balaclava review – this is for both skiing and snowboarding.

The thing is, when sliding down the slopes you will quickly realize that having a proper pair of insulating and breathing snowboard pants could save you a lot of trouble. Falling down won’t be as painful, and the cold will not be achingly biting into your skin if you choose a proper pair. You can help avoid mistakes with the correct snowboard bindings – click here for the guide. There is no doubt that a good pair of snowboard pants is vital for anyone that is looking forward to spending a holiday in a cold surrounding, or even for seasoned riders who need to supply themselves with a new pair. Add a pair of warm snow socks for extra warmth.

10 Best Snowboarding Pants for Men and Women in 2020

1. Quiksilver Dark Stormy

Quicksilver is definitely one of the best brands when it comes to winter gear. They have durable and sturdy products that will last you a long time, no matter what you put them through. The best thing about the Dark Stormy snowboard pants is that they don’t restrict your movement when snowboarding. The trouble with most snowboard pants is that they may be too tight or bulky to allow for sufficient movement when riding, which in turn may lead to nasty accidents.

These Quicksilver snowboard pants come in three colors, pumpkin, denim and army patterns, which ensure you will find something to fit the rest of your gear in no time. These pants are definitely waterproof, which is a vital feature when you are out in the snow and are exposed to moisture which lurks at every angle.

The quality of the craftsmanship is fantastic and the prices range from 80$ to 135$, depending on which deal you can strike up. Regardless, these pants are a great investment if you are looking for a pair of snowboard pants that will protect you from the cold and moisture that are prevalent when snowboarding in the mountains. They are 100% polyester and are praised all around for being extremely comfortable.

+ 100% polyester
+ waterproof
+ comfy and don’t restrict movement

Why We Liked It – Quicksilver’s product is definitely something to look out for. If you get the chance to grab these, you will certainly not be disappointed. They will keep you warm and will not do anything to restrict your movement during your adventures when going down the slopes. They are a fantastic pick if you are looking for durable, quality snowboard pants! They can also be used to keep you warm if you and your mates are out on snow kick scooters.

2. Arc’teryx Stinger

Arc’Teryx’s snowboard pants are one of those products that go out of stock the moment they are put out for customers to buy. They are much more on the expensive side of pants, the starting price being 500$. Nevertheless, even though this pair of snowboard pants is definitely for someone that can spend a bit more cash, you will definitely have a long life thanks to their durability and useful features. They are not overwhelming with the material and don’t add on much extra weight, which is great if you are wearing something a bit more bulky under them.

Thanks to the light build, you will not only forget they’re there but they won’t do anything to restrict your moves when you are trying to enjoy your holiday or practice sessions. They come in a selection of four colors: pytheas (blue) , sangria, black and dark moss. This selection will make sure that you won’t have to buy a pair that doesn’t suit the rest of your gear.

These snowboard pants have double-sided zips to encourage ventilation to make sure you won’t get too hot and steamy when you are being a bit more aggressive with your riding.

+ light build
+ thin layer of material to prevent immobility
+ attractive design

Why We Liked It – Even though Arc’Teryx’s product is way more on the expensive side of the scale, their snowboard pants are really something to look out for. If you tend to fall often or want to protect your thighs and shins from the harsh reality of the pointy and hard ice that can slash through your normal clothes in seconds, Arc’Teryx will make sure that will not happen to you with their pants!

3. Arctix Avalanche Snow Sports

Arctix’s snowboard pants are so far the most affordable pants listed so far, they come at a fantastic and reasonable price, especially when you consider all of the features that they supply you with. There are zippers everywhere to ensure you won’t have to fiddle with your snowboard pants in any frustrating way and can easily take them on and off on demand.

These snowboard pants are made 100% from nylon and have hem guards to ensure that your pants are protected against all of the dangers they could sustain due to all of the daily wear and tear scenarios you could be exposed to. They also have an adjustable waist to make sure you can have a tight or loose and snug fit, depending on your preferences, which is a feature many other snowboard pants lack. Usually, you would have to depend on the sizes themselves and bet on what could be a fitting waist size. Thankfully, Arctix decided to put an end to that with their product, which is definitely a plus which can prevent your pants from riding up on you.

They are praised for having way more flexibility than bulk, which is vital when you are trying to be competitive with your snowboarding and need as little restraints as possible. They also have a multi-layered construction which will ensure you will be kept warm and dry all throughout your snowboarding adventure in the cold.

