Best Backpacking Cookware in 2021

Last updated 04. January 2021

Getting your hands on the best backpacking cookware for your next trip will save you money, time, and it’ll give you all sorts of conveniences. Backpacking cooking gear should have everything you need in a compact bundle. You can’t bring everything but the kitchen sink, so leave your heavyweight gear at home and get ready to cook with lightweight cookware. You don’t have to worry about taking up too much space anymore, either.

After searching through dozens of high-quality articles and customer feedback as well as outdoor reviews, we’ve come up with a list of the best backpacking cooking gear that money can buy. Stop scouring the internet through hundreds of random cookware sets. It’s time to get the best of the best! When you’re all finished with the backpacking cookware reviews, check out the buyer’s guide and breakdown for more information. Enjoy!

There are plenty of great sets of cookware for backpacking, but we don’t want ‘great’. We want the best products available, and that’s exactly what this list is comprised of. Let us know which one you chose to go with!

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1. MalloMe Camping Cookware Mess Kit Backpacking Gear

MalloMe Camping Cookware Mess Kit Backpacking Gear

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MalloMe has all sorts of outdoor gear that comes at a low cost. However, all of their products are incredibly tough and built to last. The MalloMe Camping Cookware Mess Kit Backpacking Gear is put together to help beginners and expert backpackers feel right at home wherever they are. Cook on an open flame with this compact kit.

This setup is made to be super easy to clean and it doesn’t flake off like other cheap cookware sets. It comes with a handle that collapses flush with the side of the pot to reduce the amount of space that it takes up. Ultralightweight backpackers will love the functionality. Despite the small size, these pots and pans are made to last for years.

You’ll receive a non-stick pot, a lid, a pan, bowls, a spork, a spatula, and many more items. Everything that you need for a delicious, quick-cooking meal can be found in one single container. It even includes an eBook to help you cook recipes made straight from the company wherever you are.

+ Includes everything you need for cooking outdoors
+ Compact kit with a folding handle
+ Comes with an eBook with 10 recipes

Why We Like It – We like this hiking cookware because it’s lightweight and compact for all backpackers. Cook with their recipes or make your own.

2. REDCAMP 9/12/18/23 PCS Camping Cookware

REDCAMP 9/12/18/23 PCS Camping Cookware

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The REDCAMP 12PC Camping Cookware set is made for lightweight backpackers. It’s compact, much like the previous entry on the list. Among the 12 items included in the set are a pot, a survival bracelet, a loofah, and a bag. As you can see, there are more than just cookware items in this kit. You’ll be able to save extra money on other items as well.

Crafted with aluminum, this REDCAMP camping cookware set is lightweight and durable. It’s made to prevent harmful chemicals and metals from leaching into your food, which is something that many outdoor companies cannot claim. There’s also a limited warranty to replace or repair parts of the set.

Whether you want to hang it from the string to your backpack or stuff it in the main compartment, this ultralight backpacking cookware set will save space. There’s nothing worse than lugging around a massive pot and pan set from the kitchen. You’ll get spoons, a ladle, and much more. It’s quite literally an all-in-one cooking solution.

+ Comes with cooking and cleaning supplies
+ Multiple sizes and kits to choose from
+ Can be hung from a backpack or stored inside

Why We Like It – This is the best camping cook set if you want a few additional items to reduce weight and save money. You’ll also save space in the backpack, which is equally as important.

3. Camping Equipment, Wuudi Outdoor Camping Pots

Camping Equipment, Wuudi Outdoor Camping Pots

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The Wuudi Outdoor Camping Pots are unique because they’re not bulky horizontally, but vertically. Many other camping cookware sets opt for the horizontal perspective because it fits well along the bottom of a backpack. However, the special design of this Wuudi set is great if you have a little bit of space along one of the sides.

A deep pot and a small saucepan link in the middle, saving space while not taking away from the diversity of both of them. There’s plenty of room in the middle of the two when they’re locked together. You can store spoons, knives, and other cooking utensils as well as a sponge for cleaning purposes.

