An electric trike is all the rage nowadays for those who wish to enjoy the feeling of riding a bicycle without the strain and hassle. There is nothing quite like a bike ride on a beautiful day. It lets you enjoy the wind blowing in your face, explore the open road or trail, and appreciate the small joys of life. However, bike riding can be difficult for people with bad knees or who otherwise find that the motion required is uncomfortable.

For adults and seniors looking for an easier going option, electric bike trikes are a solution that keeps things mellow. Electric trikes make things easy with an extra wheel for balance support, a motor for enhanced speed stability, and sometimes even storage space.

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Ready to get moving and spend more time in the great outdoors without straining yourself? Check out these top 4 electric trike reviews to find an electric trike bike that fits within your budget and offers the features you need.

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1. TopMate Mini Electric Tricycle

TopMate Mini Electric Tricycle

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If you’re looking for a small three-wheel electric bicycle that’s portable and easy to store, the TopMate Mini Electric Tricycle is the one for you. Its foldable small size makes it ideal for travel and leisure activities since it can be placed in the trunk and ready to go at any moment.

The simple and portable design of this TopMate E-bike 3 wheels model means it is lightweight enough to lift with a 250W brushless motor while still packing a punch. This kids bike trike is perfect as a handicap assistance vehicle or even a travel companion for road trips or flights, as it meets all domestic FAA regulations.


+ Fits in most trunks

+Travel-friendly; meets all FAA requirements for lithium-ion batteries


+Foldable design

+Strong motor; can hold a lot of weight in relation to the size

Why We Liked It – We liked this e-trike because it’s perfect on-the-go for someone who needs their trike to go where they do. At the same time, it has the battery power to take them even further.

2. E-Wheels EW-36

This tricycle scooter is the perfect solution for seniors or those with handicaps who need a little bit of mobility support. This high-powered electric scooter features a tricycle design for extra balance and speeds of up to 18mph with a 500w battery, making it the quickest mobility tricycle on the market.

Designed for everyday use, it features a digital anti-theft alarm, rear shock absorbers, rear-view mirrors, front lights, rear storage space, and a car-like seat for comfort. This speedy and agile mobility trike will make life easier — getting you around faster, keeping you comfortable, and making sure you’re safe.


+Anti-theft alarm

+ Rear-end shock absorption

+Rear-view mirrors and front lights for safety

+Fastest option

+Full-support chair

Why We Liked It – We like this trike because it is the fastest you can get. It’s also designed for superior comfort in everyday life with special features like lights and alarms that can’t be beaten.

3. Razor Power Rider 360

Razor Power Rider 360

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This electric-powered three-wheeler from the makers of the famous Razor scooter is a great lower-cost option for someone looking to dip their toe into the world of electric tricycles for kids.

Designed for short periods of riding for a smaller and lighter person, the Razor supports riders over the age of 8 and under 120lbs for up to 30 minutes of continuous use at one time. Its simple and agile design allows for fun maneuvers for the adventurer. You can take this out for full 360-degree spins, slides, and drifts.

This bike makes getting around extra easy with a push-to-start motor that doesn’t require pedaling.


+Push-to-start throttle

+Up to 30-40 minutes continuous run time

+Special specs for spinning, drifting, sliding

+Lightweight frame

+Perfect for kids or lighter adults

Why We Liked It –  We thought this trike was especially great because of all the fun it offers. With abilities for turns, drifts, and slides, any kid or adult who rides this is guaranteed to have fun without even pedaling.

4. E-Wheels EW 19

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For something that’s ready to ride and as comfortable as an office chair, the E-Wheels EW-19 Sporty model has you covered. It comes pre-assembled, so it’s ready to go after a full battery charge (which lasts 21 miles). The slender but sturdy red and black design will turn heads, and the large ergonomic seat keeps all riders comfortable.

Transporting this trike is easy because of the foldable tiller and removable seat. Once it’s time to ride again, simply snap on the seat and pull the handle back into position. With speeds of up to 15 mph and a 500W battery, this tricycle will take you places.