+ multi-layered construction
+ 100% nylon
+ flexible, light and dry

Why We Liked It – Arctix has a fantastic price range on these high-quality snowboard pants, ranging between 30$-55$, depending what deal you can strike up. It’s a great deal for such a good pair of snowboard pants that includes all of the features you could ask for when looking for good snowboard pants to take with you on your next snowboarding adventure to keep you warm, dry and protected!

4. Burton Tactic

Burton Tactic’s snowboard pants come at a very reasonable price comparing to most other alternatives. They price in at around 100$-150$ depending on what deal you can find. They are a fashionable pair of pants available in the four common sizes: S,M,L and XL. If you will end up going for Burton’s product, you will have no trouble finding a pair that will suit your waist and silhouette perfectly.

They are exactly the kind of snowboard pants you will be needing in the mountains: waterproof and breathable. You will not get stuffy or overheated with these and you will able to enjoy your holiday as you are equipped adequately.They are made with 98% organic cotton, 2% spandex and an approved polyester material. This ensures that you stay waterproof from the ice, snow and rain and that you can still move around freely without any constraint.

These snowboard pants are also equipped with vents to help the ventilation circle through; this will help you not develop a bad smell or a sweaty surrounding later on. The flexibility of these pants is well praised, as well as the other quality of the make of them. The fit is snug and comfy and won’t have you feeling restrained from your usual snowboarding adventures!

+ 98% cotton material
+ fully waterproof
+ 1 year warranty

Why We Liked It – Burton is a well-known brand among the winter-sport community and for good reason. Their pants are usually at exactly the right price range to enjoy both quality snowboard pants and ensure good performance without constraints. You will not be spending thousands but will still be satisfied with the make and features of these charcoal black snowboard pants!

5. Exposure Project Bobby Cargo

Exposure Project’s snowboard pants are definitely one of the better deals on the list when it comes to money. They range between 30$-50$ and are perfect for when you are on a tight budget and still want to get a quality product that can keep you warm and waterproof on your snowboarding journey. They come in two basic colors: black and grey. They are made of a 100% nylon material that will repel any drops or waves of water that you may succumb to while going down or off the slopes.

These snowboard pants have an adjustable waist which is perfect for getting a snug and comfy fit without fussing with belts and the alike. You can be sure that with Exposure’s product you will spend more time on the slopes than getting ready with your gear, it’s an easy and simple fit. They also have large and secure pockets to allow you the freedom of grabbing a few essentials with you wherever you will go.

They are one of the insulated pairs of pants on this list, something that is unfortunately not that common with snowboard pants. One of the other features are the articulated knees, which make sure you get full mobility wherever you may lean.

+ 100% waterproof
+ insulated
+ articulated design

Why We Liked It – Exposure has supplied the market with an affordable and quality product for a few years now. It’s perfect if you don’t want to end up spending hundreds on snowboard pants or if you just need a pair to keep you safe for a holiday or two. Their insulation feature will make sure you will be kept shielded from the harsh cold reality of the slopes and the articulated design will help you get your best snowboarding performance yet!

6. Ripzone Strobe

Ripzone’s snowboard pants are another good product available at a good and reasonable price for everyone. They come in three different colors: black, dark green and yellow.Customers who ended up buying a more outgoing color, like yellow, were always happy about the fact that their family and friends could always easily find them on the slopes. Something that is not easy to do when everyone else is wearing black or navy blue snowboard pants!

They are also made of a 100% nylon material, which is known for not being bulky and having very light-weight properties. When buying these pants you can be sure that they won’t interrupt your snowboarding endeavors in any way. They have inner waist adjusters to make sure you don’t feel either too loose or too cramped within and their durability will have you thinking why you didn’t invest in a pair sooner!

The venting is lined along the mesh which makes for a great place to capture a breath of fresh air when speeding down the hills. The zippers are made for heavy-duty and won’t be breaking off anytime soon, they are as sturdy as they can get which will definitely save you some otherwise embarrassing moments on the slopes!

+ 100% nylon
+ heavy-duty zippers
+ adjustable waist

Why We Liked It – Ripzone’s product is a fantastic choice if you are looking for a good pair of pants to take with you on your next journey. They are specifically tailor-made for heavy-duty and any falls and scrapes won’t leave you dangerously harmed. Their light-weight will provide you with a thin layer of protection that can do a lot to protect you!

