All About The Razor FlashRider 360

Finding the perfect birthday or Christmas gift can be a challenging task, especially if you don’t know someone’s interest. Getting a kid the right gift is kind of like throwing darts in the dark, you really are just shooting for something that you hope works out. That is until now!

Enter the Razor FlashRider 360, a new Razor spark trike that has all kinds of unique and fun features. Instead of riding around on any old tricycle, your kid can ride around in style while shooting sparks in the air. Nothing says fun and cool like doing donuts on a caster trike while shooting sparks around, right?

Safety is often another issue when purchasing a birthday or Christmas gift for a child, especially if they’re not yours. Luckily, this Razor spark bike has a perfect breaking system, as well as flat free tires. Instead of relying on normal rubber tires, Razor uses hardened plastic to prevent popping from thorns or nails. Even if something gets through, it doesn’t really change the performance of the caster trike.

So why do we want to show you this trike? We searched all over the place to find the best outdoor gifts around for kids, and this one just kept coming up. People love the unique style and safety features that really give you a sense of security while knowing that their kid is have a blast. Read on for the full product details.

Razor Flashrider 360

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Key Features

There’s all kinds of fun features that make this Razor trike a unique gift. With endless amounts of fun, you’ll never have to wonder if it was the right choice again. Let’s dive into some of the cool specs that help make this one of the best gift ideas around!

The Spark Feature

Probably the most unique feature that makes this dual inclined caster trike stand out from the rest is the spark feature. Have you ever seen those movies where people in cars drift around, creating sparks? Well that’s a whole lot more dangerous, but it sure makes for a nice scene! This spark trike incorporates that same style of a thrilling ride, minus the danger.

So how does the spark feature work? There’s a bar on the right side of the caster trike that you pull back to light them up. The sparks come out of a small mechanism on the left side of the trike, the spark bar with replaceable spark is completely covered and protected.

Replacement spark cartridges are cheap, and can be purchased once your current spark cartridge runs out. It’s absolutely safe, and absolutely one of the coolest gadgets for kids around! Why do they always come out with the coolest outdoor toys once we’re all grown up?

Drifts On Dual Inclined Caster Wheels

The dual inclined caster wheels on the Flash Rider 360 are purposefully tilted to provide an edge for excitement. Spinning, sparking, drifting, and flying sparks are all included and enhanced with these dual inclined caster wheels. The fact that the front wheel and back wheels are tilted helps the user pull spin and spark while going at high speeds without flipping over.

Most trikes come with tires that are parallel to the ground, making it hard to do all these fun tricks. However, this trike ride-on made it a whole lot easier to pull off some awesome stunts without causing any harm to the rider or the bike. We don’t want to sound repetitive, but throw some sparks into the mix and how cool is that?!

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Welded Steel Frame

Okay so it has a spark bar, dual inclined caster wheels for drifting, and now a welded steel frame? Something’s got to give, right? Not with this awesome spark trike ride-on! The welded steel frame ensures ultimate safety at higher speeds to make sure nothing’s coming apart.

A lot of the cheaper competitors try to mimic the style of this caster trike ride-on, and while they get close, they never quite hit the same level of safety. There’s also some corners to cut, but with Razor you never have to worry about that. They know just as we do that your kid’s safety is of the utmost importance!

Other brands also have issues with pieces falling off or failing to work, but those errors are nearly unheard of with this model. Hundreds of excited customers point to the fact that this caster tricycle is a true tank when it comes to the steel framework.

Rubber Grip Handlebars

Instead of using the cheap foam handlebars like many other brands do, the Razor Flash Rider 360 uses durable rubber grips. Those old foam handlebars wear and tear under the pressure of constant use, and crumble down after a season of the sunshine and rain. However, the rubber grip handlebars and double crown fork design on this model are perfect for high-usage and are weather-proof.