+ No assembly required

+ Slender but sturdy

+ Foldable handle and removable seat for easy storage or transport

+ Storage area in back

+ Comfortable large seat with lower back support

Why We Liked It – We gravitated towards this bike because of its beautiful design that offers presence, strength, and style all in one. However, it really sold us with its portability and battery power!




Electric Trike Buyers Guide

When you set out to purchase an electric three-wheel bicycle, how do you know what to look for? There are some key aspects of each bike that you should research for every option you’re considering. Once you have all the specifications for your top options, compare them to each other. By eliminating the ones that seem lacking, you should be left with your best option.

Some things to consider when purchasing include size, speed, design, and special features.


Usually, there is a choice between 20 and 24-inch wheels. If you’re below 5 ft 6 inches, go with 20 inches. If above, go with 24.


The speed is comparable to a golf cart, with speeds up to 15 or 25 mph depending on the power of the model.


The most popular frames for 3-wheel electric bikes for adults include low-step trikes, traditional trikes, vintage trikes, and chopper trikes. You can also choose from city wheels or all-terrain models. Seats may come as a traditional bike seat or a reclining chair for further comfort.

Special Features

Some models may feature storage options on the back of the electric 3-wheel bike. Other special features include an integrated speedometer or a specialty adjustable seat. Because trikes can be so bulky, it’s also wise to consider a 3-wheel bicycle electric version that folds or is lighter in order to improve storage options when not riding.

How powerful does an electric trike need to be for hills?

When it comes to 3-wheel electric bikes, the higher the wattage of the E-trike, the more power it will have. However, there are a variety of reasons, such as marketing ploys or finding loopholes that might entail that the labeled wattage doesn’t actually reflect the power level of the electric tricycle. The best way to know for sure is by multiplying the battery voltage and peak current time.

If you’re going to be triking up hills often, you want at least 432 watts but anywhere up to 1000 watts, depending on the hills and the weight of the rider.

How to Ride an Electric Trike?

Sitting and riding on a three-wheel electric bike may feel different than a normal bike or trike. However, while each make and model will vary, most have the same basic functions. On the front of the 3-wheel bike electric, there is usually a way to adjust the level of speed assistance generated and to brake or to cease the power. Other than that, steering and riding (with the exception of minimal pedaling needed) are essentially the same.

Where Can I Buy an Electric Trike?

You can purchase an E trike at specialty trike, bike stores, or online from many retailers. Amazon is a popular online seller of trikes that comes with good customer and product support.

Which electric trikes for Seniors?

The best electric trikes for seniors will have a step-through design, which provides for easy mounting. It might also have an upright riding position and a full-support seat, which provides comfort for the back, legs, and bottom while riding.

Best electric trikes for Adults?

The very best electric trikes for adults are those that fit the three most important components: your budget, your body, and your lifestyle. The options for electric tricycles reviewed above will help you identify key features that you may want.

Expert Tip:

A typical battery on an electric trike will let you get about 18 miles of riding time before having to recharge, so plan with that in mind!

Did You Know?

Some retailers will try to pull off a modified or repurposed e-trike as a purpose-built bike, but they are not the same! A first-time, purpose-built bike is the lightest, toughest, and the most capable kind that you can get.


An electric three-wheel bike is a great way to gently transition into a more active lifestyle at any age. Whether you’re an adult who wants extra balance support or a senior looking to recline and cycle when nice weather is calling, a 3-wheel electric bicycle is a move in the right direction.

Whatever buying decision you end up making, an electric tricycle is a great investment. It not only means a good excuse to get outside now but also means you’ll have a lasting excuse to stay active and outdoors for many years to come.

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  • USER-FRIENDLY: The spacious rear basket has 2.3 cubic feet for storing...
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Viribus Electric Trike, 350W Electric Tricycle for Adults with Dual...
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  • Enhanced Safety: Our three wheel bike for adults features a dual disc brake...

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All About The Razor FlashRider 360

Finding the perfect birthday or Christmas gift can be a challenging task, especially if you don’t know someone’s interest. Getting a kid the right gift is kind of like throwing darts in the dark, you really are just shooting for something that you hope works out. That is until now!