7. Burton Cargo Mid Fit

Burton’s snowboard pants are a bit expensive than the previous candidates on the list, but reasonably so, too. There is a stunning selection of colors to choose from with these pants and there is absolutely no doubt you will find something that will fit you like a glove (click for review), both when it comes to the daily wear and tear and the fashion outlook of things. You will have 17 color choices to sift through before you will be able to settle on a final decision!

Like the other snowboard pants, they are 100% waterproof, but this time thanks to the nylon and polyester combined material. This combination will help you get protection like none other, and you can be sure you won’t feel a drop of water or moisture seeping through with this fantastic material choice. The sizes of the pants fit well with what they are assigned and described as, and the waist is also adjustable here to help encourage freedom and a comfortable surrounding when snowboarding.

With that said, it’s no secret that Burton makes some of the most durable and functional snowboard pants out there. They are moving onto creating more space for women in the snowboarding movement (study can be found here). The snowboard pants are no exception the rule; although they may seem a bit expensive to some, it’s a fantastic investment for someone who wants to have a quality pair of snowboard pants that will encourage the rider without restraining them.

+ functional and flexible
+ polyester and nylon material
+ a variety of colors to pick from

Why We Liked It – Burton once again doesn’t cease to impress with their product; this pair of snowboarding pants will have you covered in every aspect to conquer the harsh, cold weather, snow and ice that will greet you in the outside world. The variety of colors is a fantastic plus that will help you customize your gear in exactly the way you want, which in turn may help you be more visible by your family and friend on the slopes!

8. Volcom Freakin Snow Chino

Volcom are another brand that impress the market each time they release the new product, each one has a reputation for being durable and of quality craftsmanship. They come in five colors: white, black, navy, burgundy and rusty red. One thing is sure, whichever color you end up going for, you will be able to choose something that will match your gear best without being bound to one default color!

They are 100% polyester and will protect you from all the moisture that you will surely encounter in the mountains. They are also eligible to be washed in a washing machine, something that is not widely practice with snowboard pants of this type and make. When it comes to the price, they range between 100$-160$ which puts them a bit more on the expensive side of things, nevertheless they are a fantastic choice for anyone who is willing to invest.

When you are out and snowboarding you should most worry about the functionality of your snowboard pants, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a good look! Volcom boasts a modern looking, snug and dry fit for anyone that is willing to try on their snow chino snowboard pants.

+ 100% polyester
+ a modern and fashionable look
+ eligible for machine washing

Why We Liked It – We are impressed with Volcom thanks to the strain they put on keeping the snowboard pants not only functional but good-looking too. It’s no secret that most pants don’t look like something you would wear outside of the slopes, but Volcom makes sure you can both feel good during your performance as with your appearance with their product!

9. Volcom Ventral

Coming in with another Volcom product, we have a good reason to do so. This pair of snowboard pants is just as fashionable as its predecessor and will leave you wanting to wear them both on and outside of the slopes! This pair only comes in black and is also eligible for machine washing, a feature that makes them much easier to take care of comparing to other pants that require more instant and somewhat complicated care.

These pants are made of 100% polyester and are praised for not being baggy at all, something that is common when buying other brands. They are a nice fit and won’t be getting in your way as you are trying to show off your skill in the snowy mountains. The craftsmanship is some of the best out there and they are not bulky as to not add any extra weight, something that is vital to be kept at bay during snowboarding when every inch of freedom and non-overwhelming gear is welcome.

The ventilation is also well spaced, as well as the articulated design that won’t leave you feeling cramped when you are trying maneuver through the obstacles that may arise in front you. The snug and tight fit of these snowboard pants will leave you wanting to spend more days on the slopes than ever!

+ 100% polyester
+ fashionable and modern appeal
+ articulated design

Why We Liked It – There is no doubt that these pants will allow you a bit more freedom than other brands can offer you. They look good, they feel good and they possess all the features you could ask for when it comes to snowboard pants. The ventilation will keep you refreshed and eliminate any sweating and the polyester fabric will not let any drop of snow get under your skin!

10. Columbia Snow Gun

Columbia’s snowboard pants come both in a black and graphite color that will usually fit any of the typical gear you might find around a snowboard enthusiast. This will have you be able to adjust and match your gear to look its best with an appeal that can shine out for miles. These pants usually range from 40$-90$ which makes them a both affordable and average-priced product, depending what deal you will be able to strike. Regardless of the price, this pair of pants is a sturdy and durable one and does its job well.

They are one of the other pairs on this list that have insulation within them; something vital if you are going to be spending more than 1-2 hours on the slopes. If you are looking forward to fully enjoy your holiday and spend whole evening and afternoons on the slopes, Columbia’s snowboard pants will end up being the choice to go far. They will keep you cosy but ventilated and the adjustable waist will allow you to keep the pants as loose or as tight as you like them.

