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Deviation V2 Pegs

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These pegs are made up of a specific plastic that allows for a superb strong however lightweight assemble. Unlike totally different plastic pegs the Deviation pegs have a managed actually really feel, allowing you to grind with ease nevertheless hold in administration. Each peg weighs beneath an oz; collectively only one.5oz plus hardware! The distinctive finish offers groundbreaking advantages! V2 pegs embrace a inbuilt spacer to allow compatibility with additional product.

Note: Does not match all scooters; V2 pegs are made for indented or flat surfaced product. Please see ‘Axle Clearance Calculator’ image.


Size: Standard 2” Length X 1”OD

Color: Black Marble

Includes: 2 Pegs with Hardware (Front Peg, Back Peg, three ½” and 4” axles and a few nuts).

Product Weight:

Without Hardware: .8oz ea.

With Hardware: 4.7oz


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