Enter the Razor FlashRider 360, a new Razor spark trike that has all kinds of unique and fun features. Instead of riding around on any old tricycle, your kid can ride around in style while shooting sparks in the air. Nothing says fun and cool like doing donuts on a caster trike while shooting sparks around, right?

Safety is often another issue when purchasing a birthday or Christmas gift for a child, especially if they’re not yours. Luckily, this Razor spark bike has a perfect breaking system, as well as flat free tires. Instead of relying on normal rubber tires, Razor uses hardened plastic to prevent popping from thorns or nails. Even if something gets through, it doesn’t really change the performance of the caster trike.

So why do we want to show you this trike? We searched all over the place to find the best outdoor gifts around for kids, and this one just kept coming up. People love the unique style and safety features that really give you a sense of security while knowing that their kid is have a blast. Read on for the full product details.

Razor Flashrider 360

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Key Features

There’s all kinds of fun features that make this Razor trike a unique gift. With endless amounts of fun, you’ll never have to wonder if it was the right choice again. Let’s dive into some of the cool specs that help make this one of the best gift ideas around!

The Spark Feature

Probably the most unique feature that makes this dual inclined caster trike stand out from the rest is the spark feature. Have you ever seen those movies where people in cars drift around, creating sparks? Well that’s a whole lot more dangerous, but it sure makes for a nice scene! This spark trike incorporates that same style of a thrilling ride, minus the danger.

So how does the spark feature work? There’s a bar on the right side of the caster trike that you pull back to light them up. The sparks come out of a small mechanism on the left side of the trike, the spark bar with replaceable spark is completely covered and protected.

Replacement spark cartridges are cheap, and can be purchased once your current spark cartridge runs out. It’s absolutely safe, and absolutely one of the coolest gadgets for kids around! Why do they always come out with the coolest outdoor toys once we’re all grown up?

Drifts On Dual Inclined Caster Wheels

The dual inclined caster wheels on the Flash Rider 360 are purposefully tilted to provide an edge for excitement. Spinning, sparking, drifting, and flying sparks are all included and enhanced with these dual inclined caster wheels. The fact that the front wheel and back wheels are tilted helps the user pull spin and spark while going at high speeds without flipping over.

Most trikes come with tires that are parallel to the ground, making it hard to do all these fun tricks. However, this trike ride-on made it a whole lot easier to pull off some awesome stunts without causing any harm to the rider or the bike. We don’t want to sound repetitive, but throw some sparks into the mix and how cool is that?!

Fancy 4 wheels? Try these Kids 4-wheelers.

Welded Steel Frame

Okay so it has a spark bar, dual inclined caster wheels for drifting, and now a welded steel frame? Something’s got to give, right? Not with this awesome spark trike ride-on! The welded steel frame ensures ultimate safety at higher speeds to make sure nothing’s coming apart.

A lot of the cheaper competitors try to mimic the style of this caster trike ride-on, and while they get close, they never quite hit the same level of safety. There’s also some corners to cut, but with Razor you never have to worry about that. They know just as we do that your kid’s safety is of the utmost importance!

Other brands also have issues with pieces falling off or failing to work, but those errors are nearly unheard of with this model. Hundreds of excited customers point to the fact that this caster tricycle is a true tank when it comes to the steel framework.

Rubber Grip Handlebars

Instead of using the cheap foam handlebars like many other brands do, the Razor Flash Rider 360 uses durable rubber grips. Those old foam handlebars wear and tear under the pressure of constant use, and crumble down after a season of the sunshine and rain. However, the rubber grip handlebars and double crown fork design on this model are perfect for high-usage and are weather-proof.

Razor FlashRider 360 Caster Trike

Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Walmart

The high-sitting angle of these rubber handlebars are perfect for the ergonomic seating. It makes it feel like you’re riding a motorcycle, and rests perfectly at the right angle. The hardened plastic seat sits at just the right angle to make the handlebars with rubber grips easily accessible for quick, comfortable steering.