They are just as waterproof as any quality snowboard pants and will make sure that you are kept dry and safe when you are speeding down the powdery hills and mountains.

+ 100% waterproof
+ adjustable waist
+ insulated

Why We Liked It – Columbia provides us with a nice and affordable product that you will be able to use for years during your snowy holidays or intensive practice sessions. No matter what you end up using these snowboard pants for, there is no doubt that they will serve you well for long years to come. They are insulated, waterproof and adjustable, which makes them a perfect product for cold and snowy snowboarding days!

Snowboard Pants Buyers Guide

What Are Snowboard Pants?

When you are getting ready to go out into the wide world to try your luck at snowboarding in the deep powdered mountains, you will need suitable gear to get you through your snowboarding days out in the wild or within a resort. Snowboarding pants are no exception and are a vital piece of gear to have with you when you set out to take part in your new adventure.

Snowboard pants are not like the typical trousers you would wear outside; they are specifically made to endure the cold and harsh reality that you will encounter yourself with when setting your first step on the slopes. They are tailor-made to shield and shelter you from both the cold and the moisture that can be very painful to face without them. They are 100% waterproof to prevent any rain, hail snow or ice getting through and making the cotton or wool fabric that you would be wearing underneath damp, sticky and uncomfortable.

What are Snowboard PantsMost pairs also are usually very sturdy and will prevent any cuts or scrapes that could tear through your normal clothing. The slopes are a dangerous place and you never know when you will run into a sticking out piece of snow or ice or a tree root that you might have not seen beforehand. No matter what the occasion, they will be able to protect your legs from most of the dangers and misfortunes you could encounter.

Snowboarding pants also have adjustable waists so that you can make them as loose or as tight as you desire so that they can peacefully co-exist with your other warm clothing. Some pairs are also insulated, which makes for an extra layer of warm protection, something you can appreciate when temperatures go below zero!

You also won’t have to worry that this extra layer of clothing will make you steamy and sweaty with all of the other stuff you could have on. They are supplied with ventilation so that you can enjoy having a dry and comfy environment to snowboard in, something that is definitely vital when you are trying to enjoy yourself on the slopes.

They are usually made from nylon, polyester or both to ensure that any moisture that you could encounter will be repelled within seconds. They are also made to allow for an articulate snowboarding experience that will not restrain any of your moves, something that may be common with normal bulky clothing or lower quality, baggy pants. The zippers and pockets are made for heavy-duty and every day wear and tear that you will succumb your new gear to when snowboarding.

With that said, it’s easy to see why all snowboard pants are tailor-made to combat the cold, moisture and harsh winds that are common in mountains and ski resorts, and cannot be replaced!

Snowboard pants are specifically designed for both men and women – click here for the study.

How To Wash Snowboard Pants?

How to wash Snowboarding PantsThe most common conversation among people that have to deal with their winter gear is the discussion about how to wash the gear. There are endless paragraphs about how go about washing your gear and how to effectively take care of it, but the fact of the matter is that there are many myths to be found within the snowboarding community.

Contrary to popular belief, some snowboard pants can be washed in a washing machine. Not all brands have made products that would withstand that treatment well, but you will usually find bullet-points underneath the product that will tell you specifically whether it is to be hand washed or if it can be thrown into a washing machine without any future consequences. Some people think that putting their pants into the washing machine could damage the material or weaken it, but that is simply not true if the brand themselves states that it is fine to do so.

You may have already experienced the misfortune of smelly pants, and if you haven’t it’s best to shield yourself against it with a few simple rules. Regular washing will keep the bad smell at bay, though you will have to be careful to not damage the waterproofing layers of your trousers when doing so. You will need to avoid regular soap at all costs since that is the culprit that damages the waterproofing layer; you will need to invest in a specific detergent such as the Nikwax Tech Wash. This snow wax detergent will ensure that the waterproofing layer won’t be damaged and your pants is kept clean and fresh.

You will need to pay attention when buying detergents since each one is made specifically for a specific pair of pants, waterproof, not waterproof, insulated or not insulated. For an insulated pair of snowboard pants you would need to invest in the Nikwax Tech Down Wash as to not damage that layer of insulation. Even with these detergents, the waterproof layer may with time slowly start to come off, and that is when you should reach for the Nikwax TX Direct Wash in, which should restore it to its fully capacity.