Boiling water has never been so easy when you’re in the outdoors. The pot measures in at 10.6 cm by 12.4 cm with a 9.5 cm handle that folds up. The pan measure in at 11.6 cm by 6.1 cm with a 9.5 cm folding handle as well. The entire set weighs just under 8 ounces, which makes it one of the lightest backpacking pots and pans currently available.

+ Includes a pot and a pan that lock together
+ Both come with a foldable handle
+ Weighs only 7.9 ounces combined

Why We Like It – We like this backpacking cooking set by Wuudi because it has a solid pot and pan, but nothing you don’t need.

4. Stanley Camp 24oz. Cook Set

Stanley Camp 24oz. Cook Set

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If you go camping with a friend or family member often, the Stanley Camp 24oz. Cook Set is a top-notch option. It comes with a tall 24-ounce deep pot that includes two stackable cups in the middle. Everything fits together to reduce space and weight, but you’ll still have a bit of room to throw in a couple of utensils.

The side of the pot is lined with ounce measurements from 8 ounces, 12 ounces, 16 ounces, and 20 ounces, with the top being 24 ounces fully filled. It’s made out of stainless steel, which works well for heat transfer. You’ll be able to boil water and heat up food quickly without burning the bottle of it with soot.

Perhaps the most useful features are the fact that it can be washed in the dishwasher or by hand. While you’re out in the wilderness, scrub it down with a sponge for easy cleaning. Once you get home, throw it in the dishwasher for a deep clean. The entire assembly is covered by a limited lifetime warranty by the company as well.

+ Comes with a pot and two insulated cups
+ Made out of durable stainless steel
+ Easy to wash by hand or in the dishwasher

Why We Like It – We like this backpacking cookset because it’s nice for couples and groups of two people camping together. The wide mouth is easy to wash, and everything fits together simply.

5. Odoland Camping Cookware Stove Carabiner

Odoland Camping Cookware Stove Carabiner

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If simple, small kits are your go-to, then the Odoland Camping Cookware Stove Carabiner might be too much for you. However, if you want a set of ultralight backpacking gear with everything from the stove to the pot and pan, then you’re going to love what’s in store with this product. You even get a stand to prop up the burner on.

You’ll get a foldable knife, fork, and spoon as well as an insulated cup with a cover and a pot and pan. The pot and pan both have foldable handles to reduce the amount of space they take up in your backpack. It’s made out of aluminum to cut down on the weight, while the cup is stainless steel for additional insulation purposes.

The mini backpacking stove can be set up in seconds, and all you need is a little bit of fuel to start the burner. Hook it up to the stand for stability and set the pot or pan on top of the burner. You can adjust the legs of the stove for a wide or narrow pot and pan as well. There’s even a small knob to increase or decrease the size of the flame.

+ Comes with a stove, a pot, a pan, a cup, and all of the utensils needed to eat
+ Made out of stainless steel and aluminum
+ The stove flame and size are adjustable

Why We Like It – This might be the best backpacking cookware set for the money. The overall price is less than some stoves cost by themselves. You won’t find anything quite like this setup at such a low price point!

6. Bisgear 12-17Pcs Camping Cookware Stove

Bisgear 12-17Pcs Camping Cookware Stove

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Much like the previous entry on the list, the Bisgear 12-17Pcs Camping Cookware Stove has all sorts of pieces to help you cook in luxury. You’ll get a pot, a pan, a stove to light with fuel, all of the necessary utensils, and even a carrying case. Both of the bowls included with your purchase are made out of BPA-free materials as well.

Unlike almost any other backpacking cookware set on the market, this one lets you choose the color of everything. Pick between Blue, Black, Orange, and Green. This changes knobs, handles, the carabiner, and a few other features while the actual color of the cookware remains the same since it’s made out of lightweight aluminum.

The mini stove can be collapsed and stored inside a small container that’s included with your purchase. This, included with everything else in the kit, can be stored inside of the pot and pan when they’re put together. For a compact setup, you’ll be impressed with how much you can get done with this camping cookware.