+ Unique spark cartridge or spark bar to make for an exciting experience while drifting around
+ Ultimate safety and comfortable provided by the steel frame and seating arrangement
+ Handlebars with rubber grips that don’t break apart like the cheaper foam models
+ Hardened plastic flat free tires that won’t pop under pressure or if punctured
+ Drifts on Dual inclined caster wheels & Flat free tire design
+ Double crown fork design

– Only comes with one replaceable spark cartridge (lasts for plenty of uses), others can be bought separately
– Not recommended for users under the age of 6

Who is it Suitable For?

The Razor Flash Rider 360 is suitable for anyone above 6 years of age and between 17.5 to 160 pounds. That might be the age and weight limits, but honestly anyone in those parameters would have a blast on this caster tricycle! It’s a perfect birthday or christmas gift for any kid that loves adventure or action-packed movies. This caster trike ride-onimmerses them in the scene, giving them all the tools they need to make their own legendary stunts without risking any danger.

Razor FlashRider 360 Caster Trike

Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Walmart

When you were young, everything was an adventure! Kids these days are no different, and they’re looking for thrilling fun around every corner. You’d probably rather have your child cruising around having a blast on one of these than climbing fences and jumping off of trees (or whatever other dangerous things kids do).

It’s a perfect fit to get all that pent up energy out, and let their creative imagination thrive. To a kid, this isn’t just a spark trike. It’s a motorcycle that shoots out flames so they can show it off to their friends! Everything is much more excited when we’re younger. If this caster tricycle seems cool to you, imagine how your kid will see it!

We’re not suggesting that you use it all the time, but if you’re within the usage parameters then it might not be a bad idea to take it for a spin and spark. We know we would! Don’t get too caught up in all the flying sparks and donut spinning sparking though, you might end up getting another caster trike!

Why We Liked It

Kids are so caught up with video games these days, so when we came across the ultimate outdoor toy, we knew it was a steal. Remember the days of adventure and thrills around every corner? Nobody can feel that empowering sense of fun through playing video games. It’s time to get kids back outside and enjoying everything there is to do.
We didn’t just like this spark trike, we loved it! With the strong pull from TVs and everything else that keeps kids glued to the screen, finding some time for outside play is becoming a serious challenge. Breathing the outside air and feeling true excitement is necessary in growing up, so we knew we had to find a solution.

Luckily, we stumbled upon the Razor Flash Rider 360, which has all kinds of customers raving about how their child can’t stay away from it. Instead of flashing lights and the same old games they play while stuck inside, they’re now blasting around the sidewalks on the coolest caster tricycle around!

Safety is a huge concern for parents, since all these new outdoor toys seem so dangerous. With safety being the highest point of our searches, we knew this caster tricycle was the one. The steel frame and the handlebars with rubber grips are unmatched by any competitors, protecting your kid from any possible injury. However, it’s important to remember that they always need to wear a helmet regardless of the built-in safety features.

All in all the Razor Flash Rider is the ultimate outside adventure toy for most kids these days. Whether it’s for cruising around the neighborhood to get to a friend’s house, or simply to do a couple tricks in the driveway, this trike is truly one of the coolest gift ideas for your kid! Your kids can spin and spark in the Razor FlashRider 360 caster trike – a great “spin” on a classic three-wheeler!

While the sparks are fun and safe, buying refills might become a chore to some. If you feel that your child would never use the cartridges, then it’s probably better to try out the Rip Rider 360. All the safety and durability features remain the same with this model. Literally the only difference is the lack of sparks! Ripping around the streets on this trike will make your kid feel like the coolest person on the block, with all kinds of outdoor activities to do and stories to tell about it. You’ll never hear the end of it! You can also try the Razor Powerwing caster scooter.

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A Quick Look on The Razor RipRider 360 Trike

The Razor Rip-Rider is the favorite toy of many enthusiastic toddlers. Why? Simply because it looks great, rides great, and provides hours of endless fun for your child. The rear-casters allow for resistance-free drifting on dual inclined caster wheels and encourage daredevil, yet safe, spinning action. There is a 6-month warranty on the product, and the handlebars are made to have rubber grips to help your child control the vehicle better. For more control, see the Razor Dirt Quad that has 4 wheels!