Another myth that has spread over the snowboarding community is that you cannot put your gear into the dryer, which is completely false. As long as you look at the instructions concerning the washing of the product and the bullet-points underneath it you should be able to easily find answers as to what you can and can’t do with your newly acquired piece of kit.

Are Snowboard Pants Waterproof?

Most snowboarding gear that is meant for wearing outside will definitely have a layer of waterproof material on top to help protect you from the moisture and dangers that could come with that, including slipping and injuring yourself. Usually there are different thicknesses of how waterproof a material can be, the thicker it is the more water resistant it will end up being. Usually the thickness ranges from 5,000 to 20,000 mm.

Are Snow Pants WaterproofSome snowboard pants will have a softshell around them that encourage flexibility and ease movement when snowboarding, but while these are still considered waterproof, they are not as waterproof as hardshell snowboard short can be. You will need to take into consideration where you will be snowboarding, too. Since every region is different, you will be needing a different kind of waterproofing for your snowboard pants depending on the environment you will be in.

Some places have extreme snowfall and need a more thicker layer of waterproof material to help keep you dry from all of the moisture. Other places are much dryer and only usually have powdered snow to battle with, which would not require that thick of a waterproof material to protect you. Knowing this, it’s easy to see why you would need to invest in snowboard pants that could keep you dry day in and day.

To summarize, most if not all snowboard pants will have some kind of waterproof layer to keep you protect. You will have to keep an eye out depending which kind of thickness of water resistant material would be best to buy. There is always the option that you can restore or add a waterproof layer to your snowboard pants with a special kind of detergent. It’s vital that you keep a lookout on how effective your snowboard pants are when you are using them regularly.

If you let your pants lose the waterproof layer or if you bought gear without it, it’s best to either replace it with a waterproof alternative or re-make it with special detergent. Neglecting a waterproof layer in a snowy surrounding could mean you will get soaked instantly and be left without any protection, something that is definitely to be avoided in the snowy mountains!

What Makes The Top Snowboard Pants?

When looking for new snowboard pants to accompany you with your snowboarding adventures, you will most likely want to look for sturdy and durable product. The most ideal snowboard pants are ones that can keep you dry and safe from moisture thanks to a good and effective waterproof layer. You would also need to make sure that they are made from nylon or polyester to have the most effective response to moisture. These materials are also great for shielding you away from harsh winds.

Making sure to get a good size of pants that won’t be too baggy and bulky is vital too; you will need to be able to have a lot of flexibility and movement when you are out on the slopes. Most pairs also have an adjustable waist to make sure you have a fit that can either be as snug or as loose as you desire. A feature that is very useful when you are trying to be comfortable in cold and harsh conditions.

Who makes the Top Snowboard PantsLooking out for heavy-duty features like zippers and pockets can also be useful if you are looking for a durable pair of snowboard pants that can last you a long time. Getting your snowboard pants in a color that isn’t too common could also be very helpful if you want to be easily noticed by the rest of your friends and family, especially if you have kids that you need to look out for.

If you are looking for more convenience, you can also make sure to check if the pants are eligible to be washed in a washing machine and to be put in a dryer. If you look closely, you will be able to find the information under bullet-points beneath the pants themselves. Be sure to check, since some snowboard pants can be thrown in the washing machine while some, as stated, needs to be specifically hand washed and have hands-on care.

Insulation is not present in every pair of snowboard pants since usually other insulation material is worn underneath, but if you like to have lighter layers under and keep warmth insulated by snowboard pants, it’s best to look for pants that can supply that for you. This way you will be kept warm and insulated with a limited amount of layers as you are protected from the moisture and wind too while still letting some air through.

Although most snowboard pants have ventilation around various part of the mesh, it’s best to check their presence just in case. They will end up being a lifesaver if you are looking for a comfortable pair of snowboard pants that can help you carry out long practice or holiday sessions. They will ensure that there is a flow of air even if you had warm woolly clothes underneath and that you won’t get too sweaty when you are trying to have a good time and pull off a few tricks!

Good snowboard pants are ones that can protect you from the cold, shield you from the cutting wind and keep you warm, and if you find a pair with such features, there is no doubt they will have a long life and serve you well during your snowboarding journey!

Top Choice- Quicksilver

Our Top Choice spot has to go to none other than Quicksilver. Their snowboard pants are surrounded by 5-star reviews and overall praise for the quality and durability of the product.

