Nordica Cruise 80 Ski Boot Review

Last updated 15. November 2019


Skiing is everyone’s favorite activity in wintertime, and few things compare to sliding down the slope with the wind in your face and the sun reflecting in the snow. To fully enjoy the experience, you need quality gear, and these ski boots will keep you steady, safe and comfortable during your next outdoor adventure.

Nordica Cruise 80 Ski Boot

Nordica Cruise 80 Ski Boot

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The Nordica Cruise 80 Ski Boot is a surprisingly comfortable ski boot that is both affordable and durable. It accommodates the foot with its snug fit, but without uncomfortable pressure that could become a dent in an otherwise perfect day of skiing.

This ski boot is great for beginners, but it is also perfect for those who ski frequently, such as intermediate skiers and those having already reached an advanced level, as this could require additional comfort. It is slightly wider than many other products, which works well for someone with wider feet.

Ski boots aren’t exactly known for being comfortable footwear, but this product might be about to change your mind on the subject! The unbeatable comfort and the visually attractive black and lime design is hard to resist, and it will take your skiing experience to the next level.

Key Features

These are ski boots made for long days out in the slopes, as they are comfortable and spacious, while still sitting firmly on your feet. When you ski, these boots offer a more ergonomic skiing experience, as the boot stance is slightly abducted thanks to the Nordica’s Natural Foot Stance engineering. What this does, is that it makes it a lot easier to initiate turns as you are heading down, due to the improved standing position.

The 80 Flex rating makes this ski boot softer and more flexible than what you might be used to, which again targets the inexperienced skier and the beginner. More experienced skiers that prefer a softer boot are also likely to love this product because while it offers excellent flexibility in its construction, there is also enough support to get you safely down the slope.

They have 4 buckles that are easily adjustable to further customize the fit, and a high-traction sole to simplify walking on floors and slick surfaces. The adjustable cuff profile allows you to add just enough pressure around your calves, and it shows that this is a boot designed for maximal comfort.

The forefoot width of these ski boots is 104mm, and they are lightweight compared to many other similar products. The buckles and the overall material is made to last also when used in tough skiing terrain, as your gear should be the least of your concerns when you head out for a day of downhill skiing.


+ Natural Foot Stance (NFS)
+ Adjustable cuff profile
+ Four micro-adjustable buckles
+ High-traction no-slip sole


– Possibly not apt for slim feet

Who Is It Suitable For?

Anyone can use these ski boots and enjoy the comfort they provide, but they are especially tailored for intermediate- to advanced skiers needing a more comfortable boot, and for skiers who have wider feet and who struggle with wearing regular narrow boots.

While ski boots aren’t known to be overly comfortable, they also shouldn’t hurt, and these could be a solution or anyone who usually has a hard time finding a pair that fits well. Many of the features added t these boots may not be as relevant for a beginner, but considering the fact that the combination of price and quality is hard to beat – these can definitely be beneficial also for someone who is just starting out.

They may not be ideal for a person who has very slim feet, as this would be the opposite of what the boots are designed for. If your feet are slim, there is a small risk that you might feel that the boot is too loose, especially in the heel area, but this may vary from person to person.

Why We Like It

The design is thought through and convenient for anyone who wants stability while not compromising on the comfort, and this is a highly adjustable boot that can easily be made to fit most feet perfectly – including feet that are a little wider. The price is good, considering what you get in terms of quality, and they come in a color that tends to go well with any personal taste and preference.

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