Looking for all-electric? Try one of these awesome electric trikes!

Razor RipRider 360

Check Price on Amazon

Key Features

Satisfying toddlers can be difficult. Their preferences change from day to day. A toy that may have been their favorite on Monday, may be left in the dust by Friday. Buying toys for young children is shooting in the dark, at best. That’s why it’s best to invest in something that they can use all the time. Razor’s Rip-Rider is a toy that can be used inside and outside of the house, and is ideal for riding around the neighborhood.

Buying toys like the Razor Rip Rider Caster trike that we suggest here will ensure that your child is entertained all throughout their outdoor excursions. They will be able to glide, explore, ride and spin all under the watchful eye of their parent and/or guardian.

The Razor Rip Rider 360 is the ideal gift for kids that are too young to have a bike, but still want to have a lot of fun. Thanks to the 360-manuverable wheels, this toy is definitely more on the daredevil side. Luckily, thanks to the sturdy grips implemented everywhere, the Razor Rider remains safe, sturdy and reliable, allowing parents to relax.

Since 360 ride on toys are still relatively new to the market, we took it upon ourselves to discuss a few of its features. Hopefully the following quick review will help you decide if the Razor RipRider 360 will be ideal for your child.

Design & Appeal

The Razor Rip Rider drifting trike will arrive looking like a very sporty, menacing tricycle for toddlers and beyond. With its blue colors, red accessories and white stripes going way down the seat, this toy is meant to look like it represents the word ‘fast’. The small, comic-like illustrations of whirwind and razors all around the front wheel will also undoubtedly attract any energetic toddler to try it out.

Caster Wheels

Another thing worth mentioning about the front wheel is the fact that it is high-impact. Your child will be able to bump into bushes, walls or anything at all without getting too much of the impact of the hit.

It’s also important to note that it’s extremely easy to assemble the wheel on backwards during the assembly-stage, which can significantly damage the bike if you try to ride it that way, therefore we recommend double-checking if it’s facing and matching the same sides as listed in the manual.


One of the best features of the Razor 360 Rip Rider includes its ability to swerve, spin and drift in 360 angles. This may seem like a dangerous feature, but if the child can hold a firm grip, it’s only harmless fun.

The rear-casters have been designed in such a way that they allow the child to spin and drift 360, whenever they want. The big, front rubber wheel also allows them to keep just enough grip on the road to not fall over when doing the drifting. Looking for a drifting alternative? Try out the Razor Crazy Cart for some awesome sideways action!

Drifting Razor RipRiderThe Razor Rip Rider is also easier to ride thanks to its 360 swerve features.

This makes it different from the other tricycles on the market that have big, heavy, rubber front and rear wheels that are difficult to turn.

The Razor Rip Rider is ideal for toddlers who want to have a lot of fun, and don’t want to be limited by difficult bike designs.

The drifting feature on this Razor drifting trike is also well-developed, which means that it doesn’t ‘jerk’ when your child tries to turn, stop or speed-up.


To help the kids stay safe, the handlebars have also been equipped with rubber grips. This helps ensure that even when your child is swerving, they will be able to hold a firm grip and stop when they wish to.

They won’t have to deal with slippery metal or plastic handlebars that are usually common in other drifter tricycles out on the market. The handlebars have also been designed after the MX-Style, which will suit just about any toddler that is enthusiastic about dirt bikes and dirt road riding in general.


It’s also important to note that the Razor 360 riding toy has a sturdy, steel frame that is meant to be long-lasting. After all, with all the swerving and drifting, the frame of the caster tricycle needs to be sturdy and reliable. Luckily, the double-crown fork is also there to help maintain the balance and stability of the frame. The 3-piece crank handlebars also help to reinforce the stability of the top and bottom part of the tricycle.

Weight Limit

The RipRider 360 can also support up to 160lbs weight limit. Which means that its ideal for kids above 5 years of age. The Razor Bike is also very responsive to steering, which means that your child won’t have trouble getting anywhere they want.