Quiksilver Dark Stormy

Check Price on Amazon

The will keep you safe and protected from cuts and scrapes that you could sustain when falling down during your snowboarding ventures. The waterproof material will keep you safe from all the snow that could otherwise affect all the warm clothing that you have hidden underneath. No drop of water will get to you whether it’s from the snow beneath your feet or the snow falling down above your head.

They have a snowboard jacket to pant attachment too, which will make sure that they won’t be loose and sliding off when you are trying to enjoy your time outside. The waist adjusters are a perfect addition to help you explore what size and fit and are best for you, which is nearly impossible to estimate, especially when you have a lot of other woolly and warm clothes hidden underneath to help you keep warm.

Quicksilver has a nice color selection and is of quality craftsmanship, and that’s why they earn themselves a top spot on out Top Choice list!

Premium Choice- Arc’Teryx

Our Premium Choice has to go to Arc’Teryx’s snowboard pants. They are certainly way more on the expensive side, pricing in at 500$-600$, but they are one of the most premium pairs you cant get.

Arc'teryx Stinger

Check Price on Amazon

They are available in the five common sizes: S, M, L, XL and XLL. As well as the three colors: black, sangria and dark moss. You can tell just from looking at these that they are a very high-quality pair of pants that can endure almost all of the wear and tear you throw at them. Not only that, but they look appealing too; the rich colors are well picked to suit the design and the snowy surroundings they could be used in.

They are designed to endure deep powder days and overall much harder wear and tear than any usual pair of pants you could get at the store. They are also suitable for backcountry touring and have free returns as well as free express shipping. It’s both waterproof and windproof and will allow the fabric to also breathe, thanks to the ventilation that is place all around the modern design of the pants. They are easy and light to wear and function well for snowboarding since they are a tough and extremely durable; you can be sure these won’t rip anytime soon.

Fit for your needs, Arc’Teryx makes its way as our Premium Choice simply for the durability and fantastic features that it includes that are vital to have in the snowy mountains!

Great Value- Arctix’s

Our Great Value spot has to go to Arctix’s pair of snowboard pants that come at one of the most affordable prices you could ask for. The lowest you can get them at is 30$ and they do exactly what any other pair of snowboard pants would; they keep you warm, waterproof and protected during your snowboarding adventures.

Arctix Avalanche Snow Sports

Check Price on Amazon

The will shelter you from any kind of moisture be it snow, rain or melting ice and will help keep you safe from scrapes and painful falls. They also have boot gaiters which helps you keep the warmth inside and cold out, thanks to the ability to seal your new snowboard pants in your boots away from the cold lurking outside.

The adjustable waist allows you to find the best fit for you even when you are faced with having many of other layers of clothes underneath you. The lace hooks are specifically made to prevent your snowboard pants from riding up on you and to encourage the most comfortable experience you could ask for when going out on the slopes. Comfort is Arctix’s number one concern, and they specialize in it well.

Arctix has supplied the market with a very affordable and well-rounded pair of snowboard pants that is perfect for anyone that is either out to practice some snowboarding or is just going to experience their first holiday on the slopes. Regardless, our Great Value spot has to go to Arctix’s product, simply because of how accessible, well-rounded and comfortable this product is!


No matter which pair of snowboard pants you will end up choosing, they will be sure to protect you from the cold and moisture that you will be exposed to when snowboarding. Every product listed here is of quality craftsmanship and has served hundreds of people during their holiday and practice sessions. Whichever pair of snowboard pants you will end up choosing, they will surely be a great addition to your winter gear and will keep you shielded from the cold lurking in the mountains and ski resorts!

Amazon Recommends:

Bestseller No. 1
Arctix Men's Snow Sports Cargo Pants, Black, Medium/32" Inseam
  • 85 grams Thematic Insulation offers warmth in a lightweight, low bulk...
  • 600 denier ballistic nylon are used to reinforce the ankle, scuff and hem...
  • Adjustable waist for comfortable fit
Bestseller No. 2
Arctix Men's Essential Snow Pants, Black, Medium
  • 100 percent Other Fibers
  • Zipper closure. Lining-100% Polyester 210T Taffeta
  • Thermalock: Durable coating that offers a higher resistance to outdoor...
Bestseller No. 3
Columbia Men's Bugaboo™ II Pant, Black,Medium Regular, standard
  • OMNI-HEAT: Our patented Heat Reflective garments are the ultimate body heat...
  • OMNI-TECH: Our proprietary technology provides air-permeable protection...
  • WATERPROOF SNOW PANTS: Made for warm breathable comfort, you can embrace...

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