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Our Scooter Reviews are made up of hundreds of amazing Scooters to suit every kind of rider. We have a guide specifically on 3-wheel scooters for toddlers, the top Pro Scooters guide and all the way to the top scooters for adults commuting! Our guides are designed to make your buying process as quick, successful and beneficial as possible.

We have taken different individual requirements into account. For example, our top 3 products are the Top Pick (our favourite product, highly rated by existing customers, and a reasonable price), then the Premium Choice (the highest quality product, with a price tag to go with it), then it’s our Best Value choice (cheap price, while still being highly rated by existing customers. Closely following behind the top 3, are the 7 remaining top products from our research.


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Our mission is a simple one. To help you get the most out of your sports products, and scoot you in the right direction when making a decision to buy scooters, bikes, skis, camping or other sports equipment.


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Our team of sports fanatics, parents and product experts are passionate about everything sports. Headed up by Jason, we research all the latest and best products on the market and go into detail about each and every product, saving you time and money.


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Our vision is to become the number one website online for providing valuable information for sports enthusiasts. With our combined years of experience in all different kinds of sports, our aim is to provide sports lovers with the very best information about each and every product.