Putting the RipRider 360 riding toy together takes no more than 15-20 minutes, and it shouldn’t be a problem to disassemble it just to make it portable again.

It’s definitely worth the effort if you want to keep your kids entertained during your holidays and/or trips outside!

As for the weight of the Razor Rider, it only weighs about 15 pounds, which makes it relatively lightweight if you want to carry it around, too.

The caster tricycle also comes with an easy-to-use manual that will help you get the grasp of how your child should use the drifting trike safely.

There is also no way that the RipRide will turn or tip over, as long as your child follows the riding instructions, which makes it ideally safe and reliable.It’s also very easy to assemble; many parents report that they have been able to even encourage the kids to join in into the quick initial construction of the Razor RipRider.


The riding toy itself is about 27.5 x 10.2 x 14.5 inches dimension-wise, which makes it the ideal size for storing and even taking on trips. It’s not foldable, but it can also be disassembled and returned to its original state.

Every parent knows that the kids can get tired easily, especially toddlers, so this is definitely a vital note.

If your child does get tired, they can also just push or scoot along with their legs alongside you. The versatility of the RipRider is definitely unmatched, and it will be a good addition to just about any home  that has kids that need some new entertainment.

Reliable & Sturdy

Razor Rip Rider 360 Build QualityRazor has also managed to supply the market with a good, reliable batch of Razor 360s.

There are virtually no defect ride on toys provided by Razor here, and that’s a vital point.

Some tricycles are advertised well, but fail to live up to the expectations when you end up bringing them into your home and introducing them to your kids.

Luckily, we can safely say that the Razor RipRider 360 has been a hit among both kids and parents, and has become a best-seller for good reasons. We do recommend wearing safety gear when using the Razor Rip Rider.

Age Range

Another good thing about the Razor 360 is the fact that it appeals to both younger and older kids. For example, if you have several children aged between 5-10 years old, they can all safely use and take turns with the RipRider. Many customers report that kids as young as 4 and as old as 8 can all have fun with the drifting trike, and it’s perfect to keep the kids occupied during family grills and/or gatherings.


The RipRider should ideally be ridden on smooth, black roads, pavements and/or driveways. It’s definitely not meant for on-grass or on-dirt riding, which means that kids who live in more rural areas, around forests and fields, won’t have as much fun with it.


+ 360-swerve feature (drift and spin)

+ Sturdy, double crown fork

+ Comes with a 6-month warranty

+ Carries up to 160lbs

+ Great Caster Tricycle

+ Dual inclined caster wheels allow for spinning action


– Doesn’t ride on rough terrains i.e grass, dirt roads

Alternative Product – Razor FlashRider 360

Razor FlashRider 360

Check Price on Amazon

If you are interested in similar tricycles to the Razor RipRider, we can wholeheartedly recommend the Razor FlashRider 360. Unlike the RipRider, the FlashRider has dual inclined caster wheels, that allow for extra swerving and gliding. The caster trike also has firm, rubber grips, a three-piece crank, double crown fork for balance and stability and a Spark Bar feature.

This caster trike is ideal for kids above 6 years of age, and will require a bit of assembly. Luckily, putting it together shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes to put it together with the manual in hand. You can also consider the Razor Powerwing scooter.

Who Is It Suitable For?

Any toddler above 5 years of age is able to ride the Razor Rip Rider. Some customers have already stated that kids as young as 4 can even give it a go, as well as kids as old as 12. It’s the perfect toy to gift to your child, and is the ideal toy to encourage siblings playing together. Many grandparents state that they use it as a grandpa/grandma house toy when their grandkids come over to play.

Why We Like It

We like the Razor RipRider 360 thanks to its well-designed 360 swerve feature. It’s safe, and reliable, and even though can kids go to some impressive speeds at times, no serious injuries have occurred when riding the RipRider so far.

This is all thanks to the well-designed, sturdy steel frame, rubber-grip handlebars, and well-positioned seat that distributes the rider’s weight accordingly when they ride and swerve.

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