Razor FlashRider 360 Caster Trike

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The high-sitting angle of these rubber handlebars are perfect for the ergonomic seating. It makes it feel like you’re riding a motorcycle, and rests perfectly at the right angle. The hardened plastic seat sits at just the right angle to make the handlebars with rubber grips easily accessible for quick, comfortable steering.

+ Unique spark cartridge or spark bar to make for an exciting experience while drifting around
+ Ultimate safety and comfortable provided by the steel frame and seating arrangement
+ Handlebars with rubber grips that don’t break apart like the cheaper foam models
+ Hardened plastic flat free tires that won’t pop under pressure or if punctured
+ Drifts on Dual inclined caster wheels & Flat free tire design
+ Double crown fork design

– Only comes with one replaceable spark cartridge (lasts for plenty of uses), others can be bought separately
– Not recommended for users under the age of 6

Who is it Suitable For?

The Razor Flash Rider 360 is suitable for anyone above 6 years of age and between 17.5 to 160 pounds. That might be the age and weight limits, but honestly anyone in those parameters would have a blast on this caster tricycle! It’s a perfect birthday or christmas gift for any kid that loves adventure or action-packed movies. This caster trike ride-onimmerses them in the scene, giving them all the tools they need to make their own legendary stunts without risking any danger.

Razor FlashRider 360 Caster Trike

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When you were young, everything was an adventure! Kids these days are no different, and they’re looking for thrilling fun around every corner. You’d probably rather have your child cruising around having a blast on one of these than climbing fences and jumping off of trees (or whatever other dangerous things kids do).

It’s a perfect fit to get all that pent up energy out, and let their creative imagination thrive. To a kid, this isn’t just a spark trike. It’s a motorcycle that shoots out flames so they can show it off to their friends! Everything is much more excited when we’re younger. If this caster tricycle seems cool to you, imagine how your kid will see it!

We’re not suggesting that you use it all the time, but if you’re within the usage parameters then it might not be a bad idea to take it for a spin and spark. We know we would! Don’t get too caught up in all the flying sparks and donut spinning sparking though, you might end up getting another caster trike!

Why We Liked It

Kids are so caught up with video games these days, so when we came across the ultimate outdoor toy, we knew it was a steal. Remember the days of adventure and thrills around every corner? Nobody can feel that empowering sense of fun through playing video games. It’s time to get kids back outside and enjoying everything there is to do.
We didn’t just like this spark trike, we loved it! With the strong pull from TVs and everything else that keeps kids glued to the screen, finding some time for outside play is becoming a serious challenge. Breathing the outside air and feeling true excitement is necessary in growing up, so we knew we had to find a solution.

Luckily, we stumbled upon the Razor Flash Rider 360, which has all kinds of customers raving about how their child can’t stay away from it. Instead of flashing lights and the same old games they play while stuck inside, they’re now blasting around the sidewalks on the coolest caster tricycle around!

Safety is a huge concern for parents, since all these new outdoor toys seem so dangerous. With safety being the highest point of our searches, we knew this caster tricycle was the one. The steel frame and the handlebars with rubber grips are unmatched by any competitors, protecting your kid from any possible injury. However, it’s important to remember that they always need to wear a helmet regardless of the built-in safety features.

All in all the Razor Flash Rider is the ultimate outside adventure toy for most kids these days. Whether it’s for cruising around the neighborhood to get to a friend’s house, or simply to do a couple tricks in the driveway, this trike is truly one of the coolest gift ideas for your kid! Your kids can spin and spark in the Razor FlashRider 360 caster trike – a great “spin” on a classic three-wheeler!

While the sparks are fun and safe, buying refills might become a chore to some. If you feel that your child would never use the cartridges, then it’s probably better to try out the Rip Rider 360. All the safety and durability features remain the same with this model. Literally the only difference is the lack of sparks! Ripping around the streets on this trike will make your kid feel like the coolest person on the block, with all kinds of outdoor activities to do and stories to tell about it. You’ll never hear the end of it! You can also try the Razor Powerwing caster scooter.

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