+ Comes in four stylish colors
+ Made with BPA-free materials
+ Includes a stove that comes with a carrying case

Why We Like It – We like this backpack cookware because it’s safe to use, it doesn’t weight too much, and you’ll be able to cook meals on the go. Making your favorite food in the outdoors has never been so easy to do!

7. Honest Portable Camping Cookware Mess Kit

Honest Portable Camping Cookware Mess Kit

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Last but not least on our list is the Honest Portable Camping Cookware Mess Kit. When you receive this kit, it’ll be all tucked inside of a bag with a drawstring. Open it up to find a pot and pan that includes a lid as well. Similarly to all of the other kits on this list, the handles can be folded up to sit flush with the pot.

All of the materials used in this kit are BPA-free and approved by the FDA. It also includes a sponge for cleaning, a foldable spork, a ladle, bowls, and a spatula. You can tie the entire kit up to your backpack or store it inside based on your personal preference. This kit is suitable for two adults, so only one of you has to carry the bag.

Made out of non-stick aluminum, you can cook on this set without having food gunk up the inside of everything. Splash it with water and wipe it down for a quick and simple cleaning process. What makes this whole kit even better is that the bottom of the pot and pan are both made to heat up faster, accelerating how fast you can cook your food.

+ Includes a carrying bag for easy transportation
+ Non-stick aluminum that’s approved by the FDA
+ Comes with several foldable cooking utensils

Why We Like It – We like this hiking cooking set because it’s all-inclusive for two people. Enjoy the non-stick, lightweight, compact kit for a budget-friendly price unlike any other brand on the market

Backpacking Cookware Buyer’s Guide

Backpacking is one of the most exciting outdoor activities, but you need the right gear to truly enjoy yourself. Cookware can take up far too much space in your backpack. The good news is that all of the best backpacking cookware on our list is designed to do quite the opposite. You can cut space, weight, and get to having efficient cooking gear all for a great price. Some of them even come with a stove to heat it all up!

If you’re having trouble choosing between a few different options on our list, or you simply want to have a few of your questions answered prior to making a decision, then this is the section for you. Study up and figure out which of the backpacking cookware sets you like the most!

What should be included in a camping cookware set?

While many sets come with different pieces, there are two components that you should look for in all of them. 1) They all need to have a pot or a pan (or both if possible), and 2) they all need to include space.

While space isn’t a physical item that comes with a cookware kit, it’s essential to ensure that you can store other cooking gear with your belongings. The only exception to this rule is if it already comes with everything you need. In that case, you should still make sure that the whole setup doesn’t take up too much space in your backpack.

Is camping cookware safe to cook on?

This might seem like a strange question, but many people are unsure if camping cooking gear is safe to cook with. Many pots and pans on the market leach harmful metals and sometimes chemicals into your food.

However, all of the items that we’ve listed are BPA-free and they don’t leach anything into your meals. Rest assured that they’ve all been used time and time again without causing problems for anyone. They’re all completely safe to cook with.

How much does lightweight backpacking cooking gear weigh?

If you’re trying to cut weight in your backpack, then the cooking gear is a great place to start. Some of the pots and pans that we use in our kitchen weigh more than an entire camping cookware set. To save yourself from having a backache, aim for a set that weighs a pound or less.

If your kit comes with a stove, then it should be no more than 2.5 to 3 pounds in total. This includes utensils, cups, bowls, and all. Don’t add anything you don’t need, as this will slowly add up with all of your other gear.

Expert Tip

If there’s any extra space in your backpacking cookware, try to add additional items inside. You might want to consider soap, a sponge if it’s not already included, or even seasonings. This will ultimately allow you to store everything in a small space while knowing where it all is.

Did You Know?

Non-stick cookware made in recent years doesn’t have any of the negative side effects that it used to have. This is due to modern regulations that deemed it unsafe. Nowadays, the stigma is actually false.

This applies to the kitchenware in your house as well! Cook comfortably and healthily without worrying about chemicals leaching into your food. All of the products on our list follow such regulations to every last detail. The result is an easy cooking experience that turns into an even easier cleaning process in the end.

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